Surefire way to BREAK out of your shell:


Dude, let me tell you about what happened last night…

You may or may not know this about me, but I absolutely love karaoke.

The ability to get up and show off what I practice everyday in the shower is a blessing sent straight from the of heavens, and right into dive bars all across America.


That being said, most people go about karaoke completely wrong.

I’ll go into karaoke bars and see these people get up, and sing their heart out…

Most of the time these songs are completely depressing, and not at all fun to listen to.

[Also you can tell that these sorts of people absolutely live for the chance to get up and sing depressing songs to bars full of drunk people because they have nothing else going on for them in their lives.]

Dude, when I go out, you better believe that I’m going to pick a song for myself that is not only fun for me, but also for everybody else.

You know, one of those songs where as soon as you hear the opening beat, everybody in the place stands up and starts yelling “OHHHH!”

Those are the kinds of songs I love.

I don’t love karaoke as a hobby, I love it as a way to break out of my shell.

So if you ever see me at a place that has an open mic, don’t expect to catch me hanging out there all night, I’ll normally only be there at the very beginning of the fun…


Because, like I said, it gets me out of my shell, and gets my social juices flowing.

Social Dynamics, and Charisma, are certainly things that abide by the laws of physics.. Specifically Inertia.

Things in motion tend to stay in motion. Things at rest tend to stay at rest.

So at the beginning of any night, or when you first leave your house for the day, momentum is not in your favor.

You’ll most likely feel stifled, and in your head.

You won’t feel like talking to anybody.

This is why, I’m always consciously putting myself out there, and sparking conversations with strangers left and right.

However, when I go out, I tend to enjoy jolting my ego with so much momentum that I feel almost unstoppable for the rest of the night.

The way I achieve this, is through karaoke.

A few of my go-to songs are:

Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It – Will Smith

Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice

and I Drive Myself Crazy – N’Sync

The reason this method works is because of the way our brains have been wired evolutionary.

Back in our caveman days, we had to avoid drawing too much attention to ourselves or else some Wooly Mammoth was bound to make us his dinner – and that same fear sticks with us today.

All you have to do is man up, and show that ancient subconscious of yours that you are NOT in danger of being eaten by ginormous elephants with horns.

So when the DJ calls my name, and hands me a microphone, you better believe that I am nervous as hell.

But when I hear the beat, and start rapping the words that I know all too well…

Then my brain realizes, “Oh shit, I guess there is no danger here… I guess I’ll chill the f*ck out.

This is why I also choose songs that I know people will like hearing, because when I can get a whole crowd cheering me on, it takes any residual social anxiety and drops a nuke on it.

From that point on, I’m in the zone.


And nothing is holding me back for the rest of the night from talking to the people I want to, and saying the things I want to.

So back to last night… This is the exact thing I did before going bar-hopping with some friends.

Not only did rapping in front of an entire bar put me into a great state, but my Charisma was on fleek, and being the life-of-the-room was a cinch.

Moral of the story:

If you currently struggle with over-thinking when in social environments…

If you aren’t as Charismatic as you’d like to be…

Or if you want women to look at you with googly-eyes for no good reason at all…

Then make a conscious effort to Nuke your Social Anxiety by starting off your night with something completely embarrassing for you, and putting it on public display.

For me, this is karaoke.

But for you it could be as easy as:​

Suddenly dropping to the floor in a crowded room, doing 10 pushups, then jumping back up and yelling “Ole!”


Moon walking into the center of a group of girls, and then high-fiving all of them, doing a Michael Jackson spin, and moon walking back out of the group.

Get creative with this man.

And if you’re currently too afraid to do something this outlandish.. You could continue to sit on the sidelines, and go about this the old fashioned way..

However, I’ll be over here, with the rest of the top guys in the #CharismaCrew dominating this shit.

This is your chance man.. The choice is yours.


P.S. Tonight starts the halloween celebration! How are you going to stand out tonight?