What Other Charisma “Experts” Are AFRAID To Tell You…

Who is the MOST Charismatic person you know?…

Russell Brand?

George Clooney?

Donald Trump?

Patrick James?

I think to even answer this question, we’ve got to first define what Charisma is…

Here’s how the old fart Merriam Webster defines it:

Charisma: (n) a special magnetic charm or appeal.

Here’s how Patrick James defines it in normal people speak:

Charisma: (n) the contagious vibe that brings others up.

What does this mean exactly?

It means that when someone gets the opportunity to be around you for any amount of time…

They leave feeling more energized, positive, and with an overall higher self esteem.

So what does this mean for you?

How do YOU become the most Charismatic version of you?

Well I’m about to tell you something completely controversial that nobody has ever told you.

And in fact, most other Charisma consultants out there would NEVER have the balls to let you know this.

You ARE born with Charisma.

Don’t get it twisted big guy, all of us are born with that magical quality.

Yes, some more than others…

But we’ve all got it.

Think about it, kids are the most Charismatic F*ckers around!

They approach anybody they want.

They touch everything.

They laugh. They cry. They sh!t themselves when the feel like it.

They hold NOTHING back.

And yet, everybody seems to love those things [by “things” I mean kids].

Sh!t, dude. Women spend their whole lives imagining the day when they can finally get one of their own.

Same thing with puppies. Everybody loves puppies.

========Fun Fact=========
If you ever meet someone who claims to be a cat person…
Red flag. Avoid those people at all costs. They have no soul.

So now that we understand this one TRUTH about charisma… Why do most people seem to lose this quality?

It’s simply because as we grow up, we are taught how to “fit in”

We are taught how to be middle-of-the-road employees.

You’ve been told your whole life by parents and teachers “Don’t touch that!”

“Sit down!”

“Think before you speak!”

“Take other people’s feelings into consideration.”

Blah. Blah. Blah.

And because of this, “Charisma” becomes the most elusive trait, reserved only for the leaders who forge their OWN path.

People don’t develop Charisma throughout their lifetime. They struggle to hold ON to it.

And that’s why I’m changing the world right now.

That’s why you’re here with me.

Because we’re a movement of kick-ass dudes, rediscovering our Charisma, and going after whatever it is that we want in life with Courage, Commitment, and Focus.

99% of people will never undertake a mission like this in their lives because they are so satisfied with blending in, and fear improving themselves more than they fear death.

You WILL die. Remember that.

So what the F#$% are you gonna do about it?!

Are you gonna spend your whole life trying to maintain your comfortable spot in the middle?

Or are you gonna spend your life creating a lasting footprint on this earth so that people talk about you, make movies about you, and write books about you LONG after you’re gone?

You know what path I’ve chosen, along with 100,000 other men who are already leading their own Charismatic charge from the front.

So I invite you to join us. Brothers in arms.

Going after whatever it is that we want with Charisma, Courage, and Confidence.

And with that said, let’s deliver some massive value before rolling out of here today.

Got this comment on Youtube yesterday:

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.24.28 PM

Thanks for the badass question dude.

Let’s jump right into it…

The first thing you’ve got to know about being the most Charismatic version of yourself is that people are GOING to follow your lead.

And I don’t just mean your actions, but also your thoughts and feelings.

As the man on top, you’re gonna have the responsibility of defining other people’s self image.

It’s highly F*cked up that you can have that big of an impact on how another person defines themselves, but it’s a great power once you harness it.

And since we’ve already defined Charisma as the contagious vibe that brings others up, you’re gonna now follow the first rule of Charisma:

Charisma Rule #1: Always see others for the best version of who the can be.

Notice how I didn’t say see them for the best version of who they currently are…

I said the best version of who they CAN be.

So for example, if your girlfriend says that she wants to become a fitness guru…

Understand that she’s probably going to have a low self esteem about it. That’s why she’s telling YOU.

So tell her something like “That’s awesome. I’m behind you 100%. I could totally see you having the exact personality type that others will instantly follow. I’m excited for you.”

Or if your roommate tells you that he wants to be a dating coach, tell him “Dude. Badass. I know that in today’s world, there are so many other guys out there who call themselves ‘dating coaches’ but they just all blend in together. And I can already tell that you’re the kind of guy who will instantly stick out. You have the kind of swagger that people latch on to.”

Just a little statement like that is all they need to have the self-esteem to succeed.

And YOU were the cause.

Heck, you don’t even need to verbally say it to them. People will be able to feel your vibe on if you believe in them or not.

They will latch that feeling of inspiration, and excitement on to YOU.

It’s human nature to move towards that which brings us pleasure… So when they think of you and instantly feel more energized, and inspired, don’t you think they’ll want to be around you more?

F*ck yes. Instant Charisma.

Moving on…

The second thing you should understand about Charisma is that laughter is contagious.

Smiles are contagious.

Good emotions are f*cking contagious.

And negativity is a plague that spreads like wildfire.

Knowing this… Which side are you going to choose?

Are you going to become the source of great emotions? Or of negativity?

Well if Charisma is the contagious vibe that brings others up, you better choose the side that makes others feel awesome!

They’ve actually done studies that when a person smiles, they instantly feel more positive and can’t help but smile more.

It’s like a ball of snow rolling down hill… The further down the hill it goes, the bigger it gets, and the faster it starts rolling. It’s physics.

Smiles are just the same.

Charisma Rule #32: Give the gift of smiling and laughing more.

Others will pick up on this, and won’t be able to help but follow your lead.

And once again, when you are the source of these positive emotions…

Instant Charisma.

Disclaimer: Don’t be the dancing monkey that forces laughter and laughs every time he gets the chance.

Here’s the rule of thumb, when you feel like laughing laugh. If you find something funny, laugh. If you are amused, smile. But if you aren’t, don’t.

Don’t be the guy who is only laughing because others are laughing, even when you don’t find something funny.

And finally…

This is quite possibly the most effective way to become the most Charismatic version of you.

However most people will never do this for whatever reason.

But we’re not most people. We only choose the best for ourselves, and we always achieve what we set out to.

So here’s the final piece of advice I’ll give you today…

Charisma Rule #9: Model the best.

Always find people who are better than you, and do your absolute best to immerse your environment with them.

Find a charismatic person, and pick out a few of their eccentricities that you can start doing yourself, immediately.

This is called finding mentors.

You don’t even have to consciously know everything that they are doing, if you just make sure to be around them, then over time all of their little habits will rub off on you without you even knowing.

The reason for this is because every human has something called “mirror neurons” in their brains.

These mirror neurons allow us to feel what other people are feeling, and copy what they are doing.

Meaning that no matter what, you WILL become the average of what you surround yourself with.

So always surround yourself with the BEST at whatever you are trying to do.

The fastest way to become average is to start hanging out with a bunch of other people who are average.

Here’s a start for you…

Check out this video where I broke down a video clip of Will Smith, and everything that he does to be the MOST Charismatic person everywhere he goes:

will smith[click play button to learn Will Smith’s unique brand of Charisma]

Check out that vid, and I’ll catch ya on the flip.


P.S. I’m going to start pumping out more celebrity breakdowns.

If you have any celebrity, or movie/television character that you would like me to breakdown, let me know.

P.P.S. Yes, the rumors are true.

The LIVE and in person Charisma Immersion Weekend is happening again in August.

If you are serious about becoming the most Charismatic version of you, as fast as possible…

Reply to this email and let me know, and I’ll hit you back with your 1-question test.

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