[ inside] Let’s give your Charm a steroid shot right now:

How’s it going my man?
​By this point in the game, you probably already know that remembering someone’s name is possiblty the most Charming things you can do..


However that is the lowest level of charm. It’s a prerequisite.


I have another suggestion for you to put your Charm on a completely different level…


..and this is sure to make you one of those guys that people remember after meeting only one time.


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But first let me ask you a question…


Have you ever read the book, “How To Win Friends and Influence People“?


If not, then definitely check that book out. It is actually the first book that recognized the importance remembering people’s names.


In the words of author Dale Carnegie, “A person’s name is the sweetest sound.


Think about it, you probably love when someone says your name.


There is something called the “Cocktail Party” Effect which states that if you were at a party, and there were hundreds of small conversations going on in the room.. If one person across the room happened to mention your name, you would instantly hear it over all of the white noise.


Yes names are that powerful.
But here is a tip that you definitely won’t find in anything written by Carnegie.


Nicknames are by far one of the quickest ways to deepen your connection that you have with someone, while also making them feel significant at the same time.


Now I’m not talking one of those generic nicknames like “dude” or “boss” or “champ”… We are more creative than that!


I could go on for days about why nicknames are so important, so for the purposes of this newsletter, I’ll give you the top 3 reasons why they instantly make you more Charismatic, and Magnetic:


  1. uniquenickname holds much more weight than a proper name any day of the week.


Think about it, who do you normally give nicknames to?


Chances are, the only people in your life you call by a nickname are the people who you’re good friends with, or have a deep connection with.


That’s how most people are, and when you come up with a unique nickname, that isn’t offensive, then you’ve literally hacked the system.


One key driver to human nature, is the ability to feel significant.


Having a unique nickname given to us, especially if we like that name, gives us a unique position in the group –> feeling significant.


Which brings me into my next point…


  1. Nicknames can make people feel more significant by the frame you openly place on them.


Let me tell you about the first time I realized the power of nicknames.


When I was in college, I played basketball EVERY day.


In fact, I was recognized on campus at the guy who was “always playing ball” at the rec.


There were a handful of guys who were always playing basketball too, and one of these guys’ names was “Collins” [at least that’s what he called himself].


And Collins was pretty cool because he would make it a point to come up with nicknames for everybody on the court that he knew.


So for example, there was one guy who was constantly bossing people around on the court, and one day Collins decided to start calling this guy “Coach”


From that point on, “Coach” became more constructive in his criticism, and actually started to own the role of a “coach.”


I remember, one day Collins started to call me “Nice” insisting that my moves on the basketball court were “nice.”


Obviously I am not going to argue with a unique nickname like that, so every time I played basketball with Collins, I owned that role of “Nice.”


Pretty soon, Collins became the clear leader on the court, and this was mostly due to his ability to make everybody on the court feel more significant thru the nicknames he gave them.


Just remember these nicknames should be unique to that person.


Now, you don’t have to confine this to assigning roles on a sports team. Nicknames works in all areas of your social life.


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Which brings me to…


  1. Playful, fun, and memorable


Outside of making the other person feel more significant, you are also becoming the source of positive emotions.


We as people are naturally going to be Magnetically drawn to the source of good emotions, so giving someone a nickname is makes you stick out as that source.


It’s playful.


For instance, a few days ago was Halloween [AKA the easiest day of the year to come up with nicknames!].


And as I was on the dance floor, in the middle of this huge party, there was a tiny girl dressed in an Indian outfit, with a tiny feather sticking out of her hair…


After sparking a small conversation with her, and getting her actual name, I just started calling her “Little feather, Raging bull” <– A nickname that I genuinely found funny, and one that she probably hadn’t gotten all night.


Just that simple little nickname injected both fun, and positivity, into the interaction, and made me more memorable than any other person she’d met all night… Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before this girl was shoving her number in my phone.


Chances are, if you are in my social circle, you have a nickname that I have given you.


For example, I have a buddy who is the President of his class in school so I call him “Mr. President”


Another one of my friends is obsessed with Beyonce, so I call her

“Sasha Fierce”


As you can see, these don’t have to be super creative.


The only requirements are that the other person should actually like the nickname, and it should be unique to them.


So I’m curious.. How are you going to use the power of nicknames starting today?


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That being said, I’m gonna get out of here today.


Got an interview with a Major podcast this afternoon, and heading to California right after!


So pumped.




B.T.W. Nicknames are cool and all, but I’ve also found that giving someone a nickname makes me actually remember their real name a lot easier.


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