10 Reasons Why Men Today NEED A “Magnetic Personality”

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Today, I’ve got some bad news…

This whole week I’ve been talking about this upcoming event that I’m holding in Scottsdale, AZ on January 21st…

It’s a LIVE seminar where I’m diving DEEP into the Magnetic Personality Formula. Teaching things like…

How to walk into any room and instantly have every girl in there notice you, and wonder who you are…

How to position yourself in any social interaction (date, job interview, networking event) so that the other person actually starts chasing YOU…

Never having to worry about HOW to follow up with a girl after you’ve got her number because she’ll be the one trying to get YOU out…

I’m even bringing in a few hot girls who work in the Scottsdale club scene for an exclusive Q+A session with us.

… and much more.

Here’s the bad news…

Before I opened up the floodgates to the entire Swagger Social Tribe yesterday, over half of the spots had already been taken… (leaving about 5 spots more for the taking).

… Unfortunately, since opening the doors yesterday, all of the spots filled up in under 3 hours!

And yes, while that’s great for all those guys who actually grabbed a spot in time…

It’s unfortunate for all those other guys who were still trying to get in.

I woke up this morning with a full inbox of questions asking:

“Hey Patrick, is there still an open spot?”

“Hey Patrick, I want to bring a friend, is there any more room?”

“Hey Patrick, I tried to submit my info, and then I got a prompt that said ‘No Spots Left’ what gives?!”

And the list goes on…

But what kind of coach, leader, Charisma consultant would I be if I didn’t follow up the bad news with some GOOD news?!…

Here’s the good news…

Because of demand, I’ve talked to my assistant, and I have her currently upgrading our original conference room to a BIGGER one.

What does that mean for you?

It means that we’re extending the guest list! As of 3:30PM today…

We have officially added 6 more spots!

So if you are one of those guys who weren’t able to register a spot on time, then here’s your chance.

If you want to grab one of the last 15 6 spots right now before the rest of these spots are swallowed up, email us back now and let us know you want in.

The ONE-Question Test:

We’ll reply with a ONE QUESTION TEST, and if you pass,
I’ll get you registration details, you’ll sign up and claim one of these last 15 6 spots, and then you’ll start planning your trip to see me in Scottsdale, January 21st 🙂

Just in case you’re on the fence right now…

And for whatever reason haven’t stepped up to take the ONE-Question Test yet, then here are TEN reasons you should consider coming to Scottsdale in January…

#10: Most affordable Live event we’ve done.

As you already know, I have several in-person clients who pay me upwards of 10K for private coaching…

And similar events that I’ve done in the past cost upwards of a $1,200 investment just for that one event. However…

I want this event to be accessible EVEN to those guys who don’t have thousands of extra dollars laying around to invest in themselves…

That’s why this event won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Far from it.

To attend this event, you’ll only pay a fraction of what any client has ever paid to learn from me in person.

You’re welcome.

*REPLY to this email for that 1-question test to get your spot today*

#9: Environmental exposure.

Up to this point, the Magnetic Personality Formula has just been one of my top selling books.

It has a few bonuses that come with it, and it’s actually sold pretty well.

Guys from 30+ countries have already gotten massive results in their lives…

Take this email I got just the other day in fact:

And that’s awesome!

But I wasn’t satisfied. That’s why for the first time ever, I’m taking this MONSTER of a formula, and teaching it to you in person.

I’m also going to demonstrate it LIVE, and teach you things that weren’t even included in the book.

*REPLY to this email for the One-Question test to see if you qualify*

#8: Women.

Earlier this year I was at an event just like this one…

Where I met a man named Greg C. Greenway.

If you don’t know Greg, he’s a Social Circle guru. Teaching men how to build up their connections to epic proportions.

Well Greg and I started debating over “Which city has the HOTTEST girls in the world?”

Between the both of us, we’ve travelled to most of the major cities that could be considered for this debate…

He was under the impression that Las Vegas, hands down had the hottest girls.

And I argued for Scottsdale.

After debating this for a solid 10 minutes, with a crowd of men around us… We came to the agreement that Scottsdale, consistently, per capita had the highest density of beautiful women.

And guess what…

I’ve got several of the HOTTEST girls, who work in the nightlife here, coming in for a private Q+A session.

You’ll be able to dive deep into the mentality of a hot girl, and learn what makes them tick.

Learn what turns them off, but more importantly what turns them on.

You’ll even get to practice some of your own game on them (if you’re up for the challenge)

*REPLY to this email for the Test — Scottsdale girls are waiting for you*

#7: Everybody wants these secrets

I’ve only done an event similar to this one in the past just ONCE.

And it was such a success that I was asked to speak about it on stage. Not 1x. but TWICE…


And while I did deliver MASSIVELY on stage…

I wasn’t able to reveal everything.

I’ve reserved the BEST for this exact seminar that I’m holding in January.

*REPLY to this email to qualify for your chance to learn the Formula LIVE*

#6: Who this is NOT for…

This is NOT for lolly-gaggers, free-riders, and people who don’t take action.

Listen, I’m VERY selective about who I’m letting come to this thing.


Because if you’re making the investment in yourself to learn this formula LIVE… Then I only want you to be surrounded by other like-minded individuals.

One bad seed can ruin the whole crop.

And you can rest assured that everyone here will be movers and shakers in their own community, or soon will be.

This means that if you get the chance to come…

Whatever small investment you made to be there will pay off BIG time down the road. Promise.

*REPLY to this email for the ONE-Question Test*

#5: Celebrity coaches.

So far in the line-up we’ve got yours truly, of course.

But I’ve also enlisted the help of a few other celebrity coaches in the dating industry.

I don’t want to reveal who they are just yet…

You’re gonna have to qualify to see exactly who they are.

But I will say that you probably have a product or two of theirs.

*REPLY to this email for the ONE-Question Test*

#4: Invaluable, Life-changing, information.

Listen dude…

I don’t have to completely tell you why you NEED to develop a magnetic personality in today’s world… I think the benefits speak for themselves.

Here’s just the tip of the ice-berg:

-The “Casanova Secret” to getting your way in any social situation, and have them think it was their idea. #SeductionGold

-The friend-zone mistake that 99.9% of guys make, and how to completely avoid it forever.

-The 2-second trick to instantly COMMANDING any room/club/venue.

-How to create a Celebrity aura around you so that whenever you want to do something, people JUMP at the opportunity — in other words, never be said “no” to again.

-3 ways to appear witty and charming WITHOUT using any pre-canned lines.

… and much more.

*REPLY to this email for the ONE-Question Test*

#3: The Brotherhood.

Every time I’ve personally gone to any event, I leave with some of the strongest connections I’ve ever made.

All those other attendees will become your brothers.

People who will do anything for you in the future.

And people who you’ll likely be doing business with in the future.

How does this happen?

Not only are you guys in the trenches together, going through all these mind-blowing revelations…

But once the event is over, you’re now in the arguably one of the best party cities on Earth.

Right across the street from this seminar, you’ll have over 15 clubs to choose from. None of which charge cover. All of which are packed with beautiful women.

*REPLY to this email for the ONE-Question Test — Your future depends on it*

#2: Charisma Secrets from the best.

There is a REASON why I’m America’s Charisma Consultant for Men… Because my guys get results. Period.

And the insights of Charisma, Personal Magnetism, and Seduction that I’ll be revealing in this ONE-TIME seminar have been used in unimaginable ways throughout history…

These secrets have been used for good AND evil…

For example…

-Donald Trump used this formula to get elected President of the U.S. — against ALL the odds.

-Martin Luther King Jr. used this formula to start a movement, and change the course of America’s history, forever.

-Michael Jordan even used this formula on HIMSELF to become the greatest basketball player to ever live.

*REPLY to this email for the ONE-Question Test for your chance to learn this formula LIVE*

#1: I’ve got your back.

I’ve always hated the phrase “Fake it til you make it.”

If you are currently “faking it” or if you think you are actually LIVING it… Then you are in for a treat my friend.

My goal is for you to actually leave after Day 1 and be a completely different person.

You’ll be able to walk across the street to all the night clubs in Scottsdale, and instantly own ANY club.

Every girl you approach that night will be magnetically drawn to you like a moth to light, and they won’t even know why.

That is the power of the Magnetic Personality Formula, and I can’t wait for you to experience it in person.

If you’re still on the fence…

REPLY to this email, and we’ll overcome your personal blocks together.

We’re in this together dude.

I’ve got your back. And I won’t let you fail.

You know what to do from here.

Talk soon.


P.S. Yes you read that right!

Due to demand for this event, we actually Sold-Out too fast, and had to extend the room to add more seats.

That’s bad for my assistant who is working overtime right now, but GREAT for you.

If you want to grab one of the last 15 6 spots right now before the rest of these spots are swallowed up, email us back now and let us know you want in.

The ONE-Question Test

We’ll reply with a ONE QUESTION TEST, and if you pass,
I’ll get you registration details, you’ll sign up and claim one of these last 15 6 spots, and then you’ll start planning your trip to see me in Scottsdale, January 21st 🙂