Sexual Tension Made Easy

In today’s post…

You’ll get my absolute favorite way to spark sexual tension when in conversation with any girl.

First off, let’s define what sexual tension actually is…

It’s tension that two people feel between each other. It’s the elephant in the room. It’s the force that magnetically draws your lips towards hers, or [after you read this blog post] her lips to your cock.

This conversation booster is one of my all time favorites… In fact, almost every time I’m texting, or talking to, a girl that I’ll soon be hooking up with, I’ll throw one of these in there so that I can spark some tension…

It’s simple.

The next time you don’t know what to say to a girl when you approach her… Or you can sense that the conversation is running out of steam… Simply ask her an “either-or question”

“X or Y?…”

Here are a few examples off the top of the dome:

Who’s better, Kobe or Lebron?

Do you prefer alfredo or marinara sauce?

Which is worse for you, alcohol or marijuana?

Do you crumple or fold?

Hard liquor or beer?

How do you pronounce the yellow part of an egg, yok or yoLk?

Would you rather be blind or deaf?

Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Literally ANY “either-or” question will work.

And the best part, when they tell you which one they prefer, you can easily just take the opposite stance. When you disagree on something, you can debate about it in a playful way, which creates sexual tension.

So for instance, if you asked her “Do you prefer cats or dogs?” and she answered “cats” then you could just reply, “That’s terrible because I’m a dog person, and I’m really allergic to cats, so we could never be together.

Boom. Attraction and Sexual Tension spiked.

Now here’s where I’ll take an “either-or” question and put it on steroids…

I’ll turn that question into a “Qualifying Statement”

[qualify (v.): to try to prove your worth to someone.]

Here’s what I mean… I can take a simple question like “Do you like cats or dogs?” and turn it into a statement by saying “Please tell me you are a dog person.

…all of the sudden, she is now going to feel the tension to prove to me why she is a dog person.

And even if she is bold and tells you straight up that she isn’t a dog person, then you can go right back to sparking a debate with her.

Debate = Sexual Tension

Especially if you have a cocky grin on your face the entire time, and are ADAMANT that she is wrong.

Now, THIS is one of my favorite qualifying statements to use after we have already been flirting… This is so great because it takes the conversation from a “connecting” vibe to a “I have to stick this guys’ d!$% in my mouth” vibe….

Please tell me your not one of those people who never reciprocates oral.

Here’s the thing… So many guys are too afraid of saying something so overtly sexual to a woman.

But what you fail to realize is that women are SO much more sexual than men. Yes, it’s true.

The only reason you may think that women are less sexual than men is because guys are very uncalibrated in the way they flirt.

If that qualifying statement I just told you is the first thing you ever say to her, then yea she’ll probably slap you.

[or she’ll just burst out laughing, and be super turned on if your nonverbals are on point]

However, if you guys are already flirting with each other, then dropping a sexual statement like that will be taken very well..

She’ll instantly qualify herself to you without a second thought.

And if she doesn’t qualify herself to you, then it’s easy to say something like “I always did get that innocent vibe from you.” [no girl wants to be thought of as innocent]

She was blowing me 10 minutes later…

…the first time I used that exact qualifying statement.

Use with caution.

On that note, I’m out!


P.S. Did you know it’s like super easy to make a girl absolutely addicted to you after only 3 minutes of conversation?

Qualifying statements are a good start.

More later…