Do This, Or Be A Little B*Tch Full Of Excuses…

Damn dude…

What a day!

I can’t believe that I’m about to admit this, but I actually woke up at 7AM! That’s right 7!

Worked ALL day.

Got some shit done.

Filmed a Youtube vid.

Put some work into my new Project X [coming soon to a macbook pro near you].

And now I’m writing this blog post.

But here’s the thing, on days like today where I wake up and the first thing I do is flip open my macbook pro, and start punching value into the keyboard just hoping that it comes out as immense value to my team… I get WORN.

By 5 PM I was doing my normal routine when my brain can’t actually think straight anymore…

I put on a Brian Tracy lecture on Youtube, and just let my subconscious soak up the wisdom.

[Yes, I too invest time and energy into my personal development. This is why every newsletter I produce is exponentially better than the last.]

At the time, I was just 8 minutes away from the end of the lecture, and my next plan was to PASS TF out. I was dead tired.

I kept telling myself, “I really want to get my workout in today, but I’m so mentally beat. Actually I think I’ve earned a nap.” <– Seriously?!

This is when it happened…

I looked out my window, and by some random twist of fate, this gorgeous woman was walking her dog on the sidewalk right outside.

Normally if I want to find talent like that, I’d have to go VIP in Vegas… But this girl was just right outside.

Not to mention she had a dog, so that already gets her up a notch in my book.

[Which puts her at notch 1. Lol.]

This is when I had a glorious moment of realization, where I noticed something that I trained myself to do LONG ago..

..and this TRICK is probably one of the key drivers to any and all success in my life.

If you have been into personal development for any amount of time, then you know that ACTION is the only way to the riches you seek in life.

Abundance with women..

A buzzing Social life..

Rockstar connections..

Warren Buffet money…

Whatever you want… “Men of Action are favored by the goddess of Good Luck.” <– write that down.

So I realized in THIS moment…

I could either admire this beauty from my desk, and go on to take a nap [not to mention, not even get my workout in]…

Or I could TAKE ACTION, go talk to this girl, and see what happens..

But here is the thing…

Whenever people see the opportunity to do something even slightly outside of their comfort zone, their brain is REALLY good at coming up with a million reasons why they can’t do this thing.

[Actually this reminds me of something that happened to me recently in Las Vegas… But that’s another story. Quit Distracting me!]

So when I realized that I could continue to sit on my ass, or get up and TAKE MORE ACTION… My brain naturally started to tell me why it would be a BAD idea to go out and talk to this intriguing girl.

Quick tangent:

Because I have a Biology degree, I like to relate a lot of these social dynamics concepts back to our genetic, biological, make-up.

Human nature is weird.

If you think about it, we all are TRULY driven to perform any action through 2 key motivators.. Survive and Reproduce.

Makes sense right?

Think about it like this…

If you are at a restaurant, and you have been waiting 45 minutes for your food to come out, and your waiter walks by with a delicious plate full of food, then your eyes are going to be on the plate of food the entire time as the waiter passes by. <– SURVIVAL

Likewise, if you are at the same restaurant, and a Victoria’s Secret model walks by, your eyes are going to at least glance her way. <– REPRODUCTION

The only thing is, we have 1 other motivator that completely conflicts with our instincts to survive and reproduce… and that is In-group/Out-group bias.

This bias alone is responsible for most people’s lack of Action in their lives.

[Lucky for you, you are here on Swagger Social Daily. You are elite. You are different. You do not settle. You know the potential you have for personal greatness.]

Back when we lived in caves, and congregated in tribes, if we were to piss off the wrong person [aka the alpha male, or the leader] then that could mean imminent death for you in the near future.

So when you see a Dime piece walk by…

Your brain starts to rationalize why you should not go and spit some game..

Because if she happens to be the wife of the alpha male, then you could potentially get BANISHED from the pack… at least this is how your subconscious tends to rationalize social situations.

And just knowing this does not make you immune.

I actually started to fall prey to this bias when this cute girl walked by! Excuses started popping up like:

“I have 8 minutes left in this Brian Tracy lecture, am I really considering going to talk to this girl. Aka Deviate from my mission in life?”

“What if she had a boyfriend?”

“She’ll probably already be gone by the time I get out there”

“What if I look like an idiot because I go up and say the wrong thing?”

“What if she is a serial killer, and hates good looking/charming men with HUGE.. ambition?”

THESE are the excuses my brain Instantly started listing off…

Boom. Boom. Boom. Excuse after excuse.

But luckily I am well versed in the art of all things Charisma, and Taking MASSIVE action daily, that I knew the perfect remedy.

Whenever I can tell that I am going into little-excuse-making-b!tch-mode, I do the following:

1. I personify the entity within my conscious that is making these excuses.

2. I detach myself from it and say, “HEY! NO!”

3. Finally, I use reverse psychology on it by asking myself the following question,

“Why are all the excuses that I just heard in my head complete and utter bullshit?”

Remember how we said that our brain is great at coming up with reasons/excuses…

Well when you flip the script on your subconscious by asking it this question, then it starts coming up with reasons why you SHOULD take more action.

That being said, I started to come up with a plethora of reasons why I should go talk to this chick..

But the main one, and the one that got me to get off my ass and put myself into motion was this..

The Biggest Realization I’ve Ever Had –>

The pain of NOT taking action was FAR worse than the satisfaction of sitting on my ass and taking a nap.

So I stood up. Jumped up and down for a few seconds to get the juices flowing, and walked out my door.

Turned out this girl was still right outside, and she actually turned out to be super cool/friendly. A rare combo with 10’s.

Long story short, I got her number, and we went our separate ways.. But here is the thing.

Remember how I mentioned that I was worried about deviating from my plans, my path, my purpose, to talk to one girl that I didn’t even know…

Well after I went and talked to her, my state was now boosted!

Just the simple fact that I chose action over inacton was a small victory for me.

My natural Charisma was now exuding 10x more than it was while watching Brian Tracy, and on the verge of the Phattest of naps.

So after talking to this girl, I didn’t feel tired anymore…

I actually had the energy to go to the gym now… Something that I wouldn’t have done if I chose to sit on my ass and fall asleep.

Yet another example of why ACTION far outweighs inaction. No contest.

So in a way, slightly deviating from the path I was on actually shined light onto a better path for the rest of the day.

After my workout, I actually met up with 2 of my girls, and great times ensued…

Who knows if I would have felt like doing that had I chosen sleep over action.

Luckily WE’RE on the Swagger Social Tribe and we know better than that.

Remember this: Small Victories Build Momentum.

So how are YOU going to take massive action today?

How are YOU gonna take MORE action than the other guy who wants exactly what you want?

How are YOU going to win today, and for the rest of your life?

Great questions –> Great answers –> MASSIVE action –> …well I’ll leave this one as a surprise 😎



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