The ONLY Way To Respond When She Asks “How Old Are You?…”

Yo dude!

I’ve got to ask… How much action have YOU been taking lately??

From my point of view it looks like a metric PHUCK ton!

Your eye contact is better. Your walk has more swagger. And a little birdie told me that you’ve been attracting women like a pussy magnet.

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I was speaking with one of my clients the other day (who pays me 4 figures a month JUST for environmental exposure in hopes that my unique brand of charisma might rub off on him — it does)… And we were talking about an interesting topic…

It has to do with the fact that when you go out and start approaching strangers, you’re gonna have the same conversations over, and Over, and OVER again.

I can’t even tell you how many “cold approaches” I’ve done.

But I CAN tell you that I’ve had the SAME boring a$$ conversations almost every time.

Think about it, as a society, we’ve been trained to ask people the same questions every time we first meet them:

“Where are you from?” and “What do you do?”

And if a woman is really attracted to you, I guarantee your getting asked “How old are you?”

Trust me. If you constantly have women asking you “How old are you?” then you are in a GOOD place.

It means she’s attracted to you.

Questions like that are what I like to call BUYING Questions.

It implies that she’s on the market, and you are the new shiny car that she’s considering…

AKA She’s attracted to you brotha!

It’s just like if you went shopping for a new computer…

You wouldn’t be asking about how much memory that computer had unless you were interested in buying it.

So with that said, wouldn’t it make sense to have some MONEY lines as responses to these common questions?

Over the last few years, being the guy with the “Perfect” thing to say has been something that I’ve become famous for…

And I’ll tell you what… The FIRST question I made sure to have the “perfect” response tucked away in my back pocket was my answer to that age old buying question, “How old are you, anyways?”

In my 3+ years experience as a world renowned Charisma and Dating coach, I’ve found the 3 perfect responses to this exact question.

Are you ready?

Here we go…

Imagine that you’re in a bar, and you’ve been talking to some chick…

She’s hooked, and is giggling at everything you say… Then her logical brain kicks in, and she starts trying to test you.

Her go-to, yet highly amateur way of throwing a mini sh!t test at you is cutting the convo and going “How old are you?”

You can tell by the way she’s making eye contact with you, that she’s waiting for a chink in the armor to appear…

And the second it does, she’s gonna conclude that you’re just like all the other mediocre men out there, and all her attraction will go out the window…

Yet, because you’re a card carrying member of the Swagger Social Tribe, this chick has no clue that your the most charming a$$hole she’s ever met…

So you’re gonna pause… Look her deep in the eyes with bravado…

And nonchalantly drop one of these 3 MONEY responses, without skipping a beat.

Response #1: The Porcupine

Quick question…

If you and I were sitting across the table from each other, and I randomly threw a porcupine into your lap… What would you do?

If you’re like 100% of people out there, you’d probably throw it right back at me!

That’s what this response is gonna do to her…

So when she asks, “How Old Are You?”

Your gonna volley the ball right back into her side of the court by saying…


WITHOUT skipping a beat.

That’s one of the keys to appearing witty — having the money response without having to think for too long about what to say.

So right when you hear her say this, just say “Guess?”

If she’s wrong about her guess, you tease her for it.

Usually I’ll say something like… “Are you serious?! It’s the beard isn’t it. God, you’re so judgmental.”

Or if she’s right, I’ll say… “Wow! You’re good. How did you know that, and how long have you been stalking me?”


Response #2: The Superbad

This is a straight swipe from one of my favorite movies of all time — Superbad.

…which side note, if you don’t already do this, a great way to become more witty is to start stealing lines from movies with witty characters.

Think about it…

Movies are written by professionals, in order to get a positive response from the audience… So start using these to your advantage!

When she asks you “How old are you?”

Instantly say, “Old enough.”

9 times out of 10, she’ll respond by saying…

“Old enough for what?!”

To which you instantly respond by saying “To party.”

And then stare her deep in the eyes with that dominant/relaxed eye contact, and sly smile.

Her vagina will start to melt right before your eyes.

And finally…

Response #3: The Macdaddy

This is BY FAR my favorite response to her question of “How Old Are You?”

When she drops that question in your lap, you take that test, and don’t let it phase you one bit.

It’s like her trying to throw a pebble at your brick wall of a frame.

…and what is your frame exactly?

Your FRAME is that you are a super charming motherf*cker who doesn’t NEED her approval.

Like you’re the George Clooney of George Clooney’s…

So how do you do this?

By actually telling her your age, dude!

When she asks you that question, have your awesome eye contact, sly smile, and WITHOUT skipping a beat just say “26.” (which is actually how old I am, btw…)

Boom. Done.

How much more NON-needy can you get?!

When you are confident enough in yourself to say your actual age and not give a sh!t, then her attraction for you will shoot through the roof!

Yes, that’s how this works.

The reason this is BY FAR the best way to answer this question is because she is always following your lead.

And if you are the type of guy who needs a witty response to a simple question, then that implies to her that you don’t feel like you are enough just the way you are.

…and you ARE enough.

The hottest women in the world have already heard every witty response out there.

They’ve SEEN the best game in the world.

But they rarely come across a super attractive and charismatic male like yourself…So embrace it!

There are only 3 ways she can respond to The Macdaddy:

A. She’ll feel insecure about her age because now she knows you’re a high status male.

She’ll start to think that she’s either too young, or too old for YOU.

That’s good, because now YOU hold the power.

Just respond by being a chill, cool, and normal dude. If you tease this type of girl too much, you’ll blow the fuse.

B. She’ll try to tease you about your age.

And just like the first response, this is just her way of coping with the feeling of not being good enough for you.

She sees you as above her, and now she has to try and knock you down a few pegs by teasing you, just to bring you down to her level. Also good.

Get her to start chasing you harder by invalidating her insecurity with less of your attention. She’ll be following you around all night.


C. She’ll be an awesome individual, and will carry on the conversation like a normal f*cking person.

She’ll probably say “Oh, sweet.” and then move on with the conversation…

This is because she doesn’t feel the need to prove herself to you. She’s not insecure.

This conversation is just a unique connection between two highly evolved people, and you can continue being the charismatic and charming version of you.

These women are diamonds in the rough, and when you find them, go ahead and enjoy their presence…

After all, these are the types of people you actually WANT to be around…

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