The 3 Cornerstones of Fool-Proof Approaching… (Part 3 of 4)

So you want to know how to approach women aye?!

Well let’s jump right into it!

Because if you’ve been with me the last couple of days then you know what we’ve been focussed on lately.

In Part 1, I showed you the 3 SECRETS to Approaching ANY Girl, Anywhere.

In Part 2, I revealed the 5 SIGNS that she WANTS you to approach her.

In this installment, we are going to be discussing more of the “HOW to’s”…

But FIRST… If you have not yet read the last 2 parts, then go back right now and read those. It will make this newsletter that much more effective for you if you have read my previous 2.

Without any further ado, let’s go!

There are THREE main cornerstones to HOW you should be approaching, no matter what the situation. Here they are:

Cornerstone #1 of Fool-Proof Approaching: BEING “DIRECT NONVERBALLY, INDIRECT VERBALLY.”

Here’s what I mean… When you are talking to a woman, your body language says that you are interested in her sexually, but at the same time you can be talking about something completely mundane.

This is the absolute best way to show your intentions to a woman.

A simple and boring conversation can quickly become a highly charged and banter filled exchange of words when you have the right nonverbal communication.

Anytime I approach a girl, I’m almost always going to open the conversation in an indirect way verbally, while making sure I have good/attractive non-verbal communication.

It’s actually been scientifically proven that 93% of all communication between people happens NON-verbally. While only 7% of communication comes from the words being said.

That is why most of my attention is going to be focused on what my body language, and vocal tonality is conveying to her. In other words…


Remember that. Make it your mantra.

So you START the conversation Indirectly.

All you have to do is 1. Make an observation about something in that immediate environment, 2. Share with her WHY you find that observation interesting, and 3. ASK her how she feels about your observation.

Here’s a personal example of the first time I visited Hollywood, CA…

I had gone there for a marketing event, and that day one of the keynote speakers held a ginormous lunch for some of the people in attendance.

When I walked into that dining hall, I noticed 2 things: A ginormous line waiting to go through the buffet, and every seat at every table was already set up with plates, napkins, silverware, tea, and water.

While standing in line, these dudes were talking to me, and they were asking all these boring questions like, “What’s Your Name?”, “Where are you from?”, “What do you do?”, “Where did you go to school?”…. You know, the type of questions that makes women’s vagina’s zip shut.

So instead of answering their questions, I immediately said, “Do you know how I can tell that we’re at a super fancy lunch?… Because we just got here, and every single seat has fancy silverware, plates, and glasses of water AND tea pre-poured. Pretty legit.”

What do you think this did to the conversation?

Hint: It immediately brought the topic from something boring and typical, to something that was intriguing, and completely unique to the situation.. Meaning that nobody had ever made that observation to these people, thus they were immediately interested in what I had to say.

Now do you think these people are going to remember me when they think about that day sometime in the future?… F*ck yes.

Here’s where I used this to approach and attract 
 beautiful women that night… That night I actually went out to a bar with the guys who met at lunch that day, and I immediately noticed something odd…

Almost every person, guy or girl, in that Hollywood bar was wearing a black leather jacket…With the exception of me and a few others.

Thus almost every conversation I started with any girl I “approached” that night went something like this:

“Hey, do you know why every person in here is wearing a black leather jacket? This is my first time to Hollywood, and clearly I didn’t get the memo…”

In fact, one of the funnest interactions I had that night started off with me saying the observation from above, to a really beautiful brunette. And she replied, “What? Nobody is wearing a leather jacket.”

So I replied, “Oh Really? How bout this, if I can point out 5 people wearing a black leather jacket right now, then you owe me a drink.”… She agreed, we shook on it, I held that strong eye contact, with a sly grin on my face, and long story short, she bought me a shot of Patron.

A light observation —> led to me playfully challenging her with a bet —> led to me getting a free drink from this really cute girl.

You see how powerful this is?

And the “Direct” nonverbal part will come from your strong, piercing eye contact, and cocky, sly smile on your face.


Cornerstone #2 of Fool-Proof Approaching: THE A.D.D. MENTALITY OF CONVERSATION.

This is basically the framework for just about every single conversation that you will ever have with anyone from now on.

If you don’t already know ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder…

People with ADD have such short attention spans that they can concentrate on anything, but not for very long.

Their attention is hard to maintain, and they don’t keep it on any one thing for any extended period of time. From now on, I urge you to adopt this kind of mentality when talking with any girl.

This is a great way to keep the conversation light and playful. A useful skill, especially if this is the first time you are meeting this girl.

And when you are able to do this, your ability to build rapport with anybody skyrockets.


Why, you ask?

Because talking about one thing for too long leads conversations to a dead-end. Goodbye rapport. Goodbye attraction.

Think about it.. If somehow we got into an interesting conversation about how “I’ve never eaten celery, until I realized one day that peanut butter makes it taste exponentially better, so I started eating green vegetables by dipping them all in the skippy jar…”

Well eventually that conversation is going to run out of momentum. The topic will have to change.

If you have the ADD mentality, then you will have no problem being able to randomly come up with another interesting story, based off of almost anything the other person says.

The reason this technique can skyrocket your rapport with the other person is because effortlessly being able to talk about anything, for as long as you choose, makes the other person feel as if you and them are VIBING.

They will leave the interaction feeling as though you guys have a unique connection.

And all you have to do is simple change the topic of conversation if you get bored!

It’s almost too simple.

Logical transitions are old news, my friend.

For instance, earlier today I was talking to a girl from Russia, and she was telling me about something related to her career… which started to bore me. Just being honest.

So when she finished one of her sentences, I interjected and said, “Wait. This is completely unrelated, but I know your from Russia, and I’m wondering… Is it true that all Russians drink vodka like it’s water?”

(Now let me clarify real quick… Generally if you are constantly interrupting people it is not good. Too much of this can lead to negative feelings, and make you look like an ass. However, if you wait until they finish a thought/sentence, it is sometimes ok, and highly charismatic, to interject with your thoughts… Almost as if some genius idea just popped into your head, and you just had to let everyone know — even if it’s unrelated.)

There was absolutely no transition, and no rhyme or reason to me changing the topic other than the fact that I was getting bored… So I changed the topic to something that was kind of funny to me.

Which brings me into my final point for the day…

Cornerstone #3 of Fool-Proof Approaching: ESCALATING THE INTERACTION ON A HIGH NOTE.

Probably the most cringeworthy thing I see all my clients do is trying to escalate the interaction on a low note.

And when I say “escalate” I mean either asking her for her phone number, touching her, asking her out, or even simply leaving the conversation.

Here’s the thing, whenever we finish talking to someone…

We will always remember them for the last way they made us feel.

Women are no different.

So even if you approach a girl, and everything goes awesomely, but you wait until there’s an awkward silence to ask for her number…

It’s awkward, and she’s less likely to do it.

On the other hand, if you approach her and you guys are vibing.

She’s laughing at your jokes…

And when the conversation has all the momentum in the world, you paused and said “Hey I actually have to go soon, but I’m enjoying talking to you. Give me your number and let’s meet up for drinks soon.”

She’s going to be A LOT more likely to not only give you her number, but she’ll also go home and anxiously wait for you to text her.

As a general rule of thumb, women are always a lot more likely to follow your lead when you move things forward on the HIGH notes. Not the low notes.

And that’s it, my man!

Now you have almost everything you need to be able to go out and start meeting women wherever you are. Except for ONE thing…

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-Patrick “Always Overdelivers” James

P.S. I’m leaning back, and she’s leaning into me…

She’s attracted to me, and everybody in the club around us can tell.

That’s when a guy she knows, and claims to be her “cousin” — a tall man, dressed to the 9’s — comes up, cuts me out of the conversation, and tells her to come with him.

He keeps gesturing for her to move over to a couch about 10 feet away where he “needs to talk to her about something”… She’s clearly torn.

Part of her wants to stay and talk with me, but another part of her doesn’t want to turn down the guy she already knows. A guy who I’m not sold is even her cousin at all…

So she says to me “Stay here. I’ll be right back.” As she walks off into the crowd.

At this moment, I have one of two directions I can go…

One, I can stand right there and wait for her.

Maybe she’ll come back, maybe she won’t. Either way, as far as I’m concerned, standing and waiting for her is a lose-lose situation.

If she does make her way back to me eventually, then I’ll be the one who sacrificed precious minutes out of MY night to accommodate to her needs… Even if she is still receptive to my charm when she gets back, the frame will have already been set that I clearly want her more than she wants me — in which case, I am handing all the power in this situation over to her on a silver platter.

So I choose the only other option I have, I start talking to other people in the venue.

And I don’t just talk to anybody, I specifically look for OTHER cute girls to talk to. Here is why this is the best move I could possibly make…

If I talk to another girl, who is also attractive in the venue, and the first girl comes back, now SHE is the one who is left chasing me. She came back, and clearly was way more into me than I was into her.

Therefore I still have the power in that interaction.

…And if she does come back, only to find me with another girl. I win no matter what.

One, I have triggered preselection with her seeing me interacting with other women. And two, now I have options… I can choose to ignore the first girl, and keep it going with the new girl, OR I can ditch the new girl and continue with the first girl where we left off — and with me still holding all the power.


Whenever a girl tells you to meet her somewhere, or to “wait for her”… Always use that as your opportunity to let her catch you interacting with other women in the venue, therefore triggering preselection.

This is just one of the many intricacies I’ve picked up after successfully approaching thousands of women over the years…

But what if I told you it didn’t have to take you years, and thousands of approaches to become a PRO at approaching women?

That’s exactly what I’m going to be talking about in the video I’ve made for the final part of this 4-Part series…

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P.P.S. As for how that night actually played out for me?

Well I chose to NOT wait for the first girl, and then I approached a really cute brunette girl standing under a different heat lamp. Same opener. Same result of her clearly interested in my charm and wit.

The first girl ended up coming back to meet me where she had originally left me, but at that point I chose to stick with my new girl.

She was slightly cuter, had sharper wit, and inspired some of the best game ever out of me. At around 1:30 A.M. I escorted this girl back to her bedroom where festivities ensued…