How To Approach ANY Girl, ANY Time…

“Hey man,

Dropping in because I just wanted to say, you are looking damn good today.

Like really, I normally don’t stop people in the middle of the day like this, but I saw you and just couldn’t resist.

Hi my name is Patrick…”

See what I just did there?

How badass would it be if someone stopped you while you were out just to tell you that?

I often get questions like “How do I approach this girl?”

Or concerns like “Man I keep starting conversations with people while I’m out, and it hardly ever goes as well as I want. Normally the girl tells me she has a boyfriend.”

And other B.S. like that…

Now I want you to go back and re-read the first few lines of this email… Was there any hint of me wanting ANYthing from you?

What was the motivation behind starting that convo?

You see, the main reason most guys fail at starting conversations with strangers, and especially with women, while they’re out is because they want something from that one person…

Here’s a novel idea…. What if you legitimately wanted to start a conversation with someone because you truly just wanted to offer value, and you were feeling social in the moment?

Even if you weren’t feeling that social, you could still be offering value.

One amazing question I got a while ago is “Why does a certain line or technique for building ‘attraction’ work sometimes, and not work other times?…”

I love that question because the answer seems so obvious to me.

A “tactic” stops working the second it becomes a “tactic”.

Make sense?

For instance, right now I’m sitting in this coffee shop, and surrounded by beautiful women…

Earlier I started a conversation with a girl because I was writing an email, and couldn’t decide on what word choice I wanted to use in my email…

I was trying to come up with a word that meant “a lot”… However the words “cornucopia”, and “a plethora” seemed too formal for me to use… The only word that felt right to me at the time was “mollywamp”

I don’t even know if “mollywamp” is a real word!

So I turned to the hot girl who was at the table next to me and straight up asked…

“Have you ever heard of the word ‘mollywamp’?”

It was a legit question that I was curious about.

And because it was:
1. an authentic question that I was actually curious about…
2. something unique to that moment, and…
3. not a pre-planned ‘game tactic’…

It worked like a charm.

In fact, that one question started a very interesting 20-min conversation…

The conversation went something like:

–> “Mollywamp question”
–> Her face lit up
–> “I’m asking because I’m writing this email and…”
–> She asked what I did for a living
–> I told her I teach men how to be more charismatic
–> She thought it was super interesting, and knows tons of guys who could use that skill
–> We talked more about my biz, and how I got started
–> We talked about her dreams and aspirations
–> We talked about yoga
–> We talked about funky words like “mollywamp”
–> We talked about god knows what….

And then when she realized how attracted she was to yours truly, she had to go because she was married and didn’t want to be tempted into making any bad life choices.

[Notice… did she really have to leave because she was THAT attracted to me? Possibly. All I know is one of the last things she told me was that she was married, right before she left the coffee shop.

But notice how because I wanted nothing from the conversation in the first place… Framing her as someone who was clearly attracted to me after the most interesting 20-min convo about the word “mollywamp” was super easy and natural…

This comes from my famous magnetic attraction formula = Self-amusing + Positive Assumtions.]

In fact, I wish I had a camera with me right now because I’m about to do this again…

The chick next to me at this table just got a glorious smelling salad, and it’s totally distracting me from writing this email.

Hold up………………………

Ok, I’m back now.

All I did was turn to her and said, “I hate you, your salad smells so damn good that it’s making me hungry, and I can’t concentrate on anything right now.”

She blushed.

She said something like “OMG, it’s so good. You should totally get one!”

We chatted for a few minutes about delicious salads.

And then I told her, “Ok, I’ve got to get back on track. I’m writing a super important email to my tribe. 😎”

Then I came back here.

It’s really THAT simple.

Here’s the thing… It’s day time..

People are thinking about work, school, what they’re gonna eat for dinner, etc.

Simply put, people are BORED man.

That’s why when you go up to them to start an interesting conversation about something completely random, and unique to the moment, then you stick out.

If you genuinely want nothing than to spread good vibes & good times, then being a Charismatic and Attractive man comes naturally.

Just ask one of my all star clients who emailed me this last night:

=========VIP Client Feedback===========
“What’s up Patrick!

So i’ve got a question for you man.

Background Story:

Around 11:30 AM this morning I was at my college campus’s computer lab printing out some stuff. A fit tanned girl in yoga pants a sits by me instead of the any other seat (Took it as a sign of interest), but I kept focused on my work for the next 5 min or so.
Broke the ice with an opener about the environment. Her body turned to me after a few seconds so I knew it was going well. Made a few teasing remarks on how she’s wearing gym clothes. I then asked for her name, and continued the convo without sharing mine.

-Anyways, long story short after about 90 seconds, my questions were all screening questions. I didn’t want it to sound like an interview so made the questions more original like “Oh you’re considering majoring in biology? Well what have you always wanted to be since you were a little girl, besides a princess?” It would make her laugh and the she asked for my name.

I then related to something she stated earlier about being on campus a lot with finals and working out on campus too, so I used that as a reason to get her # “since I was going to be on campus preparing for exams”.

I continued the conversation a bit more, and as I was mentally preparing to leave, then the supervisor of the computer lab “asked me to leave” m for speaking loudly in the lab in a way the whole place was hearing my conversation for the past few minutes haha. (I was congested so my throat, nose, and ears were senseless).

Now that I have her number, I’m not too if I should text her spontaneously whenever I want to meet up on campus, or build rapport via text and escalate the convo to meeting up. What are your thoughts on ways of getting to meet someone up casually, and where?


P.S. The action-steps have been drastically improving my way of being. The resulting momentum lasts a few days, then turns into a badass a week filled with good emotions, free-flowing conversations, and abundance.

Dude, JS… That email has me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

I LOVE that you’ve been taking some Massive F-cking Action, bro.

It’s no surprise that you’re getting hot yoga girls to shove their numbers into your phone. They always have to just come along and distract us with those damned yoga pants, huh?

With regards to your question about texting…

Just send her this text:

“(Insert her name) this is JS. The (insert fun descriptor of you) that you (insert some phrase that implies she was hitting on you). Hope ur day was as dashing as you are :)”

Boom! That simple.

Here’s an example of the same text I used for myself recently:


Your girl will then reply with some sort of fun reaction.

Wait a few minutes. Prolly at least as long, or 1.5x as long at it took her to reply, and say “I’ll be around (insert place) at (insert time). You should come and keep me company. It’ll be sure to have some intense convo and not at all romantic adventures.”

Or a fun text like that, that shoots for the Meetup.

I wouldn’t try to build too much rapport over text. Texting is purely for meeting her in person.

Speaking of texting…


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Just take a look back to what JS said…

Recap to what JS said ====> “P.S. The action-steps have been drastically improving my way of being. The resulting momentum lasts a few days, then turns into a badass a week filled with good emotions, free-flowing conversations, and abundance.”

And he gets that effect from just one 45-min call with me!

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