When Things Don’t Go Your Way

What a message I’ve got for ya today…

Yesterday I promised you a lesson into the disgusting
behavior of “Reaction Seeking”…

However, due to circumstances outside of my control,
I didn’t have access to any internet connection yesterday…

So not only was I unable to deliver that lesson to you, I
was also unable to upload anything to any of my social media platforms.

That being said, I still wrote the email [and filmed a YouTube vid] for you guys so that I could upload today.

So before we actually get into what we had planned,
let’s talk real quick about “When things DON’T go according to plan.

A little while ago I was in Newport, CA, and I filmed a
vid about “How To Go With The Flow Like A Badass“…

The gist of the video was to be completely ok with life
when it doesn’t seem to go your way.

Let me ask you a question:

Do you ever have those moments…

When you are in the middle of an interesting story, and
right before you hit the climax, the listener interrupts you…and while
the other person is talking, the only thing you are thinking is,
Ok, finish what you’re saying so I can finish my story!“?

Or do you ever text a girl you like, hoping for a reply, yet you
never get one and it bothers you?

Well yesterday was definitely one of those days for me.

I woke up. Wrote in my journal. Meditated for 10 minutes.

And then I was ready…

I whipped open my laptop, and was already planning out in
my head what I was about to say to you guys…

However my internet wasn’t working…

I tried everything, yet still…it wasn’t working…

So I called the internet company, and they said, “We’ll send
someone out tomorrow to fix your internet.


Initially I felt resistance.

I felt mad.

I mean after all, I had promised you guys a lesson on Reaction
Seeking, yet now I wasn’t able to deliver that.

And the worst part was that I had no control over this situation…
It’s a shitty feeling — not having control.

But that’s the thing, I didn’t have any control.

I had to realize that since I couldn’t change the circumstance
that I was dealt, then the most I could do was “Deal With It.

I had to take my own advice, and “Go With The Flow Like A Badass

Instead of playing the victim and asking “Why me?

I decided to instead ask “What can I do?” and “How can I use
this situation to my advantage?

When I asked myself those questions, it felt like a weight was
lifted off of my shoulders.

No longer was I a victim. I was a Man of Action.

“Men of action are favored by the goddess of Good Luck.”

The bright side? Now you guys get two lessons today, instead of one.
You’re welcome.

Let’s get into the original plan that we missed out on yesterday…

I told you guys that being “Uncertain” and “Permission Seeking”
is basically pussy-repellant…

However, there is another behavior that is almost as repelling, if not more…

And that is “Reaction Seeking”

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever watched a really
good stand-up comedian do comedy?..

If yes, does this guy usually tell a joke and then start laughing
at his own jokes?..

Does he look at specific people in the audience right after a
joke, and wait for them to laugh?.. Or much worse, laugh nervously
in hopes that people will join him in laughing?

The answer is fuck no.

Most likely he will say a joke, and look away from the audience
while he waits for them to stop laughing. It is already assumed that
people will laugh at his joke.

Really good comedians understand that you should never laugh
at your own jokes because this is very “reaction seeking.”

People who laugh right after saying something are doing it out
of nervousness, in the hopes that other people approve of what
they just said.

An even more common example of this: Nodding after saying
something to another person.

Women pity the man who seeks her reaction.

This is exactly why most self-proclaimed “Pick Up Artists” mostly
just creep women out…

Because these PUA’s are doing things like “negging” her,
or showing “IOD’s” [Indicators of Disinterest], just to get a certain
reaction out of the girl..

If anybody, male or female, can sense that someone wants
something from us [like a certain reaction], then our initial instinct
is to not give it to them.

People don’t like to be controlled or manipulated.

So from now on, when you say a joke, say it because YOU
think it’s funny. Fuck what anybody else thinks…

When you feel like dancing on the dance floor, dance because
YOU enjoy dancing. Fuck what others think about your outrageous
dancing style…

When you make a post on Facebook, do it because YOU
wanted to say something. Fuck if people to “like” your status or not…

When you text a cute girl a funny picture, do it because YOU
thought the picture was funny. Fuck if she texts you back or not…

When you tease a girl for being high maintenance, tease her
because YOU are ammusing yourself. Fuck how she feels about
your “neg”…

So long as you are acting for YOUrself, aren’t hurting anybody,
and don’t care about getting any sort of reaction… then that is attractive
on it’s own.

That being said, I’m going to get out of here man.

I’ve got a big interview coming up this afternoon that I’ve gotta prepare for.

You probably know who this guy is.. I’ll give you a hint:
He’s a style expert, author of a best selling book on “looking handsome,”
and recently came out with his own line of bracelets.

See ya later –>


P.S. Reaction seeking is especially prevalent in the holiday season…

I have a challenge for you.

This christmas, as you are out shopping for gift to give your
family and friends… Give them something, with absolutely no
hope of getting anything in return.

Who cares if they like your gift. Who cares if they say “thank you”.
Who cares if they give you a gift also…

You certainly don’t right?

Of course not, because you were giving out of the kindness of your heart.

Just like I give value everyday in these newsletters.

See you tomorrow man, with yet another value-packed edition
of Social Mastery Daily.