NEVER do this 1 attraction mistake…

What is YOUR comfort zone?

I’m gonna ask you a legit question, and I want you to be 100% honest with yourself…

Are you satisfied with your dating/business/social life right now?

Like truly, are you satisfied?

Because if you ARE, then you are living in your comfort zone.

If you AREN’T then you are lightyears ahead of all the people who fit into the first category because you realize that you can always be doing better…

What’s that old phrase, “the first stage is denial” or something like that?…

The fact of the matter is that most people in today’s world are constantly working towards a goal that is 1. Socially acceptable, 2. Safe, and 3. Allows them to “coast” when they get there.

**insert noise of my wanting to puke at the very thought**

First off, society is retarded.

You should NEVER be setting your goals based on what is “socially acceptable”

“If you ever find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to stop and reflect…” -Mark Twain

Do you think Martin Luther King Jr. set socially acceptable goals, for the time?

Do you think Steve Jobs set a socially acceptable goal when he wanted to completely revolutionize the way we communicate with each other?

Do you think TRUMP is setting a socially acceptable goal by becoming the least “politically correct” US president ever?

The simple fact is, if you are going by what is “socially acceptable” then you are destined to be “average” for the rest of your life.

Check out this definition for “average” that I just found:

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 1.39.30 PM

[**hold up, let me go puke real quick**]

Do you REALLY want to be “typical”, “common”, or “ordinary”?!

Or do you want to be the kind of person who is spoken about for decades after you are gone?

If you didn’t notice, not even good ol’ Merriam-Webster could talk highly of the “average” person…

“the average secretary couldn’t…”

“his grades were nothing special…”

Here’s a new goal for you: NEVER be average.

Secondly, “safe” is stupid.

Why in the world would you EVER want to feel “safe”?

You know who else wants to be “safe”?

Average people.


The 60-year old truck driver who is less mature than the 21 year old college student, and still jerks off to Kim K sex tapes…

Like seriously, if your goal is “safe”, then you will never be “safe”.

I’ll give you an example…

My mother is a wonderful woman. She would do anything for her family. HOWEVER….

Her goal in life was to be “safe.”

She found a job as an accountant.

She worked the same job for 25 years.

She never moved up, and never sought promotion.

Safe is a MYTH.


Because she was “safe”… She was able to pay her bills…

She was able to buy steak dinners from time to time…

She could take a vacation ~1x/year…

Everything was great, until it wasn’t…

After 25 years of staying in the exact same spot, her company decided that they were gonna start laying people off, and guess who was no longer safe…

Yep, you guessed it.. Laid off, without a second thought.

Now this woman who got really good at being “safe” was no longer safe. And finally…

Why on earth would you ever choose to just “coast”?!

Just like society is retarded…

Just like safe is stupid…

“Coasting” is not possible.

Picture this, you are on the freeway, and you accelerate your car up to 80 MPH…

Then you take your foot off of the gas pedal, and start “coasting”…

What happens?

You start slowing down.

People start passing you.

Eventually you stop moving.

And then you’re stuck sitting there, and looking like a fool in the middle of the road.

That is UNLESS you started pressing on the gas again, so you can keep moving forward.

The fact of the matter is, coasting is impossible.

At some point you will have to put your foot on the gas pedal again just to keep up!

So why not just KEEP your foot on the gas and pass everybody up in the first place?

Your gonna be pressing on the gas anyways, so just keep it up.

Never coast.

Which brings me to the point of this exact email today…

Yesterday I got really great question sent to my inbox from an ambitious dude named Jon.

Here’s what Jon said:

===========VIP Man Of Action Q+A=============
“How do I make socializing and flirting with girls a habit?

Also, in terms of places that I go to on a daily basis, I’m a 19 year old that goes to community college (may or may not transfer this fall to university), goes to the gym and goes home to focus on my path which is art and graphic design. Lately I’ve been distracted from my path because I realize that being a lone man sucks more and more everyday, so I gotta do something about it.

You probably get a TON of questions like this, so I’ll let you do the talking now if you respond to this.



Great question, Jon.

You know the great thing about asking questions?

They get answered. 🙂

Yes, you are right, I get a ton of questions sent to me via email, facebook, text, skype, etc.

[People are always trying to get to me any way they possibly can nowwa days. #SwaggerSocialProbs]

Here’s how you make “socializing and flirting” a habit:

You push your comfort zone DAILY.

Right now it’s not a habit for you because it’s something you don’t feel comfortable doing…

If you were 100% comfortable doing it, you would do it by habit.

Make sense?

I’ll give you a quote that one of my early mentors first told me… “To become the man you want to be, you’ve got to temporarily become NOT you.”

So right now you may not be the kind of man who is constantly “socializing and flirting” with women, BUT if you want to be that guy, you’ve got to start acting like him.

Here’s my prescription for you…

The next time you don’t feel social, or that hint of uncomfortability comes up… Ask yourself this…

“Maybe I’m not the social/flirty guy that I want to be, but if I was that guy, what would I be doing right now?…

That is the Money question right there.

Like I said, when you ask great questions, they WILL get answered.

And when you ask yourself that question, you will already know the answer.

I guarantee that the answer will probably be out of your comfort zone, HOWEVER…

To become the guy you want to be, you’ve got to temporarily become not you.

And that fact should excite the HELL out of you because like we said earlier today… 99% of men want to be “safe”, “socially acceptable”, and “coast”…

So when you take the actions that your best self would, then you put yourself into the 1% of men. The Action Takers.

That trait alone makes you extremely Charismatic + Attractive.

Remember, it’s not supposed to be easy.

If it was, then everybody would be getting the things they truly want in life.

But it’s not easy so what are you gonna do about it?

On that note, I’m gonna get out of here…

I’ve got a path to dominate.

A comfort zone to obliterate.

And some women to fornicate.



P.S. We’ve been getting a ton of emails expressing massive interest in my 1st ever Charisma Immersion Weekend in Miami this May 13-14.

That said, I only want the best men, who are truly gonna take action and grow the most from it.

So if are one of the FEW who haven’t already emailed in, then what the fuck?!

Lol. Jk.

But really, stop playing it safe on the sidelines, and make your voice heard.

Email me at and tell me how awesome it would be to become the most Charismatic and Attractive version of yourself, and we’ll talk more. 🙂