The Secret “Charisma Power” That You NEED To Use Today

Yo, I’m about to tell you a secret about becoming the most Charismatic version of yourself…

But first…

I want to give a big CONGRATS to all my dudes who made it inside of the First Date Stud 2.0 Private Member’s area before the doors SHUT with a vengeance…

I’ve had several guys message in trying to grab a last second spot, and be denied.

For instance:

“I was swamped with work but I found some time to watch that video (which was great) and I tried purchasing it through my phone, but for some reason there was no option to buy it…”

What’s that old saying?…

The early bird gets the worm, home-slice!

You see, deadlines are the REAL DEAL here on the Official Swagger Social Tribe.

Better luck next time.

For those who actually made it in there before the time was up…

You should consider yourself a truly elite man.

A charismatic devil.

And soon to be First Date Stud.

I can’t wait for that to happen.

And by all means send me the story of all the crazy shenanigans that start to go down… Because those are sure to come, my friend.

For those who didn’t get the chance to grab their spot on the inside yet…

Don’t fret.

You’re still part of this isolated group of charismatic dudes, charging down their chosen paths, with Courage, Conviction, and a Closer’s Mentality.

Speaking of “Isolation”….

It’s the one secret power that you need to work on DAILY.

Isolation –> Attention –> Magnetic Charisma

If you can cultivate the secret power of “Isolation” then you will have the ability to control Attention.

And if there’s one thing that Charismatic people know how to do… It’s strategically manipulating the flow of attention.

Whether it’s the attention of everybody around him when he enters the room…

Or if it’s the attention of the girl he’s talking to at the crowded bar…

Wherever that attention goes will determine the result that follows.

And the most Charismatic version of yourself is not only going to be a master at controlling the attention of others, but also of where he directs his own attention…

Yet, there are always going to be VAMPIRES.

Here’s what I mean…

In your life, you’re gonna have vampires.

Yes dude. VAMPIRES.

Time vampires.

Energy vampires.

Success vampires.

Cock blocking vampires.

They’re Everywhere!

And they don’t stay away from just any old average joe with charming wit, and garlic hanging over his door…

In fact they’re MORE attracted to ambitious men.

Charismatic men.

Swag filled gents. Sort of like yourself…

They come in many forms…

That ever changing Facebook notification that instantly grabs your attention…

That roommate knocking on your door when you’re trying to deliver massive value to the world…

The fat female-friend who gets super bitchy and steals your girl away from you at the club…

The negative person at work who only wants to talk about how shitty his life is because he’s not on the Swagger Social Tribe…

The family and friends who try to make you feel bad for improving yourself, and making your footprint on the world.

The BEST thing is…

The closer to the TOP you get, the more vicious these vampires become.

Do NOT let these vampires STEAL your attention.

You can almost feel the vampire sinking it’s giant teeth into your neck as it comes knocking on your door to “chat for a sec”…

That’s why you MUST learn the secret power of Isolation.

If they steal your energy… Cut ’em out.

If they steal your time… Find a secret place to isolate yourself, where you cannot be interrupted, and at a time you know they won’t interrupt you.

And if you’re charming the pants off of some chick at a bar tonight, by ALL means…

Isolate your and her away from all those blood-sucking PUA’s out there.

Which brings me perfectly into some actionable sh!t you can use tonight…

Got this question on Facebook today:

Screen Shot 2016-06-17 at 7.27.44 PM

Bro… Isolate. Lead. Isolate. Lead. Isolate. Lead.

The only two words you ever really need to know if you’re hooking up with girls you meet while in a social environment.

If a guy comes up and tries to pry in on your conversation…

He is a VAMPIRE, and should be repremanded as such.

Here’s what you do:

Ignore him.

And be interesting enough to hold her attention over him.

He shouldn’t even be “High Value” enough to enter your reality.

Also… Do a better job of isolating.

I’m gonna sum up exactly how to do this in 2 easy steps:

1. When you arrive, look for quiet places AWAY from the huge crowd of people where you can sit and talk.

Maybe it’s on a ledge outside.

Maybe it’s a couch tucked away in the back of the bar.

Either way… Spot this place out before you even start the night.

2. When you can tell that a girl and you are vibing…

Say this: “It’s too loud in here. Come with me…”

As you grab her hand and LEAD her to your predetermined spot.

Now what if a vampire STILL finds you…

…in the dead of the night, and tries to suck away at some validation?

If she starts giving him more attention, subtly start pointing your feet away.

It works wonders.

Reward with good body language. Punish with negative body language.


Alright, mighty gent.

Go out there and crush it, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Let me know how tonight goes for ya.


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P.P.S. You’re awesome.