My Role Model… (watch this now)

It’s midnight,

And for whatever reason, I’m feeling extra motivated today…


Because I took a look at my life right now, and realized that
I could be Taking a FUCK-ton more Action.

I know what I’m capable of…

And I won’t settle for anything less than that.

It’s the way I’ve been hard-wired, and it’s the way
I’m going to be.

Let me tell you a little story right now…

When I was younger, I used to be fat.

No, dude. Like FAT.

From my early days in elementary school, all the way
to 8th grade, I was always teased for being big.

Just to put this into perspective… In 8th grade, as a 13 year old,
pre-puberty kid, I weighed in at 240 lbs., and I was barely 6 ft. tall.

My mom signed me up for a gym membership, and the trainer
measured my body fat on that first day…

Any guesses on what my body fat percentage was???

I was a 13 year old kid, weighing 240 lbs., and had 49% body fat.

Literally half of me was pure lard.

And despite my body, I had a dream conviction, that I was
going to play in the NBA one day.

Not only was I going to play in the NBA, but I was going to be
the best player in the NBA.

I was absolutely certain.

Which is why I was heart-broken when my father looked me
straight in the eyes [when I was at my peak of fat-ness] and told me,
Son, at this rate, you will weigh 300 lbs. one day, and you won’t
be able to play in the NBA like that.


I cried… But it was exactly what I needed to hear.

On that day, I told myself that I was still determined to play
in the NBA no matter what…

So starting that day, I stopped eating fast food…

I stopped drinking soda…

I stopped eating extra meals…

And I stopped all of this cold turkey.

On top of that, I played basketball in my driveway Every. Single. Day.

Morning and night. Rain or Shine.

There wasn’t a day you could find me without a basketball
in my hands, and the vision of a skinnier/more “fit” version of me
playing on primetime television.

What was the source of this motivation?

I’d love to say that this motivation was something that
I was “born with,” but it wasn’t.

Motivation like this is something that can only come from
a role-model — a mentor — a living example of what I was capable
of if I set my mind to it.

This role-model for me was Michael Jordan.

You see, growing up, my entire room was decked out
with Chicago Bulls gear.

I heard that when MJ was a sophomore in high school,
he didn’t even make the Varsity squad…

His high school coach, at the time, literally believed that there
were at least 10 guys, in the school, who were better than he was at basketball…

However, instead of getting dejected, MJ got inspired, and
worked 10x harder than everybody else just to prove that He Was Worthy.

And look how he turned out…

He never lost that fire — that spark in his eye to be the best.

As a kid, I saw a game where MJ was playing for an NBA

However now, instead of his high school coach, the enemy
was his own body…

He had a flu of 103 degrees, yet he wanted to win SO bad that
he refused to sit out a game.

With the flu… Chills… Diarrhea… No energy. MJ showed up for that
game and played his fucking heart out.

Scotty Pippen had to literally carry MJ off of the court
during commercial breaks. Yet, once the ref blew the whistle,
Micael Jordan mustered up the energy from within to play his ass off.

The Bulls won, and that game has since come to be known
as “The Flu Game

Now, I was still a young chap when that happened… Plus MJ
retired from the game of basketball, for the 2nd time, when I was
just 8 years old.

So I sought out another role-model. Someone that I thought had
the same fire in his eyes, and that choice was obvious to me…

Kobe Bryant.

Kobe became my idol just as quickly as MJ.

They had everything in common. The fire. The will to win no matter what.
They were unstoppable.

So back to my point…

When my father told me to either get my shit together, or not play
in the NBA and be fat…The choice was simple for me.

And with two amazing role models like MJ and Kobe, there was
no chance that I could fail…

Like I said, I cut out the disgusting foods…

I worked my ASS off on the court…

And in the course of 5 months (April 2004 – August 2004)
I lost 70 lbs. of pure fat!

You read that right.

I left middle school one person, and came back to high school
a completely new person.

In fact, nobody even recognized me when I showed up to school
my freshman year.

And it was at that moment that I knew, I could literally accomplish
anything if I set my mind to it.

Now to cut a long story short:

I never did end up playing in the NBA… However, it wasn’t a dream
that I readily gave up on…

In fact, up until the age of 21, I still kept the training regimen up to par.

However, I woke up one day and realized that my motivation
wasn’t basketball… It never was. It was self-accomplishment.

I was so dead-set on the NBA because that’s where my
role-models made their living… However it was their drive
that I admired, not necessarily their career.

And if I hadn’t had that realization, you probably wouldn’t be
reading an article written by me right now…


Accomplishment, through self-motivation, has been a defining
theme of my life up until this point.

And every step of the way, I’ve always had haters and cynics…

People telling me that I’m “crazy to have such big ambitions…

That I’m “not capable of achieving my dreams…

Telling me to “stay in line, and not think outside of the box…

And I have always proved them wrong.

Not because I am out to prove myself to others, but because
I am out to prove myself to me.

When I set out to improve my social skills,
people told me I was “dumb.”

When I set out to improve my dating skills, people told me I was “lame.”

When I set out to learn the ways of Charisma, people laughed.

Yet I never listened, and kept my eyes on the prize.

I always followed in the footsteps of MJ and Kobe, and
used the hecklers as motivation, in addition to, my already
HUGE desire to be the best at whatever I do.

And when I finally improved myself to the point where I
could teach others to get the same results that I was getting…
I knew I had found my passion.

Dude, I don’t know where you are at with
your dating and social life…

I don’t know what your circumstances in life are right now…

But I do know one thing…

I am absolutely committed to bringing you success
with your Charisma, Social Skills, and Success With Women.

As long as you don’t give up on me, I refuse to give up
on you… THAT is my conviction.

This is my passion.

This is my life-blood.

And I am a winner by nature.

All of us here on The Good Vibes Tribe choose ourselves first,
and we don’t stop until we’ve won.

Just like MJ, I won’t give up even if I have to be carried off the
court when nobody is looking.

This is what I live for.

Buckle up my friend, this is going to be quite the ride.


P.S. I did not make the following video, but it completely sums
up everything I love about Kobe Bryant:

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