3 Weird Tips To (E X P L O D E) Your Social Network


Have you ever wondered how to throw a party/event so that a lot of people will show up?

Have you ever wondered how to invite people, along with you, to something that YOU actually want to do?

Or have you ever contemplated how to add cool new people into your existing circle of influence?

ALL those things answered in this letter and more…

This is going to be an interesting newsletter because in it you’re not only going to get 3 tips that’ll let you START a badass social circle from scratch…

But these same 3 tips are going to make your social circle EVEN bigger.


However, before we begin.. You must promise me 2 things:


  1. You WILL use this for good.


Things like raising your own social status, improving your social skills, and surrounding yourself with awesome people.


[I do not condone the use of this information to do things like break up marriages, wrongly manipulate others into doing things they don’t want to do, or f*cking someone else’s girlfriend.]




  1. You WILL take immediate Action on what you learn.


I don’t go out into the real world, put my own ego on the line, and live this lifestyle to the fullest for nothing.


If I’m going to drop any value bombs your way, I FULLY expect them to be put to use. Period.


If you think you can handle that, let’s begin.


Social Circle Mastery Law #1: Thou Shalt Never Group Text.


Here’s the thing most “gurus” won’t tell you [simply because most of them have no clue what they are talking about]…

At the end of the day, People simply want to feel significant.

That’s it.


Outside of the need for survival and reproduction… force to most people’s motivations.


Why do dude’s at the club want to be seen at the fancy table blocked off with the velvet red rope?..


Why do chick’s want to be seen with, and f*ck, the dudes standing at the fancy table blocked off with the velvet red rope?..


Why do you want the fancy car, with the big house, and the high status job title?…


Dude, I don’t know what the answer to life, and the universe is, but one thing I DO know is that the answer to all those questions above is “Significance.”


In fact, this is what makes people like Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, Russell Brand, and JFK so Charismatic…
When they talk to you, they make you feel as if you’re the only person in the world….

CHAPTERS of books have been dedicated to their mystical ability to have this effect on people.

All the intricacies of Charisma are an entirely different topic on it’s own…


But one way that you can use this force of human nature, to your advantage, is to simply eliminate Group texts from your phone all together.


If you know that you want to throw a party, and you are going to invite 10 people to it…


Avoid at all costs sending a massive group text to all 10 people.


Sending one massive group text [or even two group texts of 5 people] inviting them to your party is NOT going to make them feel significant.


Good luck getting a good turnout with this mentality.


On the other hand, if you sent out 10 entirely separate, and completely unique invites, then those invites would all carry A LOT more weight.


Try this out, and see for yourself.


Social Circle Mastery Law #2: Thou Shalt Carry Out The Plans No Matter What.


Let me give you two different examples of potential invites that you can send out:


  1. Hey mike, I might be going to dinner tomorrow night at (insert restaurant). Would you be interested in possibly going?




  1. Mike! Going to dinner tomorrow night for some good vibes and good times at (insert restaurant). Would be awesome if you joined.


Which invite sounds more enticing to you?


Option One implies that the plans are not already set in stone…


They also imply that the other person has the option to say “No,” AND that “Mike” has at least some influence on if “dinner at (insert restaurant)” actually happens. <– That’s a lot of responsibility for one person to handle.


However, Option Two implies that YOU are already going to dinner, there are other people who might already be going along, and whether mike shows up or not, the dinner is going to be a good time…


Option Two takes ALL of the responsibility away from Mike, and now the only choice he has to make is to join in on the fun time or not.


The only thing that would make that invite stronger is if you included a specific time, and some people that are already going…


For instance, “Mike! Going to dinner for some good vibes and good times tomorrow night at (insert restaurant) @9:37 sharp. Jim, Shari, and that busty blonde we met at Sandbar last weekend are coming too. Would be awesome if you joined.


Including an actual time implies even more that this is happening with or without Mike…and when you name other people specifically, you add in the luxury of “Social Proof.”


If you don’t know what “Social Proof” is, just think of it in the same way as a testimonial in any sales pitch.

We are more likely to do something if we see other people doing it… Just another influence trigger that you can, and SHOULD, use to your advantage.

Social Circle Mastery Law #3: Thou Shalt Talk To Other People Whilst Out.


It IRKS me every time I go out with people and they refuse to talk to anybody outside of who they came with.


For whatever reason people in todays’ society have been conditioned from a young age that it is “wrong” to talk to strangers.


So when they go out, they’ll refuse to spark a conversation with people that they don’t know…


Many people’s palms get sweaty just at the thought.


Here’s the thing, if you ever want to improve your people skills, become more Charismatic, or expand your social circle, you have to be COMPLETELY comfortable with speaking to strangers.


I often call the journey to developing your people skills “Self-Help on Steroids


…because there is no better way to learn things like State Control, Becoming More Grounded in your own personality, Self-Acceptance, and Self-Esteem than putting yourself out there with someone you’ve never met [and is probably judging your every move with each passing second].


This is why I personally enjoy going out to bars and clubs at night and talking to random people…

There is nobody who is going to judge you harder, and give you faster feedback, than a hot girl who has been already been “approached” 100 times that night.

While we’re on the topic of “cold-approaching” I want to point out that I loath this word.


The term “approach” implies that you are inherently seeking value from the other person. Almost as if you are inconveniencing them for taking any of their time.




One of the things I always teach about “Charisma” is something that I literally call “The Charisma Mindset.”


This mindset is achieved by simply changing the way you frame your day/night in your own head.


Here is “The Charisma Mindset” in a nutshell:


– From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, I think of my day as one big party.


– This is MY party and I’m going to have fun no matter what.


– Because of the fact that my party is so awesome, it would be SELFISH for me to withhold this fun from anyone else.


With this mindset, you are no longer “approaching” anybody… You are simply “Bringing them into your fun”.

This way of thinking is inherently coming from the paradigm of Offering Value.

And now when you “bring someone into your party” you can’t feel bad when they are dumb enough to not want to join in.


Rejection is a thing of the past.


Imagine if “Pick-up Artists” knew about this mentality. They would most likely be out of a job. [Or they’d see even more success, because now they are just being a cool person rather than a creepy value-seeker.]


So when you go out with your social circle, don’t be afraid to banter with the waitress who is serving your table…


Don’t be afraid to turn to the people at the table next to you and ask for their opinion on an interesting conversation that you guys are having at your table…


Certainly don’t be afraid to spark a conversation with the super cute girl who is standing by herself, and yearning for someone to add some excitement into her life.


The only caveat I would add: Remember that YOU are out with YOUR friends. So don’t worry having to talk to new people everywhere you go.


Do what feels right, do what feels natural, but most importantly don’t be afraid to invite others into your fun.


On that note, I have a lot more “Tricks-of-the-trade” for ya, but I think these 3 are a GREAT start.


So what are you waiting for?!


Get out there and start Taking Action. I’ll be doing the same.


That’s my cue.



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