The #1 Social HACK that gets you LAID…

YO! Happy Friday.

Gonna make this a quick one today.

Because truthfully, “length of interaction” doesn’t really matter as much as this word:


It’s the one trait that can make two complete strangers feel like they’ve known each other for years, without ever saying a single word to each other.

It’s why you’re my boi…

And it’s why I’ve always got your back. 😉


Not too long ago, I wanted to test out the effects of familiarity on sexual attraction. Here’s what happened…

There is a tiny little smoke shop smack dab in the middle of the bar/club scene, here in Scottsdale, AZ, and the cutest little girl is always working after the bars shut down on Friday + Saturday.

For the purposes of this story, let’s call her “Density”

So one night, I decided to go in and say hi.

I didn’t buy anything…

Just popped in, introduced myself, playfully teased her a little bit, and then said “Btw, I’m Patrick. You better remember my name the next time I come in.” *sly smile*

That was one Saturday night.

Exactly one week later…

I popped in, and said “Hey Density… Do you remember my name?”

Her eyes instantly lit up as she instantly remembered the gorgeous face of yours truly.

…unfortunately she did not remember my name. So I said, “Gosh, I’m so disappointed in you Density.”

She goes, “Well maybe I’d remember your name if you actually bought something.”

[Clever…But she has no clue who she’s dealing with]

So I replied, “Maybe I’d buy something if you had better customer service…I’ll give you one more chance. My name is Patrick. Don’t disappoint me next week.” *sly smile, as I walk out the door*

We go through this same routine about 3 more times, over the next 3 weeks. Until…

Finally on the 6th time I step in there, she instantly blurts out “Patrick! Your name is Patrick.”

So I reward her by buying something finally.

The best part: She wouldn’t let me leave that time without giving her my number.

So I did. And 2 days later, she drove over to my place at 4 AM just to receive the gift of Patrick James.


Hmmm…. After this I thought:

“This girl wanted to bang me simply because I saw her for ~1 min at a time, 6 weeks in a row…”


Just to prove that it wasn’t a fluke, I started trying it again…

I was friends with a few girls on Facebook who I had planned to meet up with before, but for whatever reason they flaked on me…

So I started tagging them in a funny video whenever one popped up on my news feed.

Over the course of ~1 week, they started messaging me, and asking how I was doing!

Long story short…

Bang. Bang. Bang.

They all went through my bedroom one by one.


Moral of the story…

We like, and feel comfortable with, people places and things that we see often.

If you know you are gonna see a girl again, don’t be bummed if the magic doesn’t happen the very first time.

Just use the timely Familiarity drop-ins to build that attraction and comfort…

And watch as your dating life skyrockets. 😎

Use this secret to your advantage.

Use this with caution.

But most importantly… Use it shamelessly.


P.S. Don’t limit this law of human nature to only your dating life.

I’ve use this exact principle to gain high status friends…

Get once-in-a-lifetime opportunities…

And bang some of the most unattainable women.

For example, tonight I’m throwing a party in Scottsdale, and I’ve got a millionaire dating coach hitting me up asking about the plans…

How do you think I met and became friends with him?…