How I Went From Broke, And By Myself, To Making $450/Hour And Speaking To Crowds Of 350+

How goes it my brotha from anotha….

​This newsletter is going to be slightly different from most of my other ones.

Why you ask?

Because I’m literally going to free-flow this whole thing.

I’m saying F*CK my filter.

And I’m just going for it.

Backspace button is NONEXISTENT in this email.

I can’t go back and edit.

I’m just going to course correct as I go.

That’s my challenge to myself.

This is sort of like any great CONVERSATION you might enter with a girl.

Just GO, and figure it out along the way. Sort of like landing a plane.

Several times per week I’ll have guys hit me up on Facebook asking me “Hey Patrick can I give you a call this week?”

“Hey Patrick, can we hop on skype tomorrow?”

“Hey Patrick, can we chat about helping me out with something?”

…And I’ll be honest. I LOVE giving great advice to others who can benefit from it.

In fact, what most people fail to realize is that ONE way you can “give value” to a mentor, is by immediately taking action on the advice they give you.

We get a HIGH from that ish.

However, what a lot of these guys who message me also fail to realize is this…

Ya boi has clients who literally pay me upwards of $450 PER 60-MIN CALL.

Yes. 1 Hour = $450

As much as I’d LOVE to hop on skype with everybody… It would be completely unfair to my existing clients to just do that sh!t pro-bono. Ya feel me?

In fact, you know the absolute BEST way to get my full attention for the least amount of monetary investment?

Come to any event that I’m at.

It may be one of my personal events.

…And if you ever get invited to come to one of those. I’d whole heartedly recommend investing whatever you can to get there.

It’s the surefire way to come up to me and literally ask me anything.

Lol. It’s not like I can just not respond.

So if you ever meet me in person…

You can be sure that if you ask me a question, I’ll give you the gift of looking you DEAD IN THE EYES, give you FULL truth, and in the most concise and actionable answer possible.

That’s my promise to you.

In fact, I’ve got about 9 guys coming to Scottsdale this weekend for our first LIVE filming of an upcoming program.

…I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this in the near future. 😉

This might be the best thing I’ve created to date.

THOSE guys are getting my full attention.

Those guys are making the INVESTMENT IN THEMSELVES to improve the quality of their lives.

THOSE guys are going to be having the best year of their life yet! Guaranteed.

I’ll do my best to deliver those same results to anybody who sees the replay. But lets be honest… Nothing beats in-person environmental exposure. Period.

Quick note about “Success”

You see, the one thing that SUCCESSFUL people realize is that SUCCESS takes COURAGE.

I don’t care if we’re talking about success in dating. Success in business. Or success in… (insert any area you want to improve in)


Have I ever told you the story about how I personally got started into all of this?


Ok. Story time…

So almost 3 years ago I was BALLS DEEP into Dental School.

I was on a path to becoming America’s next top Dentist. Can you imagine that?

I was also balls deep into the dating scene at the time.

I was still at the stage where my number one priority was improve myself and master dating.

(obviously now, my priorities have shifted to improving myself so I can help OTHERS master dating. #evolution)

And one day I got an email from a buddy of mine, inviting me to an in-person Marketing conference.

This conference was in a place called Las Vegas. A city I had NEVER been to at the time.

And if I wanted to go, I’d have to drive CROSS COUNTRY. By myself. In my shitty car.

Oh, and it cost $1200 to attend.

Almost every dollar to my name at the time.


Why in the world would I attend a “Marketing conference” when I’m already in Dental School to become a doctor?

I don’t know.

But I’m damn glad I did.

For some reason, at the time I was smart enough to realize that Success Leaves Clues.

I had a gut feeling that if I had stayed home, rather than travel to a conference where I knew other successful people would be, then I would be doing myself a disservice.

… And THAT’S a decision that most guys don’t realize, and are afraid to make.

That if you come to a fork in the road, and path #1 means staying where you are, and path #2 means doing something you’ve never done….

99.8% of people will choose path #1 every time.

Heck 99.8% of people reading this email right now would choose path #1.

And you know the scariest part?

90% of people would also tell you that “Oh, I’d for sure choose Path #2.” ……. Until they are actually faced with the decision.

This one phenomena still baffles me.

Most people in today’s society are all talk, and too afraid to walk the walk.

You know what greats do? They act, and let their actions speak for themselves.

“Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

#DamnStraight. Emerson was a straight G.

So THAT’S why I decided to go to a city I’ve never been. To a conference that I had nothing to do with. By myself.

Because I knew that action > inaction.

I knew that staying where I was = death to my development.

And how did it turn out?

Well let’s just say this…

I would NOT be writing this email right now if I hadn’t gone to that event.

I would NOT have spoken on stage to a crowd of 350+, not once but TWICE, if I didn’t go to that event.

I would not have met most of my best friends that I have today, had I not gone to that event.

If I chose Path #1. To stay exactly where I was….

I would likely be sitting in a dental clinic right now. Pulling the teeth of some old hag with chronic halitosis.

So yes.

Successful people act. Period.

Unsuccessful people think before they act. That’s why they’ll never be great.

If you stop to think, then the guy who just does it anyways, out of instinct, will get your result before you.

You will always be #2 by default if you don’t ACCEPT COURAGE.

You see. Courage is a choice.

Courage is completely in your control.

And when I see another man who courageously takes action, immediately, and figures his sh!t out along the way. I immediately respect him.


In fact, that’s going to be an entire topic that we’ll discuss in the program that is getting filmed this weekend. It’s really simple:

Courage = Conviction + Action

The conviction to know that you’ll figure things out along the way. The conviction that even if you’re not necessarily “confident”, you’ll be ok.

The conviction to trust your gut that your ACTION is going to move you closer to your goal.

Courage is a choice. All it takes is a little bit of action.

Sort of like how I’ve written this email…

I started writing, free-flowing, and challenged myself to not hit the backspace button…

I was just going to figure it out along the way.

How do you think I did?

Does it look like I “got lucky” because some words that happened to make sense popped out of my fingers and into the keyboard?

Does it look like I have some “mystical skill” that most others don’t?

If you’ve answered “yes” to either of those questions, then good.

Keep watching.

Because pretty soon you’ll be staring at the bottom of my feet.

And if you’re sitting here, reading these words, realizing that I’m just a normal guy like you… Who’s happened to just take more action than you at this point. And that you can soon be great yourself.

Then great. I’ll be seeing you at the top very soon.

And here’s the secret. It’s going to be an exclusive group of us at the top.

Most people will still be contemplating their first move, while we’re on our tenth.

Just a fact of life.

Alright, I think that’s the perfect place to end this free-flow.

I hope you can see by this point of the newsletter that YOU JUST NEED TO ACT.

Forget the next “shiny object” promising you the newest top secret hack to life, discovered by Indonesian scientists…

F*CK that nonsense.

You already are enough.

You already are enough.


You just require a bit more action.


P.S. Last point and then I’m out of here.

Environment is everything.

Yes. You already are enough.

You don’t need shiny objects of “information”

You need guidance by someone who’s been there before. Period.

Find you mentor.

Invest in yourself, by investing in them.

Don’t expect handouts.

And don’t THINK, “how does this benefit me?”


It benefits you because they have success where you want success. Period.

Do everything you can to invest in them as your mentor, and you’ll be one of the greats very soon.