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I don’t know why, but this morning I woke up and felt awesome!

It could be because I live in awesome AZ, where it’s always sunny…

It could be because my awesome photographer buddy hit
me up this morn, offering to do a free photoshoot for my company…
[#benefits of attracting awesome people into your life]

Or it could be because a bunch of awesome VIP readers of
Social Mastery Daily sent in their fears, dreams, and concerns
in their dating and social lives…

Either way, those 3 things made me tap-dance out of bed,
and into this email.

So for those of you who wrote in, thank you.

And those of you who haven’t yet… Take action, write in, and
I’ll see what I can do about helpin you out 🙂

Today, I’m going to do a quick Q&A for some of the questions
we’ve received so far:

Alexander the Awesome wrote in with this concern for his
dating/social skills…

Hey, hey! It’s Alexander, Mr. James, and before I say anything else I want to get one thing clear before I answer your questions… You’re awesome 🙂

Now, back to business:

…I am most afraid of causing a scene. Becoming a movie others will be watching when I do something courageous. This… Is definitely my bane, Patrick…

Alex, you truly are awesome.

In fact, I liked this concern so much that I answered it in
my latest video… You can check out that video here:

>> F**K What Other People Think Of You

And basically, what you should take away from this vid are
the following…

1. Do things for yourself first.

When you go out, do it for you.

When you approach a woman, do it because you were genuinely
curious to see if she meets your standards.

Don’t ever do anything for the approval [or avoiding disapproval] of others.

2. Become more present.

So many people today are prisoners of their own minds…

They are constantly thinking about things that have happened
to them in the past, and things that will happen in the future…

As a result, they are not able to simple live in the present, and
enjoy the f$%^&$# moment.

I’m going to challenge you to become more present, by picking
up the new habit of meditating for 10 minutes a day. That’s it!

You see, when you practice the art of sitting down, closing
your eyes, and observing your thoughts, without latching onto them…

Then you are simultaneously practicing the art of “not giving a fuck
what other people think.

Meditation is as simple as not giving a thought more power than it
deserves, by simply not latching onto it as it passes by.

And like the soon to be retired Kobe Bryant would agree with,
Practice makes Perfect.

Practice not-giving-a-fuck by practicing meditation for 10 min/day.

3. Realize that ain’t nobody got time to worry about
Alexander the Awesome “causing a scene”

We as people are WAY more worried about ourselves, than
about others.

Let me ask you a question… Have you ever gone out and
worried about how you were dressed?

Or have you ever spilled a piece of food on your shirt, and then
worried about everybody noticing it?

Well here’s the thing… Just like you are worried about
Becoming a movie others will be watching…” Everybody else
is also worried about themselves.

Too often people [especially women] are so worried
about their own hair, their own wrinkled shirt, or their own breath..
that they don’t realize everybody else is doing the same exact thing.

So when you do something bold, like approach a sexy woman
at the club…

No dude is going to just be sitting there, and just waiting
for the moment that Alexander the Awesome makes his move,
so he can sit there and watch.

It just doesn’t work like that.

And if it does then…

4. It’s impossible to hate on someone who is genuinely having fun.

I’ll be the first to admit… I SUCK at dancing.

However, I love dancing with a fiery burning passion.

And when I go to the club, it’s very likely that you’ll find me
raging my face off on the dance floor.

Here’s the thing. No person in their right mind will ever be able
to look at someone who is genuinely having fun, and hate on them.

Just in the same way that most people in this world love puppy dogs…

Puppies, are naturally attractive to everyone because
they are 100% authentic, are never really outcome dependent,
and love everyone almost equally.

Puppies are never worried about “causing a scene” or
I hope people like me“… They just do them.

Just like you should start doing, Alexander. Do you.

And fuck whoever doesn’t vibe with that.

Lions and sheep were never supposed to
get along anyways.

Moving on…

…I wouldn’t say I have one BIG fear but there are a few small issues; such as approaching groups of girls that I don’t know when I’m out. Even though I’ve done it quite a few times before, I’ve built my state up beforehand. Another issue is the amusing fact that the past 3 girls that I’ve dated have had some sort of emotional issue and would be the kind of girls you’d label as “psycho women” and although it gives me good stories to tell I’d rather not attract those types of women (although I never know if they’re like that until the last stages)…

Thanks for reading man, and I just wanted to say I’ve only been subscribed for you for about a month now but I’m loving your content, keep up the good work!
Matt 😉

Thanks Matt! My ego feels great right now… haha

Here are my initial thoughts on those sticking points…

First off, approaching girls, or even groups of girls, can
definitely be intimidating at first.

However, the more you do it, the sooner you’ll realize that it’s
not really a big deal at all.

Imagine this… You’re sitting down to dinner at a busy restaurant
with 3 of your closest buddies, and you guys are having great
conversation.. When out of nowhere, Jessica Alba approaches you
guys and starts a random conversation with you…

Would you really be that annoyed that Jessica Alba came
over to talk to you guys?

How about if we had that same exact situation, except for instead
of Jessica Alba, a no-name car salesman came up to you guys…

How annoyed would you be with that no-name car salesman?

Here’s the thing:

The only true difference between Jessica Alba, and the car
salesman in this example is that Jessica is both high value, and
only came over to have a good time/give good emotions.

However the no-name salesman is both low-value, and came
with the idea that he was going to try to sell you guys something.
Aka low-value guy, trying to take value.

Now let’s flip the script.

There is no right/wrong way to “approach” a group of girls.

The only thing that you can do is the following:

1. Accept your self-image as a high-value person. Someone that
those ladies would be lucky to talk to.

and 2. Offer value, in the form of positive emotions.

I can’t tell you how many times [because it’s happened so many times] I’ve approached a girl, or group of girls, and had them try to blow me off…

UNTIL, I ignore their negative energy, and continue exuding
great vibes. <– This is the way of The Good Vibes Tribe.

Almost every time this happens, it only takes about 15 seconds
of experiencing my personality before a switch flips in their brains,
and these women go from Ice Queens –> Flirty little puppies.

Those Bi-polar B!tches… haha

I like this topic so much, that I actually made the following Youtube
vids about this exact topic:

>> The Only Way To Expand Your Social Circle

>> First Impressions Are EASY To Change

In fact, I’m dedicating an entire module, in my next program,
to this subject alone…[coming in Jan 2016]…so be on the lookout for that.

And here are my initial reactions to your problem of attracting crazy women…

You Attract What You Are.

So chances are, if you’re doing things like pick-up routines/following advice from self-proclaimed pick-up artists…

Then you are probably attracting a lot of women, who you are not
supposed to naturally vibe with.

I’m not saying that YOU, Matt, are crazy… I am simply saying
that doing things, which are incongruent to your personality, in order
to attract anybody, is crazy.

My whole mission is to make YOU the most naturally attractive, charismatic, and magnetic version of YOU.

So here’s my prescription to you:

Treat every girl the same.

Adopt the Charisma Mindset of “Life is one big party. I’m just here to enjoy it.

Whoever naturally vibes with the version of Matt that goes
out for the #1 purpose of “making sure that Matt has a great
F#^&^$ time, and unapologetically amuses HIMSELF at all times
will come into your life.

I guarantee when you adopt that mentality, the “crazy bitches” will
naturally be repelled away from you.

And you’ll find that the only girls who even have a chance of
entering your life, are super cool, and love life just as much as you do.

That is my promise to you.

And when that happens, don’t forget to shoot me an email,
because I’d love to hear about it.

On that note, my fingers are tired from typing…

Haha, so let me relax them as I spend the rest of the day
filming Project X.

Talk soon,


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