3 🔥 Secrets To Approaching ANY Girl, Anywere… (Part 1 of 4)

Admit it! You’ve done this…

You’re out in public, just minding your own business…

And then that one girl catches your eye.

She’s stunning. Everything from her fashion sense, to the bravado she carries herself with mesmerizes you.

Then right when you realize how hot she is, an internal battle wages inside of your head.

“I should go approach her!… “

“But what do I say?… What if she’s a b*tch?”

“What if it’s super awkward when I start talking to her?… All the people around us will be staring, that’s a lot of pressure.”

And then you just conclude… “Actually, she looks pretty busy, I’ll just approach the next girl.”

You and I both know that’s not true.

But what IS true, is that you are not alone.

The fact is, most men would never even THINK about approaching a girl they didn’t know.

Just the fact that you know you probably should do it says that you have much more potential with women than most men ever will.

In this 4-part series I’m going to give you EVERYTHING you need to know about approaching ANY girl anywhere.

This first part will be dedicated to the 3 Secrets you must know about approaching any woman. This is the foundation to build all of your game upon. Let’s dive right in…


Have you ever noticed that people who are always negative tend to have a lot of negative things happen in their lives?

Have you ever noticed that people who are positive, and optimistic tend to always get lucky?

Why is that?

The simple truth is because if you are focusing on all the things that could go wrong, then you only end up taking actions to PREVENT all the bad…

On the other hand, if you only think about all the things that can go perfectly, then every action you take is no longer about preventing bad, it’s about attracting good.

It’s kind of like driving a car while staring at a wall, and hoping you don’t hit the wall… If you don’t want to hit the wall, then quit staring at it, and start looking back at the road ahead of you!

So in the example of approaching women, most guys never get positive results because they are always focusing on what could go wrong…

– What if I run out of things to say?

– What if she has a boyfriend?

– What if everybody around us sees me get rejected?

– What if my friends judge me for approaching someone we don’t know?

and on, and on, and on…

Which is one of the reasons why approaching girls in the past probably didn’t go your way.

STOP focusing on the negative, and start focusing on the potential GAINS.

Focus on all the things that could go right.

Start asking yourself questions like:

– What if I’m exactly this girl’s type?

– What if she’s been staring at me from a distance, hoping I’d approach her?

– What if we hit it off instantly?

Which brings me into my second point…


This goes hand-in-hand with secret number 1 because when you stop focusing on all the things that could go wrong, and focus on what could potentially go exactly right… Then you immediately start taking more action.

Why is this?

Simply because people always tend to move away from things that bring them pain, and move towards things that bring them pleasure.

Think about it…

Every action you take from the moment you wake up, to the moment you fall asleep at night is either to move towards pleasure or away from pain.

And because of this, don’t you think that if every time you saw a hot girl you only imagined positive potential outcomes, that you’d start approaching girls without hesitation?

Maybe it wouldn’t become a habit over night, but you’d definitely stop missing out on so many opportunities to meet awesome women.

In a nutshell, when you see that hot girl you want to approach, just think about the all the potential AWESOME opportunities, sex, and potential relationships that could come out of you simply going up and starting a conversation with her.

Because let’s face it…

Often times even saying to ourselves “we have to go approach that girl” can bring a lot of pressure on ourselves.

So STOP putting so much pressure on yourself, and stop calling it “approaching a girl.”

You’re not “approaching” someone you’re simply going up and starting a conversation with someone who caught your eye. That’s it.

Which brings me into the 3rd and final secret…


Look… I’ve been doing this whole dating advice, and approaching girls thing for YEARS.

I’ve been exactly where you are.

I’ve chickened out from approaching women by telling myself “I’ll just approach that girl the next time I see her.” Or “I’ll approach the NEXT hot girl I see. No excuses NEXT time.”

To put it in the words of Benjamin Franklin, “Don’t put off for tomorrow that which you can do today.”

In all my years of cold-approaching women, here’s the secret that nobody will ever tell you… There is no next time.

You will never see that girl again.

If you chicken out this time, then that’s it. You just missed out with that girl for the rest of your life.

The chances that you and that same girl (out of 3.5 billion) will be in the exact same spot to potentially meet, is almost 0%.

I can still remember many of the girls who I didn’t approach, and still to this day wish I did.

All the signs were there. They wanted me to talk to them. I just talked myself out of it. However…

Eventually I realized the 3 secrets I’ve just told you, and started learning the signs that SHE WANTS YOU to approach her…

And because learning what “signs” to look for was so crucial to becoming the world class dating coach I am today…

In Part 2 of this 4-Part series, I want to tell you all of the 5 signs to look for too.

When you combine your knowledge of what signs to look for (in part 2), with the 3 secrets I taught you today… NO girl will be off limits to you.

Approaching girls, and consistently getting them attracted to you will be your default setting.

Get pumped because Part 2 is going to be #LIT 🔥🔥🔥

==> Click Here For Part 2 — The 5 “Signs” That She WANTS You To Approach Her…

Catch you in the next installment…

-Patrick “Approach Like A Boss” James

P.S. It was unlike most Saturday’s…

Because unlike most weekend nights, instead of indulging my typical urge to rage the night away… I kinda wanted to just stay in and catch up on some reading. However, a buddy of mine called me up around 9 PM, and told me that I HAD to come out with him to a few bars out here in Scottsdale, AZ.

Being a sucker for nightclubs, I decided “Eh f*ck it. Let’s GO!”…

So I set down the book, put on a snazzy leather jacket, and darted out the door.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from the my nights of debauchery in Scottsdale, it’s that the nights where you didn’t plan on going out, but then change your mind at the last second, always seem to turn out the best for some reason…

However, I still didn’t feel like going out. I was still in the mood to chill. Maybe sip some coffee and read a book… Either way, I was already on my way to the club, and this was happening. So I threw on my favorite playlist via Spotify, and start getting hyped up.

Let’s skip to the part where I actually get to the club, and meet with my buddy.

We get to this place called Dakota, and this must be one of the best Saturdays to go out ever because this club that is normally “just ok,” is “HELLA poppin’ tonight.”

Instinctually I grab my drink and head straight for the dance floor…

So there I am, standing in the middle of the dance floor of my favorite Scottsdale nightclub, called Dakota…

I notice that I’m not in the mood to dance the night away like I usually do, so I head to the lounge on the outside patio.

The lounge is packed with hot girls.

One of them catches my eye — a stunning blonde girl — and she’s standing under a heat lamp to stay warm in this Arizona winter night (Yes, believe it or not, people who live Arizona consider the low 50’s “cold” and use heat lamps to warm up).

The first thing I do is walk right up to a heat lamp, and I did this for two reasons.

1. I was getting cold.

2. This blonde chick was giving me ALL the signs that she wanted some Patrick in her life.

What were those signs you ask? Well there are 5 of them, and I break them all down in part 2 of this series…

==> Click Here To Learn the 5 “Signs” That She WANTED Me To Approach Her…