How awesome was Your Halloween? [New Charisma Tip]

I hope you had a great Halloween weekend…

Because mine was phenomenal.

Like seriously.. This year was different for me because normally I don’t like to party very hard on halloween.


Well truthfully it’s because of my repressed childhood memories of this day.

Get this, in middle school I used to be FAT dude…

Like the word “obese” was coined as soon as someone saw this 250 lb. 8th grader, named Patrick James, walking around.

The main reason I got so big was because of the terrible diet I had, and halloween did NOT help.

Every year, I’d go trick or treating with a pillow case, and made sure I didn’t miss a single house in my neighborhood.

That bag would be filled to the brim, and by golly for several months after October 31, my life mission was to finish that bag of candy while watching television.

This was probably the sole reason for me being so phat.

I know this because when I made the conscious decision to stop eating junk food, and start drinking water instead of soda, I lost 70 lbs. in the course of 4-5 months.

That might sound like a lot of weight, however it makes sense because I still played my favorite sport of basketball EVERY day.

That said, when I finally got to high school, hardly anybody recognized me because I so much skinnier.

And although I was probably more physically attractive, I still had the self-image of a kid who had been fat.

This is why I was such a late bloomer when it came to all things self-esteem, Charisma, Social Dynamics, etc.

Anyways, let’s get back to the story…

This halloween was great. It was the first time I got a legit costume, dressed up and went out to a few big parties.

I completely dominated a dance floor. Made a lot of new friends. And had several trolls dressed as attractive women trying to shove their numbers into my phone.. [Silly little monsters, can’t you see I’m just here to have a good time? 😉]

Yet in the midst of all of these shenanigans, I realized something…

When I was in high school, as a much skinnier version of myself than I was used to, it took me forever to build up the self-esteem to go out and be a social badass.

And what dressing up this year made me remember is that to grow into a better version of myself when I was in high school, I had to temporarily drop the frame of “I’m the heavy kid” to “I’m the tall kid who plays basketball” <– two completely different self-images, and two completely different social outcomes.

Seeing all of the people dressed up last weekend reminded me of this.

Just imagine, almost every person in America is dressed up as something they are not, and goes into character for a night.

So why am I telling you this, and how does this apply to you?

Well think about it, if you want to improve yourself, at some point you will have to step outside of what is normal and comfortable for you.

Outside your comfort zone is where growth happens.

However, a lot of people choose to not put themselves into uncomfortable positions because they are worried about what could happen, or what others will think of them.

Not you.

Because you are part of the #CharismaCrew, and you invest your own time into bettering yourself, and reading Social Mastery Daily, I’m going to give you this following trick to demolish your comfort zone without putting any unnecessary stress on yourself.

Here it goes:

I’m not sure exactly where you are in your journey to becoming the most dominant, and attractive version of yourself.. However I do know that there are certain people in your life that you look up to.

Those same people have certain qualities in their personality that you admire, and wish you had some more of in yourself.

This is my challenge to you…

In exactly the same way that people temporarily go into character on Halloween night, I want you to start going into character as the person who has the qualities you admire.

For example, when it came to attracting women and owning a room, my idol was Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love.

I observed everything he did in that movie, and just like osmosis, absorbed those mannerisms into my subconscious.

And for a while, when I’d go out to bars, I would temporarily pretend that I was Ryan Gosling in that movie.

I went into character.

What this did was put my Charisma on command, and made acting like a dominant and attractive male so much easier.

No longer was I stepping outside of my personal comfort zone to do this because I was pretending that I was Ryan Gosling’s character in that movie, not me, and the things I was doing were completely in his comfort zone.

Here’s the best part –> You don’t have to do this for very long.

Once I started to actually feel what it was like to be that guy, my own personal comfort zone was growing as well.

It’s almost like plugging your phone into the charger, while you are still using it.

So when I finally went back to being myself, I had just given my Charismatic abilities a steroid injection and didn’t even know it.

Now let me ask you a question… Who do you admire right now?

What are the qualities you like in that person?

And How are you going to “get into character” the next time you go out?

Let me know how you are going to do those things by replying to this email.

I look forward to seeing your response.

Talk soon,

P.S. November 2015 is going to be a HUGE month for us.

I’ve got a major interview that I’m doing tomorrow. Then I’m headed straight to Newport, CA to learn from a wise mentor of mine, in person.

Big ideas are sure to spawn from this week alone, and major plans will unfold for our team. I can’t wait, my friend.

P.P.S. I’m completely serious about this “going into character” strategy. It’s a loophole in your brain that we are taking advantage of. You will instantly see the results for yourself.

Some characters I recommend modelling:

Russell Brand

Ryan Gosling in Crazy, Stupid, Love

Brad Pitt in Oceans 11

George Clooney in Oceans 11

Vince Vaughn in Wedding Crashers

Tony Stark in Iron Man

Hank Moody in Californication

Vinny Chase in Entourage

Let me know how this works out for you!

Catch ya later. –>