When contemplating what to say about myself…

A list of many things I could say came to mind..

I could start off by telling you guys that my name is Patrick, I like sushi, my favorite book is Influence by Robert Cialdini, and ever since I saw MJ play the “Flu Game” I have adopted his winners’ mentality in everything that I do..

However it’s not my style to sit here and list off facts about myself.

Truth is.. Nobody cares about The Facts.

But here is ONE fact for ya, as America’s Charisma Consultant For Men, I can confidently tell you that the #1 killer of any and all Charisma is logicality/fact-telling.

The only things you need to know about me are that I am:

1. On the path to Social Mastery everyday, and I will not quit until I have risen to the top.

2. I post to my blog/write a new edition of my VIP newsletter “Social Swagger Daily” EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If you are one of the Elite men reading this right now, you will do everything you can to join us on the inside of that newsletter. (Warning: not everyone will qualify)

3. I am truly committed to your success.

Like I said I am on my grind every day.

I get better every day.

I make my team better every day.

This is not simply a blog, and I am not simply a Dating Coach, or a Charisma Consultant.

This is a Movement.. and we are all in.

My vision is simple: to empower you with the Charisma, Confidence, and Courage to go after the things you truly want in life. Whether it’s higher quality women, once-in-a-lifetime business opportunities, or mastery over yourself, I’m going to help you get there.

Because when you have all those things going for you, not only do YOU win, but everyone around you wins.

You become the guy who is effortlessly magnetic to everyone, and life is just easier…

The girls are better. The opportunities are bigger. You are happier.

And trust me, my advice, my tips, my strategies, do NOT require good looks, chiseled jaw lines, 100 notches on a bed post, 10,000 books, 10,000 hours, or even a Lamborghini.

The only requirement to becoming the most Charismatic, Confident, and Courageous version of you is raw ambition.

I could go on for days, but for now just trust me on this one.

Stick around man, good things coming.

Welcome to the Team.

I’ll see you at the top,

– Patrick

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