How To Get Her BEGGING For Your Phone Number…

Happy Friday homie.

I’ve got a BUSY week ahead of me, what about you?

Of course you do, you’re a man who’s living to his full potential every day, and absolutely crushing it. I respect that.

I’m gonna make this a quick one today…

In this email I’m gonna show you the ABSOLUTE best way that I’ve found to literally have girls begging to give her number to you.

She’ll be desperate to force her number into your phone.

It’s interesting because this idea originated from something I heard about a famous millionaire, and I tried it not thinking that it would be as powerful as it is.

But before we get there…

Do you know what the most motivating power in the world is?…

The answer is simple… Scarcity.

Tattoo this phrase to the inside of your skull:

“We always want what we can’t have. ALWAYS.”

When something is in short supply, or blatantly not available, our desire for that one thing shoots through the roof.

And this especially works on hot girls.

So here’s the thing that I heard about a specific self-made millionaire…

I heard that this guy only has 10 contacts in his phone.

He literally refuses to save more than 10 numbers in his phone at any time…

The first phone # is his mom [obviously] and the other 9 are anybody in his life that he deems valuable enough to save their number…

And here’s the catch…

He makes it VERY obvious who is in his top 10.

If you make it into his 10 saved contacts then he tells you straight up, “Congrats, you’re in the top 10.”

And every single day, first thing in the morning, he sends his top 10 a motivational quote to start their day.

However, if you fall out of the top 10, then he tells you straight up, “Sorry, you’re no longer in the Top 10.”

And because you always know that you could be kicked out, then subconsciously you’re always doing things for him to keep your spot…

If you ever get that text that you’ve fallen out, it’s like the most painful feeling you’ll get all week. You literally feel like you’ve been kicked out of an exclusive club.

I personally know this guy [unfortunately I’m not in his top 10, nor did I even know about this until my buddy told me about it last week] and I know he doesn’t do this to be a dick-head — he simply likes to live a simple life, with not much technology.

However, I thought this idea was FUCKING genius. Not only because it makes your 10 best friends feel like they always have to be offering value to you, but because it drives women WILD when you refuse to take their phone number. 😎

Let me give you an example…

I heard this story about the self-made millionaire on Saturday afternoon… So that night when I went out to a bar, I decided to play around with it…

For most of the night I was dancing with/making out with one girl that I met that night. She was ridiculously beautiful, and happens to be the top designer for the clothing company Asics… But anyways, at the end of the night her friends kept trying to pull her away so they could go home.

So she says to me, “Hey, I’ve got to go. Let me give you my phone number.”

Now here’s what most dudes would do in this situation… They’d get excited and take her phone number. That’s the mediocre way.

If there’s one thing you’ve got to know about girls and their phone numbers it’s this… Hot girls give out their phone numbers all the time! However they only ever meet up with the guys who stick out in their mind.

So unless you’re interaction was very solid, you’ll likely never see her again…

Knowing this, and always acting to amuse myself anyways, I immediately said, “I can’t take your number.”

She goes “Why?!”

I said, “Because you’re not in the top 10.”

Her: “What?”

Me: “I only keep 10 contacts in my phone at any given time, and you haven’t earned your spot yet.”

Her: “But I’ve really got to go right now! Let’s meet later.”

I held my frame strong.

It’s at this moment, that she literally goes nuts!

When a girl REALLY wants to hang out with you, then she will go to the ends of the earth just to do so, and what she did next is a prime example…

She literally wrestled her hands into my pocket, ripped out my phone, and asked me to unlock it…

I refused.

That’s when she whipped out her phone, made a note on it, and took a picture of her number with my phone…


[Is it more stubborn for me to not take her number, or for her to refuse to leave
me without somehow shoving her # into my phone?…]

She literally MacGyver-ed her number into my phone. Now that’s ambition.

Unfortunate for her, I really was leaving in the morning, but that just goes to show the extreme power of scarcity.

I thought this was interesting, and I didn’t want to go home alone this night…

So I grabbed a buddy of mine and we immediately found a few more girls right after this phone number fiasco, and we got them back to our place for an “afterparty”

I won’t go into details about what happened from there… 😉

But I will say this…

At the end of the night/morning… This 2nd girl really wanted to give me her phone number, and I refused.

I gave her the exact same spiel that I gave the first girl, about my Top 10 and how she hasn’t earned it yet…

Same. Reaction.

She went nuts.

“What?! Why can’t you take my number?”

I held that frame strong…

And because I was leaving the next day, I had zero intention of giving her my number…

So that morning when I kicked her out, I enlightened her efforts by letting her follow me on SnapChat…

And on her ride home she SnapChatted me her phone number…

I didn’t screenshot, or I’d show you.

[Btw, add me on SnapChat right now…]


[Just take a picture of my face with your camera in the SnapChat app]

But I did make a mental note about this interesting observation…

Most guys try so hard to GET the girls number.

However the second I turn the tides, and refuse to take their number, and tell her that I only let the Top 10 people into my contacts…

They not only work hard as f*ck to try to get there, but when you hold strong, and say “Sorry I just met you tonight, you’ll have to blow my mind somehow to get in there.”

She’ll feel the challenge, try really hard to work for YOUR approval, and then literally invent ways to get her number in your phone.


In fact, I could have charged hundreds of dollars for that one tip alone..

But since you’re a VIP on the Social Swagger Tribe, you get it for free.

It pays to be on the inside. 🙂

See ya tomorrow home-slice.


P.S. Dude, forrizzle.. When I realized how powerful it was to tell girls you can’t take their number because you only have your Top 10 contacts, my mind was blown.

Like this chick literally MacGyvered a new way of forcing her number into my phone when I did it.

Now that’s ambition.

P.P.S. My birthday is coming up on Saturday… Any ideas for what I should do?

P.P.P.S. I’m thinking I might clue you in on how you can train your Charisma/Dating skills with me in person… However, I’m not sure yet 😎