5 Books That Will Make You Charismatic…

Yo, today is gonna be different.

Rather than giving you 1-2 simple tips for being a socially magnetic BOSS (like I normally do)…

I’m straight up gonna tell you about 5 of my TOP books that the Swagger Social Tribe what it is today, and why these books are key to becoming the most Charismatic version of yourself…



Let’s jump right in…

Charisma Book #1: Influence by Robert Cialdini


I talk about this book SO much, and for a good reason…

Because it’s HANDS-DOWN the best book on the market for learning how to influence people, based off of what actually makes them tick.

Robert Cialdini is a genius of a social psychologist at Arizona State University, who scientifically analyzed why people say “YES!” to one thing, and “No.” to other things…

In every single one of my articles, podcasts, blog posts, newsletters, and products, I’m using something I learned from this book alone.

Yes, It’s that powerful.

Charisma Book #2: The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone


Unarguably one of the best books on taking MASSIVE action in your life.

Charismatic people are often described as having a “Reality Distortion Field”…

People like Steve Jobs, Bill Clinton, Elon Musk…

They have the uncanny ability to make people believe and achieve greater things than they ever thought possible.

Steve Jobs was told that he would need YEARS to make the iPhone happen. He gave Apple employees 6 weeks.

People told him he was insane. But you know what?…

Apple achieved the impossible by hitting that unreal deadline.

Napoleon Hill said it best: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

The secret about having a “Reality Distortion Field” is that it’s not a magic power. Anyone can Charismatically influence others to achieve the impossible…

The only requirement?

Thinking 10x BIGGER, and taking 10x MORE action.

This book is the manual on how to do so.

Charisma Book #3: Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff


Raise your hand if you know what a “Frame” is…

Ok, ok. You can put your hand down.


This book is the bridge between social dynamics and selling any idea.

If you did research on any selling tactics, you would find “Hard-closing mentalities”, and selling tactics from the 1980’s…

But the fact of the matter is, you will never become an effective “seller” of anything UNLESS you have the right frame.

The reason most salesman fail is because people view them as “needy”, and over-bearing…

Oren Klaff shows why the old way doesn’t work.

He takes typical dating and social dynamics advice, and then applies it to the art of Pitching Anything.

And if you don’t think you have to learn how to sell, you’re wrong.

Everybody is a sales person.

Whether you’re selling the idea of going to restaurant A, over restaurant B when you’re with a group of your buddies…

Or whether you’re networking at a job fair…

Or whether you’re going out and dating a ton of women…

No matter what, you’re always presenting yourself in a world where people are choosing to associate with you or not.

And THAT is why Framing is so important.

…because in this world you can literally “frame” yourself to the TOP, and let everybody else prove themselves to you.

This book shows you how to do that.

Charisma Book #4: Psycho Cybernetics by Dr. Maxwell Maltz


This is piggy-backing off of the last book which talked about Frames.

Because, yes, “Framing” is important — it’s how you see the world around you. HOWEVER…

How you see yourself is equally, if not MORE important.

The fact of the matter is, you can choose to be whatever type of person you want to be.

In today’s world, people get into the habit of putting labels on themselves…

For example:

“I’m Introverted.”

“I’m Extroverted.”

“I’m a bad test taker.”

“I’m not a good conversationalist.”


You are whatever you choose.

It’s called your SELF-Image.

And when you consciously choose yourself image, that is when you start seeing MASSIVE success in all areas of your life.

This is the first book I ever read on personal development, and easily one of the best.

And finally…

Charisma Book #5: The Magnetic Personality Formula by Patrick James


Now what kind of Charisma Consultant would I be if I didn’t throw my own book onto this list? 😉

This is the FIRST book I ever wrote, and it’s the literal step-by-step formula to becoming the most Charismatic, Confident, and Courageous version of yourself.

This formula involves 3 C’s of Charisma.

Almost everybody who’s gone through the book so far talks about how by the time they got finished with their first read-through…

Everything was different for them.

They saw the world in a completely NEW light…

People instantly treated them differently, with more respect, and with more admiration…

The first 4 books mentioned in this article definitely played a big role in the making of The Magnetic Personality Formula, but this is the only book on the market that installs Charisma into everything you do

And shows you exactly how to become it as soon as tonight.

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Enjoy those books man, and I’ll catch ya on the flip side.

-Patrick James
America’s Charisma Consultant For Men

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