5 (surefire) Signs She WANTS You To Approach Her… (Part 2 of 4)



Where I reveal the 5 signs that she really wants you to you MUST approach her. But…

This is part 2 of a series I’m writing about approaching women. Part 1 is required reading before you read this installment…

So if you haven’t already, go back and read Part 1 where I revealed the 3 Secrets to approaching ANY girl, anywhere.

Let’s jump right in…

Sign you MUST approach her #1: EYE CONTACT.

Alright so imagine this… You’re walking, and across the room you notice a really cute girl.

Then right as you notice her she looks up and locks eye contact with you…

THAT right there is the only sign you need to approach her. It’s plain and simple.

But let me quickly break down a few different types of eye contact you might get…

She might lock eye contact with you quickly, hold it for a sec, and then look down to break the eye contact really quickly.

If she does that, then the chances are very likely that she noticed you, got nervous and the tension was so high she had to break the eye contact.

This is good because if just looking you in the eyes was enough to spark tension with her, then on a slight level she is somewhat attracted to you physically.

Also, you can take this as a sign that she’s probably more of a shy girl. And because you now know this, you can easily turn that nervous/shy tension into sexual tension, with little to no effort.

However, if she notices you, holds eye contact with you, and DOESN’T look away, leaving YOU to naturally look away first.

You should definitely approach her.

This is the type of girl who is somewhat attracted to you at first glance, and isn’t afraid to show it. She’ll hold eye contact with you just to make sure that you get the hint she wants to talk to you.

She is likely a more confident, and independent type of girl. Which is great because the confident, independent types of girls are always the easiest to get sexual with really quickly.

They are also the funnest to banter with, as they tend to be quick witted.

In my opinion, these confident girls are the easiest to spark attraction with in conversation because they’ll sh!t test you once or twice, and once you pass those tests, you are good.

Sign you MUST approach her #2: SHE IS STANDING NEXT TO YOU.

…But was in another part of the room a few minutes ago.

Women are very interesting…

They can be completely confident people, but they will rarely make the effort to approach a guy themselves. What they do instead is put themselves in a position where it is easy for you to approach her.

Trust me, if she doesn’t like you, she won’t touch you with a 10 foot pole. Let alone choose to hang out right next to you if she was across the room only seconds earlier.

So if you ever notice an attractive girl slowly making her way across the room to be closer to you. Approach her.

It’s your mission AND your duty as a man to do so.

Especially if she makes her way near you and start making eye contact with you.


Sign you MUST approach her #3: HAIR FLIP!

And I’m not talking that crap song that Willow Smith made several years ago.

I’m talking about a behavior that women do in the presence of men called “preening.”

There’s a really interesting documentary about the body language cues that women give men they are attracted to, and it pointed out this exact behavior.

The researchers decked an entire bar with cameras and filled it with single women…

Then they allowed all the women to mingle with each other so they could get a baseline of everyone’s normal body language…

After a few minutes, they started filing guys into the room, one-by-one. And as soon as the women noticed that men were in the room, they all started FLIPPING THEIR HAIR. (You can watch the clip from that documentary here)

If you notice women doing that behavior, you MUST approach her ASAP.

Because let’s face it, the only reason she changes her behaviors around you is because there is an already existing man-to-woman tension between you and her.

The simple act of swallowing your pride, and approaching her will basically be all you need to turn that tension into sexual tension. Really quickly.


Sign you MUST approach her #4: OPEN BODY LANGUAGE.

Her body is open to the room, and she is looking around.

You can always tell who the horny girl, in a group of girls, is because of all the girls in the group she seems the least present to the group.

She’s the most expressive, but also the one with her body most open to the room.

Heck, she might even have RBF (“resting b!tch face”), but still have her arms uncrossed, and feet pointed towards the room.

My guess, made from 1000’s of first-hand experiences with girls just like this, the RBF is just a result of her being so sexually frustrated. Which is why you MUST approach her.

She’ll be the most open to conversation with a man who’s confident enough to approach her.

And last, but definitely not least…

Sign you MUST approach her #5: YOU THINK SHE’S ATTRACTIVE.

Look… Regardless of all the signs I just told you about, the only sign you need to approach a girl comes from within.

If you find any girl, ANYWHERE attractive. No matter what time of day. No matter what the venue. It is your duty and responsibility to approach her.

You are a man who invests in himself.

You are a man who works on getting 1% better everyday.

You are a man who has high standards and never “settles” for anything…

For those reasons, when you see something you want, you go after it. It doesn’t matter if you actually get it, because all that matters is that you went for it with all you had, while you had the chance.

And those qualities that you have ARE attractive on their own. Any girl who comes across you will be attracted to you because of the man you are.

Any time you withhold your ability to attract women because you chickened out from approaching her, you are doing yourself AND HER a disservice.

Don’t withhold the the wonderful feeling of “attraction” from any girl. You owe it to every girl who catches your eye to feel that feeling. Women love being turned on. Women love being attracted to guys, and acting super feminine.

Unfortunately most men are too afraid to ever put themselves out there, and allow her to feel those feelings.

Don’t be that guy anymore.

You and I both know you are meant for the best life has to offer.

Which is why in Part 3 I’m going to be revealing exactly “HOW” to approach any girl you like.

Yesterday we went over the 3 Secrets you need to know about approaching women, and today we went over the 5 signs to look for in women that you approach.

But approaching is just the first step. You’ve got to attract her. Build trust and rapport. And physically escalate.

In Part 3 of this 4-Part series, I’ll reveal the 3 Cornerstones of HOW to actually approach her

You’ve never seen or heard anything like what I’m about to reveal in Part 3. I can guarantee that. 😎

If you’ve ever struggled with making your intentions known without appearing “creepy”…

Or if you’ve ever struggled with running out of things to say…

Then you won’t want to miss the 3rd installment in this series.

Hundred’s of men have already written back with how life-changing these 3 Cornerstones have been for them.

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Can’t wait for you see these with your own eyes.

-Patrick “Goes After What He Wants” James

P.S. So I approach her, and pretend to start warming myself up under this heat lamp too…

Without hesitation, I use Cornerstone #2 of Approaching Women to open the conversation and get her hooked…

She looks at me, chuckles, and says “Oh my God, I know. Who knew Arizona could get so chili?!”

From that moment it is on. I challenge her. I tease her. I get her opening up about herself to me.

She clearly wants me.

This is going to be an interesting night…

What is Cornerstone #2, and exactly what did I say? I’ll reveal that in Part 3.

But what I will tell you right now is that Cornerstone #2 is almost as good as Cornerstones #1 and #3 🙂 …

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