How 2 Women Got Me Evicted (…almost)

So I’ve got a funny story for ya today…

Hopefully you get something of value out of it, because it’ll be jam-packed with several lessons.

Plus you’re sort of a badass, who just like me, gets a little 👌 better each day. So I know this story is gonna help you crush it today…

I woke up yesterday.

Did my usual morning routine:

– 15 min “walk of gratitude”

– Cold shower

– Write in my journal

– Reciting my success maxims to help me absolutely CRUSH my day.

[Right now this is my success maxim: “I am a disciplined person who takes MASSIVE action towards my vision every single day because I MUST achieve what I set out to, and because I must, I will… When everybody else stops, I keep going because I love myself.” <— It would behoove you to take on a similar success maxim]

But here’s where I made a mistake…

Right before I started writing a newsletter for you guys, I accidentally opened my own email inbox, and noticed an unusual email…

It was hate mail from my apartment manager.

Apparently she was mad at me because an old-lady neighbor of mine had sent her an email [it was actually more of a case-study] with multiple pictures + reasons why yours truly is such a terrible person.

There were 3 main reasons in her argument of why I’m so terrible…

1. Patrick James let his “eye sore of a dog” poop on the rocks a few weeks ago, and left it there. 😱

2. Patrick James has his “eye sore of a bicycle” chained to the rail outside of his apartment, and it is disrupting the flow of the community. 😱

3. Patrick James constantly has women coming in-and-out of his apartment at all times of the night, and the noise coming from his apartment is disrupting the peace of the community. 😎

Moral of the story: Patrick James was gifted with a 10-day notice of eviction unless I pay a ridiculous fine, remove all these “eye sores” from the premise, and change my ways to be more respectful of the loyal community.

Clearly this is a joke, right?

As you could probably tell, when I read this email I busted out laughing.

So instead of reacting to this email, I headed straight down to the office of my apartments, to talk to this manager who clearly was not happy with me…

I walk in, smile on my face, not knowing how to take this 10-day eviction notice…

…plus, having crushed my morning rituals, my Charisma was on point, and my Charm was unmatched. In other words, I was flying high on positivity.

That said, before I could even open my mouth to speak, the apartment manager started going OFF on me.

She told me “You WILL pay those fines.” and…

You have no idea how many people come in here, giving us excuses of why they do what they do.” and…

It’s very disrespectful to leave poop on the ground. You’re the 5th person today I had to warn about this.” and…

You come in here to confront me… I’ve been in this business for 15 years…blah blah blah.

Before I even said a word, she was red in the face.

How would you have reacted in this situation?

You see, my apartment manager is one of those ladies who is super “alpha”… She was probably a man in her past life, and she has no problems saying what is on her mind. In other words, she is used to having her way with people.

However, because I constantly work on my charm muscle, was in such a good state, and take cold showers on the daily… She had no clue who she was dealing with. 😉

The entire time she was on her rant, I was chilling. Leaning back in my seat. Slowly sipping my coffee that I carried in there with me. And held dominant/relaxed eye contact.

When she finally stopped, I calmly looked at her and said,

Sandra, it’s a nice day out. We live in wonderful Arizona. I’ve been having an awesome day, and I did not come in here with the intention of arguing with you…

Truth is, I really just wanted to come in and discuss what this was all about like two normal people on the same level.

Charm Power Move #1: I refer to her by name when I talk to her. Dale Carnegie always said, “Our name is the sweetest sound.”… Simply by using her name, she has no choice but to slowly lower her defenses.

Charm Power Move #2: I radiate positivity. I do this by staying non-reactive, displaying gratitude for the current situation I’m in, and letting her know that I’m not against her. I’m subtly implying that we are on the same team here.

(insert her ranting more, and accusing me of making excuses, confronting her, and disrupting the peace)

I look at her with a genuine smile on my face, and say:

Sandra, look, I understand where you’re coming from.

You’re frustrated about residents leaving dog poop everywhere. And you aren’t even involved with this whole dilemma, you are simply a 3rd party messenger who is just doing her job. I completely understand that…

However, I’m not gonna pay this giant fine because:

1. The dog is not mine, I only watch her from time to time for a friend who is handicapped, and recently had a seizure. [true story btw]

2. Change your word choice… I am a person just like you, and not simply “another resident that is making excuses”. You’re drawing false conclusions, and accusing me of “confronting” and “excuse making”.

3. Do you not see the humor in this whole situation right now? You’re mood, and the mood of the old-lady who reported me, has been ruined for the past few days because of one piece of poop… POOP! Haha.

Charm Power Move #3: Whenever you tell someone to do something, or ask a favor from them… By simply using the word “because”, they’ll be over 70% more likely to oblige.

And the reason you give them after the word “because” literally does not matter. Our brains are wired to not care about how logical our reasons are BECAUSE all our brains want is any reason to act.

For example, saying to someone “Can I borrow $20?” is much less effective than “Can I borrow $20 BECAUSE I need $20.”

Robert Cialdini scientifically proved that ANY reason after the word because, no matter how illogical, will have a higher success rate of you getting your way.

Charm Power Move #4: I take charge of the interaction, and start leading like a dominant male.

In other words, regardless of her state, I stay unaffected, and continue to radiate positivity/self-amusing humor. This is very similar to any woman you approach in a bar, who may give you a “shit-test.”

I also take charge by telling her to change her word choice. The words she kept using were implying the frame of “This is a negative situation, and you are bad like every one else.” HOWEVER, when I give her a tiny challenge of changing her word choice, and she actually does, then she subconsciously starts to accept MY frame of “This is a humorous situation, and we are on the same side here.

Charm Power Move #5: I lower her defenses even more by telling her that I know where she is coming from. I know how she’s feeling. And I understand her completely.

This boosts the underlying rapport between us, and further strengthens the frame that “we are on the same team.”

After saying this, she slowly started to lower her defenses, however she was still argumentative.

But since I had subtly taken control of the interaction, she started to “qualify herself” to me…

She does this by going into a story of her own. She says something like, “I have 3 dogs of my own, and I can’t even imagine how my backyard would be if I didn’t pick up after them. It would be a Land Field of Defecation.

It was at THAT moment that I busted out laughing.

Like seriously, the on top of my own self-amusement, I found the phrase
Land Field of Defecation” way over dramatic, as well as hilarious.

It was at this moment, that my laughter made her FINALLY crack a smile.
And I knew right then that I had complete control of this situation.

Charm Power Move #6: YOU get to choose how you frame any situation.

The whole world is just one big battle of peoples’ frames. If I choose to see the world in a positive, self-entertaining light, then other people will play into that as long as I don’t let my frame falter.

When you consciously choose how you want to view the world, then every word and action you have is going to reflect that frame.

Hold your frame with conviction, and it will win out every time. Just make sure your frame is a positive, win-win, one

Sandra, the apartment manager, was letting her emotions choose her frame for her — this is why my frame won out in the end. My view of this whole situation was not dependent on my emotions.

Your emotions are only suggestions, not requirements.

What you should understand is that emotions are like the clouds in the sky. They’re here one second, and gone the next.

All women are emotional creatures.

This is why when you choose to view the world in a Self-amusing, and positive light, your frame will always win.

And the truth is, women WANT you to win. They WANT you to be a dominant male, who is their emotional rock that they can lean on.

To make a long story short, she dropped most of the fines. All I have to do is pay a tiny $50 fine for not picking up dog poop.

And I never would have been able to get most of the fines dropped unless I could change her mood to feel more positive.

The second she started laughing I knew I had won.

Major Takeaway: You’ll never be able to logically change a woman’s mind. You can only change how she feels. You do this by having a rock-solid frame, which is unbreakable.

And when you can make other people around you feel better/more positive…

THAT is Charismatic, and Charming.

That said, for the time being, I’ve got some news for the old lady hating on my bicycle…



Oh, and for the random women coming in and out of my apartment, and disturbing the peace…

Yea that’s gonna keep happening too. 😎


Later. ✌


P.S. The only downside of yesterday was that I was so distracted by this whole conundrum that I wasn’t able to write a newsletter for you guys…

But it’s ok, because it made today’s newsletter even more badass. 🙂