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Let’s answer some of the most common questions I get regarding first dates. Some of them may apply to you…

How do I get a girl’s number?

That’s a great question my dude!

When I first started learning the ways of Charisma, and female seduction, the thought of getting a girl’s phone number was a complete mystery to me.

So I get it…

But the truth is getting the phone number is the EASY part.

The only thing you’ve got to keep in mind about getting her number [or asking her to do anything] is that you’ve got to do it on a HIGH note.

Meaning that if you meet a girl, and you guys have been talking/flirting, you do not want to ask for her phone number after the conversation has fizzled out — A.K.A. a Low note.

Here are the 2 clear signs that the interaction is on a high note:

-She’s laughing at some joke you made.

-The conversation has a lot of momentum.

Once you see those two things, and you’ve already been talking to her for a few minutes, do this…

Put your hand on her back, and lean in as you gently pull her towards you almost like you are about to tell her a secret.

Then pretend that you’ve got to go in a little bit, but you’d like to see her again.

You can do this by saying, “Hey, I’ve got to go meet up with my friends here in a bit, but you’re cool. Let’s definitely hang out soon.” and then you hold your phone out to hand it to her.

Since the interaction is already on a high note, she will 100% of the time take your phone and put her number in it, without fail. [with the only exception being if she’s married, or in a serious relationship]

It’s really that simple.

Which leads me to the next question…

How do I make sure she won’t “flake” on me when I do ask her out?

Here’s the simple TRUTH…

Your chances of getting her to actually show up to a date with you depends on how solid your interaction was in the first place.

It had to be unique enough to where she will remember you instantly, and remember how attracted to you she was.

Now because every girl is different, and neither of us can read her mind, this is more of a gamble…

But if you do the following things that I’m about to tell you, you’ll have no problem of sticking out in her mind, spiking her attraction, and having her pining with anticipation to go on a date with you…

1. Right after you hand her your phone, and she starts putting her number in it, ask her “By the way… What’s my name?” *cue the sly/cocky grin*

She’ll feel the challenge right away, and if she remembers it just give her a high five, and say something like “You’re cool, we’re gonna get a long well.” *cue the sly/cocky grin*

But if she doesn’t remember your name, look at her with disapproval, almost like she’s a puppy dog that just peed on the carpet, and say this “(insert her name, to show that you remembered it) I’m so disappointed in you… You can delete the number if you want. It’s cool.

You say this playfully of course, and she’ll instantly feel the challenge.

Since you were the one taking it away from her momentarily, she’ll feel the urge to start chasing you, and now YOU have the power in the relationship. This is good.

2. Future pace what’s going to happen.

When you tell her exactly what is going to happen in the near future, then she will start to picture it in her head.

And since our brains cannot tell the difference between thoughts and reality, as she’s picturing it in her head, she’ll feel the emotions as if they are already happening.

This way, when what you say happens exactly like you said, she’ll feel the same excitement that she felt when you were describing it…

You can do this by simply saying something like the following…

You: “What are you doing tomorrow?

Her: (insert anything she might be doing. Work, sleep, reading, etc.)

You: “Cool. Here’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to text you something that attempts to be somewhat cute/witty. If you don’t like it, then don’t respond. When you DO like it, then you’ll respond, and then we’ll go out for a late lunch/post dinner drinks. It’ll be an adventure.” (**you choose late lunch, or post dinner drinks depending on her answer to what she was doing the next day. If she’s got plans at night, go with the late lunch. If she’s busy during the day, go post dinner drinks.)

She will LOVE that you just said this because NO guy has ever future paced her like this, and what you said was so bold/dominant that she’ll be so attracted to you in that moment.

All you do right now is give her a one-armed hug, and end the interaction by walking away.

Which brings me into the MOST common question I get…

What do I text her?

This is so simple, especially if you did what I just told you to do above…

Send her a text that revolves around this outline:

(her name), this is (your name). (a mini description of yourself, or something that she learned about you in your guys’ convo) (a small phrase that implies she was the one chasing you, even if it’s completely false). Hope ur night/day/weekend was as dashing as you are 🙂

Here’s a few examples that I’ve used recently myself…

K number


N number

And any text after that is to simply set up the time and place that you’re gonna meet up with her… Just like how you told her you guys were going to when you got her number.

It really is that simple my dude!

However, the things I just told you will only get your foot in the door.

You’ll get her on a date, but that’s only part of the battle.

If you don’t know how to take her on the ride of a life-time on that first date, then she’ll categorize you as an average/mediocre dude who is no different than any other guy…

Or even worse, she’ll put you in the dreaded friend-zone.

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V text


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