10 random insights into Charisma

Sup dude.

How the hell has your day been so far?

I love everyday because it’s another opportunity for me to crush it.

Plus, when I go to the gym I tend to beat the post-rush hour crowd, so it’s pretty fantastic.

That said, I feel like brain-dumping 10 random value-packed thoughts right now…

Hit me with the hard 20!

1. Pick up artistry fucking sucks!

Earlier in January I went to a networking conference in Las Vegas, and happened to meet a few guys who were really big into doing ‘Pick-up’.

These guys go the whole 9 yards when it comes to this…

For example, they regularly attend bootcamps from pick-up coaches…

They refer to girls as “2-sets” and “3-sets”…

They use terms like “AMOG” and “Shadow-lording”…

And talk to every single girl with the hopes of “number-closing”…

It’s very pathetic. Like who the hell talks like that?


But because I AM America’s Charisma Consultant For Men, I decided to go out with these guys a few times just to try it out.

I mean I’ll try almost anything at least a few times.

And what did I find out?…

That the ways of Charisma (exactly how I teach) are MUCH more effective.

I’ll just give you my experience from this last weekend….

I went out and did “pick-up” on Thursday and Friday, and felt super needy.

There’s something about chasing down attractive girls, and ignoring everybody else that just makes you seem super needy, and validation seeking…

Women can smell that shit a mile away.

So on Thursday and Friday, yea I “number-closed” a few girls, but nothing really came of it.

PLUS going out to bars and nightclubs is so much less fun when you have the outcome of only getting girls phone numbers, and ignoring everybody else.

It’s like going to an amusement park and only riding the same roller coaster over and over again for 4 hours.

But THEN on Saturday I decided to give the pick-up guys the boot…

I went out with another buddy of mine, who knows the ways of Charisma, and is capable of going to a bar and having fun with everyone.

That night, I didn’t think of girls as “outcomes that I had to approach”… I thought of them as people, who happen to be at this same bar with me, and just want to have fun, JUST LIKE ME.

Simply changing how I framed the situation did WONDERS for my attractiveness, and Charisma.

That night, within 30 minutes of getting to this lounge/bar, I had one guy buy me 3 shots of Patron in a row. (something that never would have happened with PUA’s because they only “approach” women) And I had 2 girls hanging on my every word all night — one of whom I went home with that night.

Moral of the story: “Pick-up” makes you needy, not normal, and outcome dependent.

Charisma makes you the man, who has fun with everybody.

So when you go out, talk to everybody, share your party with everybody, and the universe will reward you with tequila, and girls.

2. I have a new favorite TV show… “Lucifer” on Fox

You may/may not know this about me, but I REFUSE to watch TV…

Shows like Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, Boy Meets World, Family Guy, etc…

…have made us MEN look like little bitches. And have brainwashed society into thinking that men should be little approval seeking bitches, while the women are objects who are above us.

In other words, television WILL brainwash you to put the pussy on a pedestal.

That said, I do occasionally watch TV shows if it has a strong male character that I may be able to model for myself.

Lucifer is amazing!

Haha, I just realized how bad that sounds…

But seriously, the television character has awesome charisma… In fact a new episode is on tonight… Check it out.

And watch for how amazing his eye contact is. Watch how he always wears this cocky grin on his face. And also notice how he frames the world as “I’m the shit, and this is my party.” and everybody else seems to play into that frame.

Lucifer is probably the only good thing that Hollywood has produced in years.

3. Are you unemployed?

If so, here are some job recommendations that I’ve got for ya.

These are jobs that I’ve had myself in the past, and they proved to be pretty key to me developing the sort of Charisma that I’ve got today.

A. Server

You learn how to multi-task like a fucking decathlete.

But most importantly, you learn how to control your emotions. If you lose your cool very easily then the customers will feel it, and you’ll get a terrible tip.

The ability to keep your cool internally is SUPER attractive to women.

Not to mention, a lot of waitresses at good restaurants tend to be attractive. Especially if you live in a party city like I do (Scottsdale, AZ).

B. Lyft/Uber driver

Suprrised by this one?

Well I’ll tell you what, I drove for Lyft for about 3 months at one point in time, and got 5 girls phone numbers, and banged 4 girls who I gave rides to…

…in my car! Rides in my car… and then rides on my cock. 🙂

It’s like you get the benefit of going out to the club without having to deal with all the drunk idiots, and lines.

Plus, I got to meet tons of people from so many different backgrounds. This is just a great job for building conversational skills.

Have you ever seen the movie “Alfie” with Jude Law??

Check it out, he’s also a great character to model.

…and yea that’s what driving for Lyft felt like.

4. The quickest way to create rapport with anybody is to use their name.

Yea I know this sounds redundant, and you’ve probably heard this many times…

But for some reason, lately I’ve just noticed how powerful a subtle name-drop can be.

Especially if you do it ~3 times in a row.

Try this out today…

When you talk to a girl, in the first 5 exchanges you have with her, make 3 of them start with her name.

For example:

You: “I’m Patrick.”

Her: “I’m Lacey.”

You: “Lacey, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Question though… Who’s better Kobe or Lebron?”

Her: “Lebron, for sure.”

You: “OMG, we’re so done. Like seriously, you failed that test. Kobe is clearly the better choice.”

Her: “What?! Lebron would kill Kobe.”

You: “Lacey, you’re probably about to tell me that you’re also a cat person, huh?”

Her: “No I have a golden retriever. I love her. Cats are gross.”

You: *high five* “Ok Lacey, I can forgive you about the whole Lebron thing because cats definitely are gross. We can be friends again.” *cue the sly smile*

You’ll notice an immediate difference in her eyes as she is snapped into the present moment with you, and starts to see you in a more flirty light. It’s powerful.

And as you can see, it’s really pretty easy to do.

5. I don’t know why, but this music vid makes me very happy:

Make A Cake.

6. Today is monday, and it is also leg day for me.


Well because Leg day is dreaded by almost everyone. It simply harder, and more grueling to work out than any other body part…

However, one awesome lesson that you should take from today on is to always do the Heaviest lifting at the beginning. And I’m not just talking about with weights.

Every day, you should do the biggest thing on your to-do list before you do anything else.

It’s the quickest way to get a ton of momentum rolling into the rest of your day.

It’s why I choose to always write this email first thing in the morning. Nothing is more important in my day that giving practical, actionable, and taught from experience VALUE to my guys — The Highlife Movement.

7. Have you seen the teaser for my new first date program yet??
I get so many questions…

“What do I talk about with a girl on our first date?”

“How do I get a girl out with me?”

“What is a good place to take a girl out to?”

“Should I kiss her at the end of the night?”

“Is it possible to sleep with a girl on a first date?”

So instead of answering all of those questions individually, I’ve decided to put together a series of BADASS videos for you..

Check out the trailor here:

==> First Date Secrets Sneak Peak

8. Don’t go around and share that sneak peak vid with anybody who isn’t a top member of The Highlife Movement.

Truthfully, most guys who are socially conditioned can’t handle the truth bombs revealed in that program. And I only want the best guys, who constantly invest in themselves, love women, and love personal development to see that vid.

9. Seriously, if you let anybody who hates themselves watch that vid… I will hunt you down, and make a swarm of midget strippers with AIDS haunt you in your sleep.

10. On that completely serious note, I’m gonna get out of here.

Leg day is calling my name.