Quite possibly the MOST Powerful Influence tactic I know…

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That being said, let’s get into today’s message…


Do you know about the power of Influence?


The power to get anybody to accommodate to your will?


I’m not talking evil manipulation.. What we’re discussing here is the ability to influence people in a fashion that is Win-Win.


If you have ever read the book Influence by Robert Cialdini, then you realize how commonly human nature is taken advantage of using the influence techniques of marketers…


For example, it is very common for businesses to utilize the “Contrast Bias” when convincing others to buy their shit…


i.e. This product is valued at $1200, but for today only we have decided to drop the price down to $400!


The Contrast Bias, which is hard-coded within our brains, makes that offer VERY tempting simply because $1200 seems like a lot when compared to a number like $400… Heck EVEN I want to check out that product, and I don’t even know what it is!


Yet here’s the thing, and here’s why it’s such a good influence trigger… $1200 is a completely ARBITRARY number… What if I compared $1200 to $3700? How does that number seem now?


Many people don’t like to learn influence techniques because they feel like they are wrongly coercing people to do things against their will.. However I challenge you to think in a WIN-WIN fashion.

Truth is, influence makes the world go ’round. Literally.


At a time when people believed that the world was flat, Christopher Columbus had to convince people to let him sail across the ocean using the power of his influence.


Picture life without any of your essential material items.. Light bulbs, phones, radios, computers, etc..


The thing is, you would have never bought those things, unless you were influenced to do so on some level.


Without any further ado, let’s get to the REAL juice of this message: 


This is quite possibly the MOST influential tactic that I know of, and it is definitely NOT something that was covered in Bob Cialdini’s book.


I call it “Shaping someone’s reality


Now, this could be used for good, as well as evil. So be cautious.


I’m going to tell you a story of the first time I realized someone used this on me, and you’ll be able to figure it out from there…
So earlier this year I had a BIG birthday party.


I sent out tons of invites to my immediate Inner Circle, and planned this huge event…


One week before the party though, a girl approached me… 

Now I knew this girl, and certainly had nothing against her, but she just didn’t happen be in my immediate circle of friends that got invited to the party.


So she approached me in a natural way, and asked me the following question…


Hey Patrick, so I know your party is coming up, and I was wondering if I could come?… I realize that we don’t talk that much, but I’ve always seen you as a pretty chill person, and I admire that about you.


Did you notice it?


When she originally asked to come to the party, I was going to say something witty and challenging, because I tend to do things like that for self-entertainment purposes…


However the second she told me that she’s “always seen me as a pretty Chill person” my self-image was temporarily shaped into that reality.


It was right at that second that I thought to myself, “I AM a chill person.


So from that second on, I approached the situation as if I were a “Chill” person.


Now, it doesn’t matter if I actually am normally pretty chill or not, but the fact that she told me she sees me in that way, REMINDED me that I can be.


So instead of coming back with some witty remark I said something like “Yea, of course you can come to my party” (after all I am “chill” right?)


The thing is, I would have let her come anyways, but she subtly influenced me to come that that decision much easier.

Now here’s how you can use this for evil:


[and I’m ONLY telling you this so that you DON’T unknowingly do this to other people]


If someone comes to you for advice on something..


Say, for example, life advice on if they should go to college or not…


And they tell you that they want to start their own business instead of going to school.


Regardless of your views on school, realize that in this situation you have the ultimate chance to shape their reality…


So if you subtly imply that they should go to college because you don’t think they’ll succeed in business without a degree… Then you have just unknowingly shaped their reality to believe that they NEED a degree to be successful..


Which in reality, isn’t true at all! All you need is an open mind, a big heart, massive ambition, and the willingness to learn on the fly.


However, if you imply that they need a degree, and they decide to go against your will and start their business anyways…


Well just know that you put that extra burden on them to NOT succeed…


At SOME level you went Leo DiCaprio on his ass and used Inception to plant a poisonous idea in his head.

See why this stuff can be used for evil as well?


That being said, this is easily one of the most powerful, yet underutilized influence triggers known to man.


Use with caution.


Use for GOOD.


But most importantly USE it to your advantage.


Talk soon,




B.T.Dubs… This isn’t the ONLY trigger you can use to influence others.. Not even close!


And although it’s by far one of the most powerful, it’s not the end-all-be-all of influence techniques.


This trigger alone will get you to first base, but if you’re anything like me, then you want to hit a home run.


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I can already see you now…
Sitting in VIP with a supermodel under your arm, and these dudes standing around you wondering “How is he doing this?

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