Can Charisma Give You Mind Control Powers?

Yo dude!

So I’ve got a confession…

I gave in to the dark side.

Due to popular demand, I finally decided to mic myself up last weekend and go out on the town of Scottsdale, AZ.

It’s something I never thought I’d do, but I honestly felt like if I was truly going to deliver the most value that I possibly could…

Then I had to show exactly how things were done around here with some live audio.

My TOP 3 Lessons From Saturday Night…

Now let’s get this straight… My Saturday night was awesome. It was genuinely a night full of sexual debauchery…

And as I had my assistant go through all of the audio from that night, 3 big things became very clear:

1. Ya boi has tight verbal game. The wittiest of the witty.

(But are you really surprised?)

And in fact YOU already have this ability as well.

The free report that I require any new member of the Swagger Social Tribe to go through is filled with my top 10 witty lines of all time.

Use them shamelessly. I sure do.

2. Other than a few witty lines, there wasn’t much verbal value to get from the audio.

All of my results come from the NON-verbals being on point.

Which reminds me…

My next product will likely be all about the Nonverbals of a Charismatic badass.


3. The words I said didn’t truly matter.

You’ve heard me say this time and time again…

It’s not the WORDS you say, it’s the ENERGY you convey.

Dude, the most charismatic men around, who sleep with the hottest women, and have the best social circles, are RARELY the most articulate and clever people you’ll meet…

They just have the best energy.

Especially in a loud nightclub where nobody can hear each other anyways…

Here’s the definition of Charisma that you won’t find anywhere else:

Charisma – The contagious vibe that brings others up.

This is the essence of “The LAW of State Transference”

Oh you’ve never heard of the law of state transference?

Well let me enlighten you…

This law simply states that whatever state you are feeling, the OTHER person will also feel.

So in theory…

Everybody has a contagious vibe, but the Charismatic person is the ONE motherf*cker who is bringing others UP with his energy.

Trust me I’ve done EVERY kind of “opener” to women… Direct. Indirect. Sexual. Opinion. Random Question. Disqualification. Giving her the “Come Here” motion from accross the room…

And there is ONE thing that I’ve found out. None of it matters. All that matters is how YOU feel when you do it.

Do this exercise from today on…

From now on, when you want someone else to FEEL something… Start feeling it yourself, first.

You could be at the grocery store talking to some random girl about where the produce section is…

However if you were talking to her, and you were nervous… She would feel nervous too.

If you were talking to her, and you were extremely turned on… (assuming you weren’t being creepy) She would feel turned on too.

…And knowing this, I want you to start purposefully feeling super confident, and knowing that things will always work out in your favor.

If it helps, go into every interaction with the frame of “My life is awesome. I love this moment. And this person has no clue what sort of positive and charming asshole they’ve just met.

If you go into every conversation and interaction with that exact frame, a sly smile on your face, and the intention to do nothing but give value and good emotions…

You’ll start to realize that people just react differently to you…

Parties start to revolve around you.

Women will start to remember you.

Dudes will start to hit you up to hang out.

Your boss will start to treat you differently, and favor you.

And before you know it, CHARISMA becomes your default.

Remember this: You attract what you exude.

Whatever vibes you give off to the world, and the people around you, they’ll mirror it right back.

That’s why I always keep the Charisma Mindset handy. It’s my best friend.

Peace out, brotha!


P.S. Let me know if you’d be interested in hearing a complete breakdown of all my conversations that I have in my nights out on the town.

If the demand for this is still as high as it’s been in the past, then I may just make those recordings available to Swagger Social VIP (and not just to my private clients)