4 TRUTHS About Why She Won’t “Put Out” On The First Date…

I just got off the phone with a personal client…

And he had a huge problem come up with this girl he was about to get freaky with. Here’s what happened:

-He saw this girl out while hiking, and approached her because he thought she looked interesting. <– Good.

-He realized that she only spoke Spanish, and luckily he knew enough Spanish to have a flirty first convo, and got her number. <– Great.

-He got her to come out with him by communicating via text. She would literally copy and paste his texts into a Spanish to English translator, and then respond in Spanish. <– Awesome.

-They met out, had a quick date, went back to his place, and she (in his words) “attacked” him with the makeout. <– Obviously.

-When things were starting to heat up, and his hands started going below the waist, she FROZE up, and said “I have to go.”… Then she got up and left. <– WTF?!

So the reason my client called me in a panic was because he had NO clue what happened…

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

He wanted to know if he should text her.

If he did anything wrong.

What he would say if he did text her.

Why she froze up and left like that after “attacking” his lips.

…and I’ll tell you exactly what I told him, but FIRST…

====Love From A NEW Swagger Social VIP Member====
“Yo Patrick,

Was great meeting you in Orange County, and really enjoyed your speech at the retreat. You have a great, positve vibe about you. No homo. 😄

Makes you a great coach and guy to be around!
See you in January!”

-Daniel M., Germany

Thanks Daniel, see you at the next event homie!

====Love From A NEW Swagger Social VIP Member====
“Hey Patrick, just checked out your site! I can see you really put time into it. By the way, your talk at the Retreat was cool, I did get that Charisma vibe from you right away.”

-Arturo D., PA

Great to hear from you Arturo!

Welcome to the tribe, my friend.

Stick around and you’ll be exuding charisma from your pores in no time.

After all, it is my mission to empower every deserving man with the Charisma, Confidence, and Courage to go after whatever they want in life…

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Yes, you read that right.

You WERE born with Charisma.

That’s the TRUTH other coaches would never dare tell you because they’re still trying to pedal their far inferior, fluff-filled products that don’t work.

Think about it… Kids are the most charismatic f*ckers around.

They touch everything…
They’re curious about everything…
They talk to everyone…

And hardly anybody can seem to hate them.

Same with puppies. Everyone loves puppies.

It’s somewhere along the way in your childhood that your Charisma was tucked away, deep into your subconscious, by parents and teachers telling you “Sit down!”, “Don’t touch that!”, and “Stay in line!”

Don’t worry though, I’ve got your back. 👌🏼

We’ll have you back to Charismatic in no time.

Now back to my client…

This chick left him HIGH and DRY.

Left standing there with his d!ck in hand, and no nut busted.

This is something those PUA’s would call “Last Minute Resistance” and it’s the bane of most people’s existence when they dating a lot of women…

Trust me I’ve been there too.

And I have great news for you… there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

All you have to do is first realize WHY girls put up this resistance at the last minute.

In my many years, hook-ups, one night stands, short term, long term, and f*ck buddy arrangements (as well as coaching 1000’s of men how to cultivate an abundant dating life)… I’ve found that there are FOUR main reasons why a girl does this…

Reason #1: She’s been conditioned by mainstream society.

For some reason Hollywood rom-coms and society put this big emphasis on the “first kiss at the end of the night”

And they shame girls who “put out” on the first night because it’s already a big deal if she’s willing to KISS you at the end of the date.

So for this reason, she feels like she’s being a naughty little slut, that society will shame if she bangs you right away.

Blame society for this one.

The fact of the matter is, she’s going against what her body actually wants because she fears being shamed by her friends, and society.

Reason #2: She LIKES you.

Yup, she likes you dude.

She wants to keep you around.

In the past, she’s probably hooked up with a guy on the first night, and then he never called her back… Which hurt her.

So to avoid getting hurt, and hopefully see you again, she leaves you hanging on the first night because she thinks it’ll make you like her more.

She thinks you’ll respect her more if she doesn’t put out right away.

And the shitty thing?… It works.

I mean look at you… She doesn’t put out, and you’re calling me in a frenzy wondering what you should text her!

Women have good game. The BEST game.

They know how to f*ck with a man’s head, by not f*cking his..other head right away.

It’s F*CKED up.

But it works.

So to defend yourself against this, all you’ve got to do is realize that she’s only doing this because she LIKES you.

Call it out for what it is… She doesn’t feel like she’s valuable enough to be the kind of girl that you’d call back in the morning.

When you call it out, her games seem to lose their power.

Mind blown yet?… Keep reading.

Reason #3: She’s on her period.


When the red river is flowing, she doesn’t feel comfortable with you digging around down there.

Now understand this… Not every girl is gonna be against banging you on her period, but most will.

The solution?

As long as you convey that it doesn’t bother YOU, then she will most likely be ok with it.

At the end of the day, she just doesn’t want you to be all weird about her bleeding from her most private of parts.

And the last reason…

Reason #4: She’s a virgin.

It took me a while to realize this was a thing until recently…

Apparently there ARE women in their 20’s who for whatever reason just haven’t had sex yet.

The reason she freezes up when things get too hot and steamy is because doesn’t know what to expect.

She wants her first time to be “special”…

She doesn’t know what she’s doing…

She thinks it’s gonna hurt…

There’s a lot of uncertainty in her mind, and that’s why she freezes up.

It’s sort of like me telling you to jump off of a 50 ft. cliff into water when you’ve never gone cliff diving before.

…you’d probably be scared sh!tless even though you know that you’d be fine.

But this can ALL be boiled down to ONE thing…


She simply needs to be more comfortable with you.

The only reason she’s stopping at the last second is because she’s all up in her own head. She’s not present to the moment.

She’s worried about a ton of different things…

All you have to do is bring her back to the present moment, get her out of her own head, and make her more comfortable with you.

Often times this means just slowing things down a little bit, and then going back in with persistence a little later…

2 steps forward, 1 step back.

It’s how great seductions works, and it’s the best way to guarantee that everyone is happy at the end of the night. 😉

But there is ONE move. The “Money Move” that no girl can resist…

It’s something I go into great detail about in my bonus report “7-Step Seduction

The TRUTH is that regardless of a woman’s beliefs or physical state, she cannot resist a real man.

A man who goes after what he wants.

A man who leads.

A man who is pre-selected

A man who is unaffected by her nonsense. And frankly…

A man who knows when to make the move, and how to do it.

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Hope that helps man.

I know it definitely helped my client who was caught off guard by his Spanish “mouth-attacking” girl.



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