The 3 Fundamentals of Great “Game”

Are you overcomplicating your success with women?

We live smack dab in the middle of 2017, where you can literally find information on how to do ANYTHING…

And with the information overload, it’s way too easy to feel overwhelmed with what you should actually be doing.

So in today’s newsletter, I’m gonna give you the ONLY 3 things that having “good game” comes down to.

I don’t care how many dating products you’ve been through…

I don’t care how many Youtube videos you’ve watched…

I don’t even care how many “approaches” you’ve done in your time…

It all comes down to just THREE things.

And the only reason most guys struggle for YEARS with women is because they forget the fundamentals.

There was a reason that Phil Jackson made Kobe Bryant and the Lakers practice bounce passes on a regular basis… It’s because FUNDAMENTALS matter.

These are the fundamentals of my game. And they will quickly become yours too (you’ll see how by the end of this newsletter)

These are the reason I’ve been able to hook up with bartenders, waitresses, Instagram models, flight attendants, and even an NFL cheerleader…

So let’s dive into those fundamentals right now.

Foundation #1: Being in control!

Dude, here’s what you’ve got to understand about feminine energy…

It’s chaotic. Period.

One second she’s happy.
The next she’s pissed off.

One second she’s laughing at everything you say. The next she’s insulting/sh!t testing you.

It’s not because she’s PMS-ing.

It’s because she’s a girl.

David Deida made a great analogy in his book The Way Of The Superior Man…

He said that females are like the tides of water… They’re in, then they’re out. Sometimes they’re high, and sometimes they’re low.

She doesn’t want a man to “fix” her…

She just wants a man who’s more IN CONTROL of his emotions.

That way he can be her emotional ROCK to lean upon when she’s going crazy.

Hope that analogy made sense, because I probably totally butchered it (sorry David).

So why is it that good “game” comes down to simply being in control of your emotional state?

It’s simple.

Imagine that you are talking to a girl on a date, or in a bar, and she gives you a sh!t test…

What’s more attractive?

A. The guy who gets nervous, reactive, or down on himself because a girl just tried to poke a hole in his frame?


B. The guys who is un-phased, looks at her with a cocky grin, and one-ups her with his own witty come-back?

Of course it’s the second guy!

But the great question is HOW DO YOU BECOME THAT GUY?

It doesn’t come down to approaching 1000’s of women, and hoping to magically get better in the process…

Yes that will help, BUT…

That puts the result that you’re going after in the hands of others.

Don’t wait for the 1000 women to come along just so you can practice on them.

Start learning how to control your state when it counts by controlling it when it doesn’t count.

You might want to write that last sentence down because it’s the KEY, brotha!

So what do I mean?

When you get stressed out because you’re running 5 minutes late, and you’re stuck in rush hour traffic. Stop. Take a deep breath. And view that as a perfect opportunity to TRAIN your positive emotional state.

When you are in the gym, and you feel the burn from the weights your lifting… Rather than making your facial expression all tense, and yelling really loud. Try to feel the burn, and show no emotion in your face.

When you wake up in the morning, and you’re tired. Groggy. Overwhelmed by everything you’ve got to get done for the day… Get up, jump up and down a few times, and yell “I’m about to bend this day over, and make it my b!tch!”

You’ll feel energized, and start smiling at your self-entertaining affirmation. I promise.

And if you can learn how to control your state when it doesn’t count. I promise, you’ll be unstoppable when it does.


Foundation #2: LEAD.

Always Lead.

Just like a woman doesn’t want a man who is reactive, needy, and just as emotional as her…

She also wants a man who is going to LEAD her through life.

Whether it’s where you guys are going to get drinks tonight, or if it’s supporting you and your passion for the next 10 years.

She wants YOU to lead.

It’s interesting…

I got a question the other day regarding what to do when a girl asks YOU out, and here’s the simple answer…

She took the lead, and made the first move by asking you out. That’s great.

But at some point, she’s still gonna expect you to take the reigns… Both logistically AND emotionally.

And if you don’t, you’re doomed.

So when should you start taking the reigns?

As soon as motha-f*cking possible. That’s when.

For example, if texts you “Want to grab some drinks at XYZ-bar tonight?”

You can start taking the lead by saying “Sure. But only if you promise to bring bucketloads of fun energy.”

See what I did there?

I took the lead by putting a playful CONDITION on her invite to me.

Now she’s emotionally reacting to me. I’m leading.

And in that example, when I meet up with her that night, you better believe that I’m gonna start leading logistically too.

I’m gonna be leading her to the bar for another drink.

I’m gonna lead her to the pool table so I can totally kick her ass in a game of pool.

I’m gonna lead her to the next bar, that’s really dope, and right down the street.

And I’m gonna lead her back to my place…. But only if she can “promise to keep her hands to herself. I know how her mind works” 😉

Ya feel me?

And if you let her lead the whole time, then the only place she’ll lead you to is straight to the friend-zone…

…Right there along with 100’s of other guys who are waiting for her to finally decide she likes them.

Which brings me to the final fundamental of great “game”…

Fundamental #3: Window’s Of Opportunity.

Let’s face it, there’s a point in any interaction you have with ANY woman you meet where she decides if she’s sexually attracted to you or not.

A lot of this attraction has to do with the first two fundamentals, but the most important one is RECOGNIZING and ACTING on Window’s of Opportunity.

Let’s face it…

If you have ever been in the “friend-zone” with a girl, it’s probably because at some point in time, she wanted you to make the first move, and you hesitated.

Or there was a time where she kept dropping hints for you to ask her out, and you chickened out (or worse, didn’t even know it)

This is the #1 place where guys mess it all up.

Not using their Window Of Opportunity to lead this interaction forward.

And here’s the funny thing about these windows… It’s only open for a small period of time, and when it closes, it’s shut. Forever.

That’s it.

She’s onto the next guy.

And because this is the #1 place where I see guys mess up, I’ve decided to hold a private masterclass teaching guys “How to WOO a woman…”

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