Weird Steve Jobs Confidence Secret


I want to share a quote with you…


Due to the recent release of a new Steve Jobs movie, I decided to re-read
one of my favorite biographies – Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.


If you haven’t read this book yet, I HIGHLY recommend it.


Not only will you learn about Steve Jobs as a person,
but you will also pick up on his different mannerisms…


You learn what made Steve tick, and how he approached any situation
in his life.


I’ve personally learned about how he used powerful eye contact
to influence almost everybody he met.


However there is one particular lesson that I want to share with you today,
and it comes from a quote that one of Jobs’ coworkers said about him:


There can be something he knows absolutely nothing about,
and because of his crazy style and utter conviction,
he can convince people that he knows what he’s talking about.” – Jony Ive


Speaking in terms of influencing people,
and leadership skills, there is no better trait
than being able to get others to trust your judgements.


This is why I always teach my students to speak with more CONVICTION.




Would you follow someone if you felt they weren’t 100% certain
in everything they did?


A great way to judge if you are speaking with conviction
is to notice if the inflection of your voice raises at the end of each sentence…


For example, read these two sentences out loud:


“We should eat pancakes for dinner?”


“We should eat pancakes for dinner.”


Did you notice it?


They are the same sentence, with the only difference being CERTAINTY.


Here’s the secret though… You don’t have to actually know
if what you’re saying is right.


Conviction in your thoughts, words, and actions, is a choice.


You may not always be 100% confident in your words, however you can choose to be certain about them.


The President is not always completely certain that everything he does is right..


He just knows that people rely on his decisions,
so he does what he feels is best, and rolls with it.


I’m going to challenge you to do the same from now on.


There is a story from Jobs’ biography about when Apple came out
with the first iMac…


The original iMac had a blue-ish tint to it, and was see-through..


The goal was to make computers less intimidating to the non-tech savvy consumer.


This was a “smart” marketing decision.. However, here’s the twist:


Steve thought they would reach a bigger audience
if they made the computer in multiple different colors…


The only catch is, to make multiple different colors
would mean paying more money for producing, and stocking,
all of these different colored computers.


[A risky decision to make especially when he didn’t even know
if people would appreciate this gesture.]


Many other major tech companies would have required MONTHS
of market research, COUNTLESS powerpoint presentations
and MULTIPLE meetings to decide if making different versions
of the same computer would be profitable.


However Steve had his own intuition…


He didn’t just think this would be a smart decision,
he had ABSOLUTE conviction in this decision…


He also loathed powerpoint presentations,
so something that should have taken months to decide on
was done in a matter of minutes.


That being said, it’s pretty easy to convince others that you know
what you’re talking about… the hard part is to actually ACT on your intuition.


The ability to ACT, on decisions you’re not 100% confident about,
takes courage.


So before we get out of here today, I want to give you one exercise
to build up your COURAGE muscle…which will help you to carry yourself
with more Conviction, and inspire others to follow your lead.


Constantly be Stepping outside of your comfort zone.


This means that if you contemplate any decision, and you feel any tension,
or nervousness, than you should go for it.


If you are going to a new restaurant, pick the first item you see on the menu, and don’t even look at the other options.


If you haven’t left your city for months. Cancel all of your plans one weekend and travel to a city you’ve never been to, by yourself.


If you have never been skydiving, and the thought of it makes your heart drop to your stomach, say “F*CK it” and go skydiving anyways.


Everybody’s comfort zone is different. Decide where your boundaries are,
and actively do whatever you can to step just outside of them.

If your current comfort zone is currently at a 5,
challenge yourself to go to a 7.


Not only will your comfort zone grow MASSIVELY
as you continue to do this, but your life experiences will be unparalleled.


You will become a more well-rounded person.


You will finally be living life on your own terms,
and not confined to the boundaries set upon you by others.


The conversations you have with people will be more interesting
because you’ll now have unique perspectives to offer.


Someone who lives life for themselves first, inspire others
to also be more free. <– Which is why this is such a magnetic trait.


People are naturally drawn to two types of people:


1. Those who remind us of ourselves, and…


2. Those who we want to be like.


And here’s the absolute truth: We ALL want to be more free.


So if you start to live a life with no boundaries, and truly ARE free.
Others will respect, and be attracted to that.


That being said, today is Sunday


I think I’m going to go on a hike today… Why?


Because nature scares the hell out of me, and I’m CERTAIN
that I’ll grow from doing something I don’t normally do.


How are you going to step outside of YOUR comfort zone today?…


Reply to this post and let me know!


Share this with your friends, and challenge THEM
to step outside of their comfort zones.


Live life for yourself. Share the value. And I’ll see you at the top in no time.


Talk soon,


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away from them?…