How To Make Her Obsessed With You (Q+A)

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-=–===–=Question 1=-=–=-=-=-=
“In your definition: What is true, raw masculine confidence ?”

-Dudewat212 (Youtube name)

I love this question because so many guys get this wrong!

Most people don’t actually know what it means to be “confident”…

And a lot of people simply think they are confident when they actually have the LEAST amount of it.

So in a nutshell, here is my simple
definition of confidence:

You know WHO you are.
You know WHAT you stand for.
You know WHERE you’re going.
And you don’t feel the need to prove yourself to anybody.

When you have all of those things in order for yourself, you can confidently say that you are a “confident” individual.

I’ll give you a quick example…

Up until recently, I was not very active on Facebook (or any social media)…

Starting last week, I started to contribute some value to Facebook groups that revolve around dating advice.

And I was doing this in my free time, and expecting nothing in return.

I would comment on questions that other guys would post in these groups.

…Offering some insight on what I would personally do in their situation, or what I’ve found to work for my clients. And the responses I got were very interesting…

For the most part, guys would be super THANKFUL for me contributing value.

One guy even took IMMEDIATE action on exactly what I told him to text a girl, and he had a date planned with her for that night.


But there was a few guys who HATED that some “dating coach” was giving them advice…

One guy replied to a comment of mine, and said “I don’t need your advice. I’m a master at game. My results speak for themselves.”

… Reactive much?

Another guy replied to my comment and called me (and I quote) a “dum cunt”

… couldn’t even spell “dumb” right?

When I see men who REACT in negative ways, and try to PROVE themselves, and their worth to the world… I know that is a NON-confident person.

If there is one thing you remember from this email, remember this…

“The loudest guy in the room has the
MOST to prove.”


So back to my definition of #RAW Confidence:

You know WHO you are.
You know WHAT you stand for.
You know WHERE you’re going.
And you don’t feel the need to prove yourself to anybody.

Here’s a personal example…

I recently hit 1100 subscribers on my Youtube channel.

Which is dope.

And we’re only getting started. My goal is 1 MILLION.

But what a lot of guys probably don’t realize is that it took me making 120+ videos JUST to get that many subscribers…

And for at least the first 60 of those videos, almost NOBODY was watching.

If I didn’t have CONFIDENCE in myself…

If I didn’t know WHO I was, WHAT I stood for, and WHERE I was going… Then I would have quit making videos a LOOOONG time ago.

But luckily, I kept making videos because I KNEW that my advice had the ability to change lives.

I didn’t make them to PROVE myself to anybody else. If anything, I made the videos for ME.

And look at us now… We’re growing faster than ever!

That my friend is true, #RAW masculine confidence.

Hope that helps.

Next question…

=-=-=-=-==Question 2=-=–==—=-=-
“There are these two friends of mine that I hang out with, a dude and a girl.

I’m really into the girl but I don’t know if she’s into me, she’s said before “I don’t waste my time, if I don’t like you I’ll tell you” so I know she likes me….but to what extent?

I’m afraid if I tell her I like her she’ll be like “I only like you as a friend” or she could be into the other dude we hang out with.

How can I create more attraction and find out how she’s feels about me without putting my heart on the line?”

-Luke T

LUKE Thanks for the question dude.

Here’s what you’ve got to understand about SEDUCING women who are in your social circle…

Try to avoid it.

Trust me. I’ve been there. I’ve dated multiple girls who I was friends with.

And I’m telling you dude… It’s not worth it.

Sex can change everything. And if it’s not good enough to keep you around (or her around) then that friendship is different. Forever.

It’s MUCH better, and more effective to meet, attract, and date women who you meet (either through a mutual friend, or cold) and then QUALIFY them to see if they are worth adding to you social circle.

The key difference is that the CONTEXT of your relationship with new girls who you bring in is sexual. Not platonic.

Much better that way.

That said… If you MUST explore a sexual relationship with a girl who you’re already friends with, then that’s completely possible.

Here’s a few key tips on what I
would recommend:

1. NEVER try to flirt with/seduce/get physical with her in front of all your mutual friends. Always try to isolate her, so that it’s a one-on-one interaction before you do any of that stuff.

2. Women always want what they can’t have. OR they want what they feel like is moving away from them.

So honestly, I would NOT confess your feelings for her. Ever.

I would bring other girls around to hang out, so that SHE CAN SEE YOU WITH OTHER WOMEN.

All this does is sparks a little bit of tension, jealousy, and competition.

You don’t even have to be dating these other women. But just the fact that this girl is seeing you around other women, will work wonders for making her CHASE you.

3. At the same time that you are subtly showing her that you are a man WITH OPTIONS.

And to do this, all you have to do is Interrupt her pattern.

Which brings me to the final question of the day…

-=-==-==-=-=Final Question Of The Day–==–=-=—==
“So I can make girls laugh no problem and you know kinda get the feeling with them but I don’t really know how to spark attraction on them later.

For example I like this girl and we share a lot in common. But since she was a part of a close group of mine she kinda got those friendly vibes of mine, when we really haven’t talked too much for her to get that feeling…

So I feel I could get that attraction on her, if not i’ll just move on.

But i wanna know your opinion about it!”


Daniel. Dude. Thanks for the question brotha!

So basically you’re asking how you get this girl. Who doesn’t yet know that you’re a man with a penis. To see you in a sexual way. Correct?

In other words, how do you get this girl you kinda know to be attracted to you?

Well piggybacking off of the previous question, the answer is simple dude…

You simply have to know how to
make HER pursue YOU.

You have to know what causes a women to become so infatuated with you that SHE’S the one who’s wondering “How do I get this guy to like me?”

And you have to do this all subtly. Because most guys always mess this up by conveying TOO much interest in her.

Which ruins the “chase” for her.

Women WANT to pursue men.

But if you want her to truly want you… think about you sexually… and maybe even fall for you…

Then you have to make her UNCERTAIN
about you.

Keep her on her toes, so she never knows for sure whether you like her or not.

My buddy Mike calls this Keeping Her in “The Gap.”

He explains it really well in this video ← Click Here To Watch It

According to Mike:

“The Gap is that uncertain grey-area between ‘he likes me’ and ‘he’s not interested’.”

You always want to keep women in “The Gap.”

The moment you put her in “The Gap” is the moment you INTERRUPT HER PATTERN.

And by interrupting her pattern, I mean doing something DIFFERENT that she wouldn’t expect you to do to her.

For example…

If you always return her texts/calls/snapchats… The next time she sends you something, just DON’T respond.

Another example…

Text back and forth with her for hours, then STOP… and don’t get back to her for a whole day.

One more example…

At a bar or party, talk to the girl you like… then talk to her friend. And then talk to another girl, and another… Give every girl an equal amount of attention, so none of them are never sure which one you like the most.

Doing anything subtle like these examples will drive this girl WILD. She’ll wonder:

“Is he mad at me?”

“Does he not like me?”

“Is he with some girl right now?”

The idea is simple.

The longer you can keep a girl in “The Gap,” the more she will start to obsess over you in her mind…

Have you ever noticed that when a girl does that to YOU, it makes you want her more?

It drives you crazy when she’s sending mixed signals like that… you can’t get her off your mind.

So keep her in The Gap, and she will feel the same way about you.

She may even do something crazy like attack your mouth with her mouth at some point in the near future.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

Click below to learn more:

7 Ways To Keep Her In The Gap and Make Her Want You

Peace out!

-Patrick “Be Better Than The Gap” James

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