27 things you DIDN’T know about Patrick James (#18 will blow your mind)

Today I woke up, officially another year older…

I’m literally 27 now…

Officially LATE 20’s.

But I feel more energized than ever because not too long ago I took on a MISSION in my life.

My mission: To make 1,000,000 men the most Charismatic, Confident, and Courageous version of themselves.

So you can live a life completely by DESIGN and not by default.

The girls.

The people.

The way you choose to live.

You see, my mission is something that I’ve been doing for myself the last few years. To the T.

When I was 23 I was in Dental School.

The only things I worried about were: 1. Going to the gym. 2. Girls. 3. School.

It’s the life that most 20 somethings live.

But here’s the thing…

I wasn’t growing.

I wasn’t acheiving.

I wasn’t contributing any value.

I was just existing. And consuming.

But then I discovered this thing called “Personal Development.”

I also discovered this thing called “dating advice.”

So like anything in my life, when I do it, I do it 100,000%

If I decide I’m going to learn how to be awesome with women, you better believe that I’m going ALL IN on that sh!t.

Because you see, even though from the outside looking-in on myself at age 23…

I may have seemed like a kid who had no worries. Was on the path to becoming a doctor. Blah blah blah.

…Deep down I felt empty.

I was tired of being terrible with women. Making all the mistakes.

There was something deep inside of me that KNEW I was meant to make a greater impact on the world.

So for my 27th birthday, I’m gonna tell you 27 things you probably DIDN’T know about Patrick James.

Because if I know anything by age 27, it’s this… You and I are a lot more similar than you might think. Heck I may have even been worse than you to start…

And even though it may look like I live a life full of women, partying, and awesome experiences right now… I’m just a guy…

Who’s been exactly where you are right now. And had nothing more than my BURNING DESIRE for more…

So here we go. 27 things you probably didn’t know about me…

1. I was a virgin until the age of 21!

That’s right.

And I lost it about 2 weeks before I turned 22.

If you want to hear the story about HOW I lost my virginity, then check out this vid:

==> Avoiding the Friend-Zone…

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2. I haven’t always been super outgoing.

In fact, when I was in college, I would walk to class while staring at the ground in front of me because I didn’t want to run into anybody that I knew.

Yea man. Can you actually imagine me at 21 being all anti-social?

3. I used to be fat.


When I was in 8th grade, I was 240 lbs!

And I lost all that weight in just 1 summer.

In fact, by the time I entered high school (9th grade) I was 170 lbs.

What did I do to lose all the weight?

Simple. I stopped eating junk food, and soda.

That’s it.

4. The only reason I decided to lose all that weight was because I had a dream to play in the NBA.

And one day, when I was in middle school, my father looked at me dead in the eyes and said, “Son, if you keep eating like you do, then one day you’ll weigh 300 lbs, and you won’t go to the NBA.”

That was all the motivation I needed to kick me into gear.

(Notice how from an early age I had a VISION for my future, and it drove all my actions)

5. After losing my virginity at age 21, it took me 2 YEARS to sleep with another girl.

But believe me, I made every “Nice Guy” mistake in that 2 years.

6. I had 2 girls break my heart before I FULLY COMMITTED to becoming the world class dating coach I am today…

The first girl I was dating.

We never slept together but I thought I was in “love” with her.

Until she went cold on me, and started dating another dude, while I thought I was dating her.

How did I find out?

The day after Thanksgiving, she uploaded a picture of her and this other guy kissing to her social media.

It gets worse…

7. I wrote her a LOVE LETTER hoping she would drop that other guy and “choose me”

It didn’t work.

8. That first girl had only ONE enemy in the entire world.

And to spite her, I started dating her enemy right afterwards.

I never slept with this girl either, but I definitely made ALL the nice guy mistakes.

Changing myself to please her.

Letting HER have all the power in the relationship.

Until this girl ALSO went cold on me.

And in a highly charged emotional state, I confessed my love for her…

It didn’t work.

Then she slept with another guy, in my bed, at my party, on my 23rd birthday.

I never talked to her again.

(But I think she actually follows me on Instagram still haha)

9. Those 2 girls who crushed me became best friends after curb stomping my <3

I just thought that was funny.


I decided to NEVER let another girl crush my heart ever again…

11. So I started going out.

A lot.

And approached every girl who I found attractive.

12. I had no clue what I was doing…

But I knew that to get better with women I had to throw my ego aside, and put myself out there.

13. Around this time I discovered how much I loved Tequila.

14. The second time I had sex, I was 23.

This was only a few months after getting crushed by the 2 previous girls.

And the way it happened was I awkwardly exchanged phone numbers with this girl I approached at a bar.

For some reason she liked me enough to meet up with me the next day, DESPITE how awkward I was when I approached her…

We ended up banging in the backseat of her Chevy Cruz.

(Classy, I know.)


I could actually go out.

Meet a girl.

And then sleep with her soon after.

What else could I do?!

16. For the next 3 years I went on a rampage…

Approaching 1000’s if not hundreds of thousands of women…

Failing A LOT.

And learning from every mistake I ever made with women.

… No like literally, I had a personal journal where I documented how every interaction I had with women went.

What I did good.

What I did bad.

What I’m going to do next time I see that situation.

17. Because I started keeping that “Improvement Journal” I got good. Fast.

“Good” is actually an understatement.

I was “Great”.

18. I didn’t realize how “Great” I had become at picking up women until I was in Las Vegas a few years ago. (Age 25)

When I ran into a guy named Julien Blanc (aka RSDJulien) in Las Vegas.

At the time I was mostly self-taught… And I had no clue who he was.

All I know is for whatever reason, the girl he was talking to at this club had LEFT HIM, and went home with me.

Afterwards, I heard who he was, and then figured “Damn, I must be pretty good at this stuff. Lol!”

19. Around this time I started networking with ALL the major influencers in the Dating community…

Even being asked to speak at a few of their events about my knowledge on picking up girls…

You may know one of these guys:

20. And that guy right there…

One of my current mentors, Jason Capital.

Saw the #RAW Talent that I had for this stuff…

(But you know by now that it’s just #RAW ambition. None of it was natural.)

And encouraged me to DROP OUT OF DENTAL SCHOOL.

He taught me how to start an email newsletter and truly become a World-Class dating coach.

So I did…

21. I’ve been on this journey as a FULL time dating coach for just over 18 months.

22. I have personal clients who pay me upwards of $10K upfront to work with them 1-on-1

23. I wake up EVERY MORNING Grateful for all the adversity I’ve gone through to become who I am today.

24. The biggest lesson I learned in age 26 was that “Life does NOT happen TO you, it happens FOR you.”

I was MEANT to go through all the bullsh!t growing up…

Being fat, and overcoming that with my vision of the NBA.

Not going to the NBA, and going to Dental school instead.

Being terrible with women, and then overcoming that after TWO consecutive heartbreaks.

If none of that happened to me, then it’s very likely you wouldn’t be reading this newsletter from me right now.

25. The FIRST thought I had as a 27 year old “What sort of value should I deliver in my email today?”

26. YOU and your success is literally all I care about in this next year of my life.

27. I’ve got your back.

You and I are a lot more alike than you may think.

And if a lanky bloke like me can overcome all the odds.

Get amazing with women.

And live a life by DESIGN and not by default…

Then you surely can too.

I’ll be here every step along the way.

Motivating you every step along the way.

Teaching you everything I know.

Because this is our journey.

I’m just a little further along than you are right now.

On that note…

I’ll see you at the top.


-Patrick “Another Year #Dominated” James,
#RawDatingAdvice Your Mother Wouldn’t Approve Of…

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