6 Words that will Transform your Dating life OVERNIGHT…

Sup Player.

​In today’s post we are going to be talking about the BIGGEST lesson I learned in the last month.

This lesson not only applies to becoming the best #RAW dater that you are…

But also applies to life.

In fact, I applied this single lesson to my business in the last month, and am already projecting the biggest month ever for February and March.

In fact, I told this exact story to NY Time Best-Selling Author, John Romaniello, and he thought it was genius…

So you’re probably curious…

“What single lesson on earth can have THAT big of an impact?”…

I feel you dude.

It’s almost hard to believe.

And before I tell you what it is, I really want to tell you HOW I stumbled upon this life changing lesson.


Well it’s very simple really…

Because I’m building up the anticipation for the lesson.

The story I’m about to tell you is going to titillate your emotions…

And when I finally get to the lesson, it’ll be like the grand payoff.

I highly suggest you take that little #GoldenNugget into your seduction as well.

Women WANT the build-up. The tension.

Because without it, it’s like knowing the ending to the movie before you even watch it.

And I promise you. If she KNOWS she’s got you…

If she KNOWS how the movie ends with you…

She likely won’t sleep with you. Period.

(…at least on that night, and she’ll be a lot more likely to flake on you)

This is often why I teach my 10K clients to NOT make out with the girl in a bar, unless you’ve already had slept with her.

If you’ve just met her, or just started dating her…

Let the TENSION build up in the club, and then let the moment she’s able to lock lips with you — behind closed doors — be the giant payoff.

The moment the tension explodes into the start of your sexual journey that night. The sex will just be the cherry on top.

In other words…

Keep them b!tches on their toes man!

Alright… So how did I find this lesson?

Well if you’ve been here for a while, then you know I used to teach “Charisma”.

In fact, one of my best selling books The Magnetic Personality Formula was basically my manual on Charisma.

(The book has recently been taken off the market because it was turned into The Magnetic Personality Formula RE-Loaded.

A live seminar I held to turn this general “Charisma” product, into the exact missing piece to your #Raw dating life.

Hasn’t yet been released… But just a hint… The next couple weeks could be the biggest/most exciting weeks of your life. #StayTuned)

And it hasn’t been til recently that I decided to take my brand FULL dating…

But before I made the decision, I did do something that I learned from one of my favorite books, Psycho Cybernetics.

You see. I KNEW I wanted to become the world’s best dating coach — delivering the RAW truth about getting the girl you actually want…

But I didn’t know quite yet HOW I wanted to do it…

So I would go to bed every night, contemplating this conundrum I was faced with.

And it’s crazy….

… because as soon as I started doing this, it was like the Universe would ZAP down life lessons into my brain every morning as I was coming out of sleep…

The problem I wanted to solve was “How should I make my grand entrance into the Dating niche?”…

But every morning I would wake up with NEW insights, that seemingly meant nothing towards the dating niche.

Now before you start thinking…

“What kind of woo-woo philosophical BULLSH!T is this dude talking about?!”

Hear me out.

I would go to bed thinking about a problem.

Then I would dream about the problem being solved.

And then the moment right before I came out of sleep. I swear. I would hear a voice vividly whisper one short sentence into my ear.

It was like the voice in the back of my head, that’s completely unattached from my ego.

It would not tell me what I wanted to hear. But what I NEEDED to hear.

This went on for like 7 days in a row!

And every morning, I would wake up, run to my journal, and write that sh!t down…

On one particular morning. I heard this voice whisper the following sentence to me:

“Joy comes first. Results come second.”

At the time, I had no clue what that meant.

But I knew it was one of the most poetic sentences I had ever heard.

So I instantly wrote it down.

And after a few days of thinking about it. It hit me.

For the entire month before, I had been stressing myself out about HOW to enter the dating niche.

So stressed to the point that I couldn’t even enjoy my day-to-day life.

All my energy was zapped.

And it was affecting every interaction I had with others.

I couldn’t think straight when doing my work either.

So when I heard those 6 words, it was like I FINALLY had permission to start ENJOYING THE PROCESS.

And that was the BIGGEST lesson I got in the last month and a half of my life.



The second I gave myself permission to start enjoying what I was doing everything changed for me.

I could approach girls, and be completely free from outcome. I simply ENJOYED basking in the feminine energy.

==> Which ironically made them want me more.

I could start to write emails, make blog posts, and shoot videos that I ENJOYED making.

==> Which ironically made my Youtube channel start to grow exponentially faster every day.

I could start to ENJOY my day-to-day life.

==> Which ironically lead to me befriending/partying with some of the other top dating coaches in the world. As well as some well connected influencers in the Hollywood nightlife. Pretty dope.

So what are the 6 words that can literally change your dating life overnight?


I’m giving you PERMISSION to start enjoying the process.

When you truly start to let go and enjoy…

“Rejection” no longer phases you because you just accept it as getting you one step closer to the getting/keeping the girl that you actually want.

Pretty cool. I know.

On that note.

I’ve gotta jet for the day.

Busy prepping the finishing touches on probably the best product I’ve made to date.

Later player.

-Patrick “Just Enjoying Life” James

P.S. So last weekend I hired a new social media assistant…

And we started to film some in-field footage (!!!)

Pretty sexciting I know.

Not sure what I’m gonna do exactly with the footage. Or exactly how/when I want to deliver it to you.

But that said… Last weekend was VERY interesting.

Remember that RULE that I gave you about giving her the entire movie, and building up tension? (earlier in this post)

Well I sort of violated that rule last Saturday, in the name of getting some damn good in-field footage… And it lead to one of the craziest nights of my life.


It involves 1 goddess of a college volleyball player…

A 55 year old playboy worth over $100 million…

And John F. Kennedy.

(To Be Continued on the email newsletter…)