NEVER do these 3 things on a Date…

Happy Sunday my man!

So funny story.

I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Las Vegas, and boy has it been a crazy weekend.

Lots of girls. Lots of booze. Lots of loud music. Meetings with several coaching clients, and 2 first dates… All in one weekend.

When I met with a couple of my 10K coaching clients, we discussed how their dates are going, and I completely broke down everything about them…

What happened, why it happened, the psychology that made the girls react to them they way they did, what they did good, and what they can do better…

And after these intensive immersion meetings, I found 3 BIG mistakes that were being made on all of these dates, and it was killing their results…

Here are the 3 things because I don’t want you to ever make these mistakes on ANY date, or else you run the risk of completely F*cking it up, and making the girl lose all interest.

Before I tell them to you though, I want you to promise me that you will commit to never making these mistakes… Cool?

Nod your head and say “Yes Patrick, I will never
make these dating mistakes.”

Ok, let’s begin:

First Date Mistake #1: Sitting side-by-side with her at the bar/restaurant/booth/etc.

This is the exact opposite of what most dating “gurus” will tell you.

Most of the mediocre advice out there, from marketers disguised as dating coaches, will tell you thinks like “you should always sit next to her on a date.”

Here’s the TRUTH… If you sit right next to her, you are shooting yourself in the foot because it makes it harder to give her strong/dominant/relaxed eye contact.

Just take a look at this picture right here of a scene from the Big Bang Theory:

BBT date

He’s sitting side by side with her, yet they aren’t looking at each other, and the whole situation just looks awkward.

Not to mention, if you did want to make eye contact with her, you would have to have your head/body turned towards her the entire time, while still sitting in your seat which is facing away from her. This body position is uncomfortable, straining, and makes you look try hard when you keep turning towards her just to look at her.

Whereas in this picture, from Ocean’s Twelve, Brad Pitt is sitting across the table, and he’s able to hold that eye contact, and spike her attraction by using nothing but his eyes:

OT date

Brad Pitt looks completely natural…

Laid back…

Just chillin, while holding that eye contact in a natural, and comfortable position.

Rule of thumb: Always sit across from her, at least at the beginning, so that you can spike that attraction and leave her the space to actually WANT you to be closer to her.

And this one simple switch in how you position yourself while sitting and talking to her will make all the difference because her Attraction for you starts and ends with strong/dominant/relaxed eye contact.

It makes you seem super grounded, present, and dominant.<– All traits that drive women wild.

And in First Date Stud, I go over exactly how to do this, on top of giving your 3 other Body Language tricks that spike her attraction, and make her chase you…

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First Date Mistake #2: Taking her out to dinner.

The first thing I always tell my 10K coaching guys is that if you’re going on a first date with a girl, you should AVOID at all costs going out for dinner.

Here’s what you might not know about women… When a guy asks her to dinner, she is 100% of the time going to eat a dinner before she meets up with you.


Because she doesn’t want to look like a pig, scarfing down a plate full of food in front of this guy who she’s attracted to.

[Yes, if she’s on a date with you, she’s already attracted. So play it cool homie! :)]

With this in mind, it would make much more sense to just skip the food all together, and just go out for drinks.

Rule of thumb: Drinks, not dinner.

Drinks can mean alcohol, coffee, smoothies, etc.

When you take her to drinks instead of dinner, then you are free to hop from location to location freely, whenever you want, thus making it more of an adventure [rather than a date].

But if you took her out to dinner, than you are no longer in control of where you guys go, and when you go there, because you are at the mercy of the waiter who is serving you.

You’re locked in 1 location for 45-minutes to an hour, and forced to small talk for that entire time…

That’s a lot of pressure for anyone.

So from today on, take her out to drinks, and make it more of an adventure by hopping to different locations after 20-30 minutes… On YOUR time.

In First Date Stud, I go over exactly how to structure your date, where to go on the date, and how to lead her on the adventure of a life-time so that she’ll never want to date another guy after just one night with you…

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First Date Mistake #3: Drinking more than her on your date.

One of the guys I met with this past weekend was telling me about a date he went on with a girl a couple of weeks ago.

She met him at a bar, and he ordered a margarita while she chose to only drink water.

The whole date seemingly went well, the conversation was great, the flirty vibe was there…

HOWEVER there reached a point about 1 hour into the date where she said, “Ok, I’m gonna go home now. I have to be up early…”

And right when he said that, the whole flirty vibe disappeared instantly.

She walked back to her car, drove home, and they never talked again.

He didn’t know what went wrong, and was shocked that she up and left after 1 hour of great/flirty conversation.

But he made one of the top 3 crucial mistakes that you should never make…

You see, in that one hour, he had 3-4 margaritas and was on the verge of ordering another… And like we said, she had only been drinking water the whole night.

No matter how good the conversation was, the CONTEXT of the date was that he felt the need to keep himself inebriated just to talk to her, while she didn’t feel the need for any liquid courage at all.

So it won’t matter how much of a pimp you are, if you are drinking a lot more than her, she’ll take it as a sign of nervousness and insecurity because a confident badass wouldn’t need the alcohol to have a good time around her.

So a general rule of thumb for you from today on is this…

If you choose to drink on the date make sure you are never more than 1 drink ahead of her.

[The only exception to this rule is if she keeps encouraging you to order another drink… In which case you can tease her like “You’re just trying to get me drunk so you can take advantage of me later, aren’t you? I’m on to your tactics little girl.”… and then you can order the drink if you want.]

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In First Date Stud, I go over THIRTEEN of the most common mistakes that 95% of guys make on their first date with girls, and how you can never make them again… Check it out:

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However, First Date Stud is not for everyone…

You must qualify.

Here’s who it won’t work for:

This won’t work for men who have low standards for themselves, their women, and their dating lives.

The VIP tactics/mindsets/techniques taught in this program only work on the women who are 8’s, 9’s, and 10’s.

So if you think you’re gonna use this on fat or insecure girls, then think again.

Many of the early testers for this system have experienced results of sleeping with 4-6 new girls a month…

Girls have been hitting THEM up about second dates.

And their phone is loaded with text invites/booty calls from in-demand girls.

Managing that many women is a full-time hobby, and it’s not something that every man is ready for.

This won’t work for men who think they already know everything, and aren’t willing to expand their horizons to improve even more.

If you’re gonna join us on the inside, you cannot have a full cup. The installation process won’t be effective if you’re resisting this life-changing intel one bit.

The guys who get the best results are able to do as the great Aristotle once said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to entertain a thought without accepting it.

This won’t work for men who don’t take action.

The guys who get into the First Date Stud private member’s area are all Action Takers.

We don’t let lazy guys join us on the inside. In fact, if they did somehow slip past our defenses, they wouldn’t last long.

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Watch that video, and I’ll see you on the inside homie.


P.S. The testimonials are already pouring in!…

Patrick, you’re the real deal!

With countless products out there I’m so sad when a mediocre marketer disguised as a dating coach promises results but doesn’t deliver — so thanks pat for this results bomb.

I used the info on first date stud to go on an amazing date with my girlfriend (it wasn’t a first date but this shit still worked like witchcraft) at the end of the night she told me that was one of the best nights we’ve had together. Naturally i rewarded her with toe-curling bed dancing you’re the man Patrick

-Nacho M., NY

Nacho, YOU’re the man. You invested in yourself, took action, and realized that you could always improve no matter where you are in your dating life.


Patrick Dude!

It’s that Chin of your’s, man it’s so sculpted and alluring you just ooze Badass haha

Idk what it is about You or You’re Products man, but it seems like every time I Invest in One… It’s like Literally… You’re answering the Personal Issue’s I’ve seem gotten myself caught up in within my Life!

I respect the hell out of that!

To be honest I already knew & did alot of the techniques… I guess great minds think alike! 😉 🙂

but the Greatest asset I personally found for myself though, was really the “Texting”. I’ve noticed that about my Game in Texting have been Dragging. –> No Joke… 😛

Literally You’re Stuff not only was Valuable & Funny… but Simple(Almost a No Brainer), to the Point and Also KILLER for standing out… Especially Just The simple Pick up the Phone and Calling her…
I slapped my self bcuz of how simple and different that was from everyone else!

No one does that anymore nowadays… It’s Bloody Brilliant 🙂

Anyways dude Thanks again, Keep killing out there!


-Gil Franklin
Hemet, California

Glad I could help, Gil! Keep taking action, and I’ll see you at the top of the Social Highlife Tribe soon. 🙂

“Sup Patrick, love your style and the value you bring to guys. Keep up the great work.

I’ve taught hundreds of guys from all over the world, I’ve seen and read hundreds of dating products from all over the world, and I just wanted to let you know… I think your new program, “First Date Stud,” is killer.

It’s eye-opening to think that pretty much 99% of guys out there don’t actually know how to structure a first date and are still tuned in to what society has programmed in them from birth.

This program will be great for any guy who wants to not only get more dates, but to increase the quality of dates, sleep with more women, and to stand out from other guys.

To any guy out there considering this training, if you want your love life to change, definitely invest in yourself and grab your copy today. It all starts with action.”

-Ning Li, CEO of Ning Li Dating

Thanks Ning! It’s always awesome to get killer feedback from a fellow dating expert.

Make the proper decision today and join me, Nacho, Gil, and Ning on the inside today before time runs out:

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