3 Fool-Proof Ways To Spark Attraction

What are you thankful for right now?

Welcome to another badass edition of Social Mastery Daily.

I am your host, Patrick Mothafuckin’ James.

And because you opened this email, I already know something about you.

YOU love women.

YOU love improving yourself.

YOU hate when someone tells you that you’re not capable, and take it as motivation to go and Crush whatever it is that you set out to.

YOU are like me, in that we are both meant for personal greatness.

YOU are an A-player in the Highlife Movement.

But let’s get to the value, shall we?

The thing you’ve got to understand on your ascent to living a life of abundance, freedom, and charisma, is that every lesson you’ve learned is not a notch on a bedpost…

What do I mean by this?

I mean that every time you learn a lesson, it will NOT be the last time you learn it.

Lessons, like muscles, are skills.

Imagine if you set a goal to get biceps, where when you flex, your arms are 16 inches around… Well if you never did another curl again in your life, your biceps would start to shrink.

Reaching your goal was temporary because as soon as you didn’t re-raise your standards, and continue working on that skill, you started getting worse.

This happens to me a lot!

Contrary to popular belief, Patrick Mothafuckin’ James doesn’t always have the wittiest charm exuding from his mouth.

Sometimes when I go out, I actually get rejected by women, and I wonder “What could I have done differently there?

And after I immediately do my re-frame of just concluding that “she hates herself, thus she wasn’t in to Patrick James, because Patrick only attracts others who love themselves.” <– [Patrick also likes to write in the 3rd person from time to time.]

I’ll then realize that “Well maybe I could have been more challenging…. Maybe I accidentally started going into interview mode, and it turned her off because every other guy asks her those same boring questions… I could have been a lot more self-entertaining.

Obviously I already knew the answers because I’ve learned those same lessons in the past. However sometimes we tend to forget those things in the moment.

This is why you should always take “Imperfect Action”

If I constantly stood in public questioning my every move, then I would never improve. And the same goes for you.

Each time you fail, you will either learn a new lesson, or you will re-learn a lesson you’ve already known, and it will get engrained further into your subconscious.

In other words, you never “Fail”… The only direction you can possibly go is UP.

That said, I want to give you a few of the lessons that I’ve learned/re-learned from taking massive action in the last few weeks…

1. The best way to get a girl to start chasing/selling herself to you is to subtly imply that she’s “innocent.”

This is easy, just drop one of the following lines into convo…

(if you and her have been having a friendly conversation, and you want to spike the sexual tension)… “You know it’s really a breath of fresh air to meet a girl in this town who is as sweet and innocent as you. Most girls I talk to try to take advantage of me, and it’s awesome that you don’t feel the need to do that right away.

(if she tells you where she’s from)… “Wait, you’re from there?! The last girl I met from there had never kissed a boy. You’re not one of those innocent girls who only knows like 3 sex positions, are you?

The reason this is so awesome is because no girl wants to be seen as “innocent” and she will start to act like a girl who’s NOT innocent — aka a bad girl ;).

Plus, it also implies that you aren’t innocent. This is good.

2. If you meet a girl in public, the second you realize that she’s attracted to you, you MUST isolate her.

What do I mean by this?

If you and her meet in the middle of the room, and you can see that she’s starting to invest in the conversation…

And maybe you even notice that her eyes are slightly glazed over
as she’s talking to you (a clear sign of attraction), then say something like,
Hey it’s loud here, come with me…” as you grab her hand and lead her to a quieter place in a different part of the bar/room.

Why do you do this?

Because if she’s with her friends, her friends will ALWAYS take her away. Without fail.

Unless her friend is already talking to another dude, or if you’re so preselected that both of those girls have been dying to talk to you all night, then her friend will pull your girl away.

And it won’t matter how much you and this girl were vibing because in her mind, the potential pain of being judged as a “slut” by her friends is far worse than the potential pleasure of continuing to talk to this charming man she just met.

Also, in the middle of a crowded bar/party you will almost always have other guys trying to come in and steal your girl.

Do yourself a favor, and eliminate any competition by moving your girl to a less crowded place so you can talk.

Even if you don’t think that you’ll encounter this, just because of the fact that you are moving her to a different place, she will be more attracted to you.

Moving her, without seeking her permission, conveys leadership, dominance, and social savvy… All attractive traits.

3. Don’t discriminate with your fun.

I have friends in the “pick-up community” and they are the worst people to go out with if you’re trying to develop your charisma.


Because the majority of pickup artists enter a party with a mentality of scoping the room for hot girls, and then approaching each one individually.

They think of girls as “sets” and “approaches”… and it’s pathetic.

What pickup artists don’t understand is that women are attracted to sources of FUN and POSITIVE emotions.

This is why Charismatic people talk to EVERYONE. Guys, girls, fat girls, tall girls, pretty girls, old girls…. It doesn’t matter.

You are the party, and whoever you talk to gets a taste of that.

You are just acting in the moment and doing what feels right.

The second you start discriminating with fun by thinking “Oh, I’m not going to talk to her because she’s old” or “I’m not gonna talk to her because she’s not as good looking as the girl all the way across the bar.“… That’s the second that you become not charismatic.

From now on, when you go out, Have Fun.

That is your top priority.

And share that party with everybody.

You’ll be surprised to find that all the hot girls will be watching you and wondering “Who is that guy? He seems free and fun? He’s hot.

And the girls you want will magically gravitate away from the pickup artists, and towards you.

I promise.

It’s happened to me countless times. I want that gift for you.

[Funny story, I’ve accidentally pissed off a few world-renowned pickup artists by “stealing their girls”… There was no “routine” that I ran, and I didn’t even have to “approach”. Truth is, the girls chose me simply because I was more fun. But that’s another story for another day.]

That said, take those 3 lessons and go FUCKING dominate your saturday.

I’ll talk to ya tomorrow.