How To Send A “Magnetic” Social Invite

I’m going to be brutally honest right now…

I almost didn’t write this post today…

I almost skipped my morning routine today…

And I almost got TRAPPED in the most uncharismatic state I’ve probably ever been in today…

Now why have I felt like absolute dog sh!t today?

Good question. Here’s why…

Last night I was reading one of my favorite books called “Triggers” by Joe Sugarman, right before going to bed.

It’s a really interesting book about all the different “Triggers” of human nature that gets people to TAKE ACTION.

Pretty interesting, I highly recommend checking it out.

But the ONE chapter that I read right before nodding off into my slumber was about one human trigger in particular — Urgency.

Sugarman went on to say that anytime you are trying to sell something, people are MUCH more likely to buy when there is a sense of URGENCY…

It’s why whenever I do a product launch, I purposely only make a certain amount of copies available…

Or I’ll set a deadline, and cut off the supply when the clock strikes zero…

It’s a very simple concept really, HOWEVER…

Sugarman just had to go and twist the knife by basically saying that any sales presentation is incomplete without a sense of urgency, and you are shooting yourself in the foot if you leave it out….

Now the reason this IRKED me so much is this…

When I read that, I realized just how many women I had missed out on because I didn’t know this.

Heck, even all the job opportunities, or deals I didn’t close... It’s a shame man.

So yes, it’s true, I’ve been in a weird mood all day because I realized just how URGENTLY I could start living my life.

And how I could have been using this simple fact to get more results in my own life.

So the value I want to give you today is a complete brain-dump of all the common ways that you can use URGENCY immediately in your life starting today…

1. Whenever you start doing a task, set an end time. And then put a countdown timer in sight when you start the task.

You’ll work MUCH more efficiently with a countdown timer.

For example, writing value-packed emails used to take me upwards of 3 hours to write…

But now, I tell myself that I’m only going to allow 1 hour to write this email, and I set a countdown timer for 60-minutes.

You better believe that there is ZERO procrastination in that 60-minutes. And the most creative stuff usually comes out when I realize that I’m only 75% done, and only have 5 minutes to finish.


2. Making it known that there is competition.

For example, one very common question you’ll get in any job interview, or school interview is:

“Have you interviewed anywhere else?”

And you are shooting yourself in the foot if you say “No I have not, this is my only interview.”

When we know that others are competing for the same thing that we are, then the VALUE of that one thing just skyrocketed.

But on the flip, if there is no competition, you have no value.

We want what we can’t have. Period.

This is why women instantly like a guy more if they constantly see him talking to other women.

Try it out for yourself.

3. Intentionally UNDER-produce whatever you’re offering.

Do you really think that Apple just happens to run out of the new iPhone’s when they are first launched to the public?

The only reason that people are willing to stand in line for 3+ hours just to get a phone that’s basically the same as the last one is simply because there is only a limited amount available.

People not only want to be the first to have the new iPhone, but they also want to be one of the only people who could get it…

You could do this yourself if you are planning a social circle event with your friends.

Let’s say you’re renting a boat to take all your friends wake-boarding on the lake, or you’re buying a table at the club tonight, or you want to go hiking with a group of buddies…

All you have to do is send the people you want to invite a simple text like:

“Hey, we’re going to (insert event), on X day. Person A, B, and C are already confirmed. Just trying to get a head count of who’s going since there are only 6 spots total. LMK if you’re in.”

Just a simple text like that could make you the social KING in your city…

4. Use circumstances outside of your control as a reason why this action needs to be taken NOW.

This example is perfect for playful reasons on why you’re going out, and whatever girl you want to invite out has to come with.

This puts “Fear Of Missing Out” on steroids… As well as making your invitation stick out above the rest.

For example, you could text a girl that you want to go out with you something like this:

“Hey (insert unique nickname you have for her), going to get drinks tonight because this is the last taco Tuesday of the month. You should come! (but only if you think you could keep up)”

Inserting a small challenge like “but only if you think you could keep up” at the end of all your invites is SUPER sneaky.

Because not only are you inserting URGENCY into your invite, but you are now layering the “desire to prove worthiness” into your invite.

A killer combo.

When done in a playful way, you’ll be unstoppable.

Trust me when I say this, these playful reason can literally be anything…

i.e. It’s your dog’s 4th birthday…

It’s a full moon out tonight…

It’s margarita Wednesday…

Here’s an example of how I recently used this to get a girl to agree to meeting up with me:

urgency texts

Alright so we’ve covered how to use urgency to improve your work-flow, your social-flow, AND your dating-flow…

I think that’s enough actionable sh!t for you to go and try out today. 🙂

Let me know how it goes.



P.S. My inbox has been flooded with requests for more information about how you can sign up for the first FREE-live event that I’m holding in Las Vegas soon.

Simmer down folks, more details will be unfolding soon.

Not sure if the Swagger Social Tribe is ready for that much excitement yet. 😎

P.P.S. Huh… funny how banging out one of these newsletters real quick made me feel awesome.

I hope you feel awesome too. Go out and crush it today.