“Can I Kiss You?”


Let’s talk real quick…

Women want the guy who is a leader of men.

Women want the guy who has his sh!t figured out.

Women want to submit all of her inhibitions to the man who is dominating his own life.

And any man who doesn’t convey that in his thoughts, words, and actions, is under-the-radar turning every woman off.

So let’s get real for a second…

The most unattractive behavior that you can possibly do is being uncertain in yourself.

Are you constantly second guessing your decisions?

Are you constantly asking the girl for permission to do something?

*Side story*

When I was a freshman in college my school, K-State, made incoming freshman attend a seminar called “Can I Kiss You?

[What a shitty name, haha.]

The entire point of the speech was that “Each time you want to kiss a girl, instead of going for it, you should stop what you’re doing, and simply ask her ‘can I kiss you?’…

You see, the guy who was giving the talk, was on a mission to stop weird college-aged guys from sexually intimidating women.. And his way of doing this was by completely turning these men into whipped little b*tches…

Here’s the funny part…

When this guy dropped this “Can I kiss you?” line on stage, every girl in the audience went “awwww…

But let me ask you a question… How many times have you ever asked a girl “Can I kiss you?” and had it work out?..

Chances are, NEVER.

This is almost as bad as going up to a girl and saying, “I find you physically appealing, and I really like your personality. Can we please date as boyfriend and girlfriend?

Like, bro… Seriously?!

This just goes to show that women might say the want one thing, but really go after another thing.

I know plenty of women who might say they want a gentleman, who is nice, and will treat her right… But at the same time completely reject those guys for the cocky asshole at the bar.

Do you think Brad Pitt first kissed Angelina Jolie by dropping the line, “Can I kiss you?

F**k no!

Trust me when I tell you this… When a girl wants to kiss you, you will know.

And when you realize that she actually wants you to make the move, the last thing you should do is verbally ask permission for something she is already nonverbally giving you permission to do.

Here are some common signs that you should kiss her…

  • You guys have already been flirting before hand.
  • There is a silence in the conversation.
  • She’s holding that deep eye contact.
  • You don’t notice anything going on around you.
  • She is completely facing you with her torso.

I mean it’s not rocket science dude.

So here’s what I’m going to challenge you to do from here on out…

Instead of asking the girl to kiss her… Just kiss her.

Instead of asking a girl out on a date… Tell her that you’re grabbing drinks, and she should join.

Instead of asking a girl if she wants to be your girlfriend… Just be the kind of badass that she would want to date, and let her come to you.

Be completely certain in everything you do. When you want to do something, do it.

It’s really that simple.

Here’s the thing:

The female’s of this species have been hard-wired in their DNA to want 2 things: Survival and Reproduction.

Thus, what they truly want, at the DNA level, is a man who can 1. Offer them Protection, and 2. Exhibit the most alpha-male behavior, so that the offspring will have the best chance of survival as well.

A man who is constantly seeking approval from the woman, is not offering her any signs of protection, and alpha-behavior.

Asking for permission is beta male behavior.

The king does what he wants, when he wants. He also does this in a win-win fashion for everyone.

That is the true mindset to leverage your Charisma for attracting women.

[Another quick rant: Most guys think that a typical male-female relationship should go like this… ‘Guy asks girl out –> Dinner date –> Dinner date –> First kiss –> Hang out –> Hang out –> Finally have sex –> Guy asks girl to go steady.’

This isn’t the 50’s anymore dude.. And many girls may even tell men that that’s how it should go… But I’m about to crush your reality here for a sec…

Here is how 90% of relationships go, and how you should be framing any of your potential relationships… ‘Girl and guy meet –> Girl is super attracted to guy –> Guy doesn’t know if he likes the girl or not –> Girl and guy make-out –> Girl goes home with guy –> Girl and guy have sex –> Guy still doesn’t know if he likes the girl beyond physical attraction yet –> Girl can’t take the mystery anymore, and asks the guy to be her ‘boyfriend’ –> Guy and girl start officially dating

This little rant may offend a lot of people, however if you completely write it off without first contemplating it’s efficacy, then you’re doing yourself a disservice.

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle]

The next thing that is almost as bad as asking for permission is reaction seeking… Which I’ll go into more detail about tomorrow.

So let’s recap today’s lesson real quick:

1. Quit asking women for permission when you do things.

2. Never ask a girl, “Can I kiss you?” because if she really wanted you to kiss her, you’d know.

3. If you get the signs (listed above) that she wants you to kiss her, then fucking go for it like a man.

4. Women want a man who exhibits alpha behavior, because her genetics tell her that the alpha male is more “fit” to protect her.

5. Seeking permission is a trademark sign of beta-male behavior

6. The king does what he wants, when he wants. He also does this in a win-win fashion for everyone.

7. We will go into greater detail about an equally repelling behavior tomorrow – reaction seeking.

And here are some action steps from this email:

A. Instead of asking questions in any conversation you have for the next few days, make statements.

i.e. Instead of asking “Where are you from?” say “You seem like you’re not from around here.

You’ll be surprised at how simply turning a question into a statement opens the floodgates of conversation.

B. Instead of asking someone to do something with you, tell them that you are already doing it, and invite them along.

i.e. “Hinge Ashley, I’m going to grab margs @ La Mesa tonight around 9… You should come if you promise to bring bucketloads of fun energy.

Let me know how these simple changes work out for ya,


P.S. “Permission seeking” is bad, and completely turns women off.

However, there is one other behavior that is just as repelling, if not more repelling… We’ll dive deeper into that topic tomorrow.

See ya then.