The Non-verbal Trigger That Makes You “Creepy”… (and how to avoid it)

Did you know that women always know what you are thinking?

It’s true.


Well I’ll explain it to you in the least science-y way that I can…

It’s a combination of TWO things…

Mirror Neurons + Micro-expressions

It’s the way your brain is wired.

These are actual neurons inside your brain that have only 1 purpose…

To read exactly how another person feels, and allow you to feel the same way.

And the ONLY reason you have these is because although we as humans have developed self-driving cars, Sushi burritos, and strippers that hang upside-down from 12 ft in the air…

We still abide by the same basic emotions that we did back when we lived in tribes…

Meaning that on a very subconscious level, we’re always scanning our environment for the following:

Threat or Non-threat?..

Fight of Flight?..

Should I eat it? Kill it? Or F*ck it?..

Literally, THAT’S how our brain operates
at the most basic level.

And back when we first started thinking in these ways we didn’t have English, Spanish, or even Latin to communicate…

All communication was purely NON-Verbal.

We had to know exactly how each person was feeling, and what they were thinking, just by looking at them.

So we developed these things called “Mirror neurons” that have the ability to read these things called “micro-expressions”

Micro-expressions are simply tiny expressions that we make on our face that only last a SPLIT second, and tell other exactly what we’re feeling in that moment.

And the worst part…

You can’t control them.

That’s right. No matter how hard you try, your micro-expressions will always show in one way or the other.

In fact, if you were trying really hard to NOT have micro-expressions, you’d probably just do more of them.

Here’s an example…

Do you know what the facial expression for being surprised looks like?…

Here’s what you might think of when you hear the word “Surprised”:


…and YES, that is a very surprised look.

We’ve got the hands to the face…

The wide eyes…

The raised eyebrows…

The wide open mouth…

(Although women tend to do this last one by default when they meet a Swagger Social Tribe member 😉)

And that’s a very BIG expression for surprise. It’s how Hollywood would like to depict someone who’s surprised…

But we’re talking MICRO-expressions here!

If you’re in conversation with someone, and you say something shocking, people aren’t going to put their hands to their face, with their jaw dropped to the floor…

Their look of surprise will be much more subtle. Something that only your subconscious may recognize…

So in the example of surprised/shocked… It’ll be in the eyes:


The eyes will get slightly wider than normal, and will only stay like that for a fraction of a second…

This is why it’s important to become completely present to the moment while in conversation.

Because if you are too busy thinking about what to say next, then you’re gonna completely miss out on these fleeting expressions, and can be completely clueless to how you’re affecting others around you.

And there are micro-expressions for just about every basic emotion… fear, anger, surprise, contempt, anger, happy, turned on…

So what does this mean for YOU moving forward…

1. Realize that the way you feel is always affecting other people around you.

Charismatic people are always making others feel more energized, upbeat, and better about themselves JUST by being in their presence.

As the most Charismatic version of yourself you WILL be the source of great emotions for others.

…but to do that, you’ll have to put yourself in an awesome mood as much as possible.

In other words, you’ll have to become a MASTER of your own state — recognizing when you’re feeling OFF, and learning how to flip that sh!t around.

Because if you aren’t feeling good, and you try to fake it, people will know that something seems “off”…

And THAT’S why so many guys creep
women out…

Because the vibe they’re giving off (a.k.a. the sum of all their micro-expressions) is not matching up with how they are trying to act.

So learn how to control your state like a BOSS, and exude those good vibes.

2. Don’t go into any interaction that you TRULY don’t want to be in.

If you’re pissed off, don’t go up and try to game that cute girl at the coffee shop… Until you first change your state.

If you feel like you’re gonna lose, don’t even bother entering the ring… Until you’re certain that you’re gonna win.

Because if you enter a fight thinking you’re gonna lose, then you’re not gonna punch with the conviction needed to win.

Ya dig?

3. Use the “Law of State Transfer” to your advantage.

With your new knowledge of mirror neurons, and micro-expressions, you have now become the Social Puppet Master.

You can literally control the way others feel.

You can make a woman turned on by the sight of you, simply by first being turned on at the sight of HER.

Attraction is not a choice.

If you can control your state, be certain in all your thoughts, words, and actions, and then consciously choose how you’re going to feel….

The world is in your control.

Two comedians can tell the same exact joke, but the only comedian who gets the laugh is one who FIRST thought his joke was funny before telling it…

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