How To Be Magnetically Carefree

Sup my dude!

Today, I’ve got a value-packed Q+A planned for ya…

But first…. a quote:

“Character is not made out of sunshine and roses. Like steel, it is forged in fire, between the hammer and the anvil.” – Chin-Ning Chu

And I can tell from the questions that have been coming in lately, that you’ve been FORGING that Charisma from the roots lately, and it’s showing. šŸ™‚

Now let’s jump into the questions:

Nice quote boss. How would a high status male deal with another guy trying to put him down infront of everyone? Or say his girl(s)?

Would it be best to ignore them, laugh it off or make fun at them back? Keen to hear your thoughts…
-Rob D.

Thanks for the badass Q, Rob…

I’ve been there before, and It’s frustrating.

Realize that anytime someone puts you down, it has nothing to do with who you are, and it has everything to do with their own insecurities.

Remain non-reactive, and don’t even pay it any mind.

If someone’s being negative towards me, I may give them that laser, Steve Jobs-like, eye contact for a sec to put them back in their place, and then keep going on like it never happened, and continue to exude positivity and confidence.

Just think, they say those things to get a reaction out of you. And when you don’t give them the satisfaction of any reaction, it almost leaves them with an empty, and un-fulfilled feeling.

I’d even say that coming back at him with humor, in a way, is a reaction. Just keep being the man, and ignore the haters. Haha

“Love your haters, they’re your biggest fans.” -Kanye West

Oh, and btw… Check out the book “Thick Face, Black Heart” it’s money on dealing with critics and challenges

I like the low key daytime approach.

Question if you are doing day game how do you know if a girl is single or in a relationship without being too direct.

It is very awkward to communicate and flirt with her and then find out that she has a steady boyfriend.

NightClub game is easy. Almost every chick there is single but I prefer day game vibe.

-Bavinh P.

You are right Bavinh… Things can seem pretty awkward if you’ve been flirting with a girl and she comes right out and says, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.

I will say that in my experience, about half the time it’s not true, and the other half it’s irrelevant.

One of my favorite responses to that is “Cool.” and then continue the conversation.

Now you may be asking yourself, “Why would you continue the conversation if she just told you she has a boyfriend?

There are a myriad of reasons to continue, but here are a few of the key ones.

1. Some girls tell you that just because they’re testing you. If you are non-reactive, and seem to not care… Often times the “boyfriend” seems to disappear into thin air.

2. If you left right then, it would seem like to her that you only went up to talk to her because you wanted the OUTCOME of potentially getting her phone number, or hooking up with her… And OUTCOMES will kill your game every time. It’s ok to know where you want to lead it, but if you only talk to her for a certain outcome, then she will feel that, and you’ll appear needy. (Even if you don’t think you seem needy.)

Truthfully, you should be talking to her because you’re a “cool, social dude” and are seeing if she’s a cool girl that can hang on your level.

3. This one is the coolest reason……. If she concludes that you’re an awesome dude, and she has a boyfriend, she’ll often try to hook you up with her friends.

It’s happened to me in bars, where non-single girls will introduce me to their cute single friend.

It’s happened in nightclubs, where bachelorettes will introduce me to their single bridesmaids.

And it’s happened during the day, where girls with boyfriends will take my number so they can set me up with their friends.

That said, you wanted a specific line to say to a girl to indirectly find out if she has a boyfriend.

Here’s how I would do it…

I would tease her by joking that it’s good both of us aren’t single…

For example, “It’s a good thing you have a boyfriend because if you were single, we could really do some damage.” *cue sly gin*

Or I could imply that I’m not single (even if I am), “Alright you need to stop being so cool right now or my girlfriend will get jealous that I’m talking to you.”

And then she’ll immediately ask you “Wait, you have a girlfriend.”

And you can make up some super outrageous story, that’s kind of funny, and she can’t tell if you’re joking or not… “Yea, ever since the accident, we haven’t been able to have sex, and she keeps encouraging me to talk to other women AS LONG AS they aren’t cool… She’s really a demanding gf.” *cue sly grin*

Haha, just make sure that you aren’t doing these as “techniques” but rather as ways to amuse yourself.

What’s up Patrick. My question is:

I know being free flowing and self entertaining is key for attraction, and I’ve been getting really good at day game. My question is, I feel like at night I’m being free flowing and self entertaining and for whatever reason I’m not getting that attraction as consistently. Does anyone have any tips for what I might be doing to put girls off specifically at night from the beginning of the interaction? I just feel like I might be doing something with my first impression to hurt my game.

Drew A.

Drew, great question.

I’ve answered this several times in Social Mastery Daily, but F%^& it… I’ll answer it again!

I’ll answer it as many times as it takes to get into that well-endowed brain of yours…

Here we go…

I know exactly what you’re talking about. And here’s my experience with it, maybe you’ll be able to relate…

When I go out with the intention of “approaching girls” and possibly “getting her phone number” or “getting the ‘pull'”… Then I am inherently only approaching her because I want a certain outcome. She can sense that a mile away, even if I think I’m acting like I normally would.

When I go out, and decide that I’m gonna talk to everyone. That I’m gonna be charismatic, and my only priority is “Making sure Patrick has a great time.” Then for some reason girls just seem to be drawn to me, and I always end up having more solid interactions and going home with one of them.

On the outside, from what I can tell, there really isn’t any difference. But internally, the way I frame the situation is completely different. It does something to my energy, and my subcommunications, that just seems to make me more magnetic.

Energy is definitely a real thing, and women
are SO in-tuned with it.

This is why 98% of Pick-up artists don’t get laid… because they are always in “approach, approach, approach, number-close” mode.

Just release all need of anything, and have a great time chatting with girls who you are curious to see if they are cool enough for YOU to continue talking to them.


You are the buyer here. Just make sure you make this interaction fun for you.

The magical formula that creates attraction EVERY time is Self-amusement + Positive assumptions.

Always amuse yourself, and assume that she’s attracted to you because you are YOU, of course. šŸ™‚

On that note, I’m gonna get out of here… Got a lot of shit planned for today.

Film Youtube vid –> Film Nonchalance Formula –> read an awesome book –> gym –> Social circle meet-up for happy hour.

Should be an interesting day.

Talk soon.


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