3-texts to get ANYBODY out with You



Isn’t life just AWESOME when we’re magnetically attracting the best people and opportunities into our lives?

Isn’t it awesome how men, women, friends, mentors, and money are all basically attracted to us on autopilot?

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Great! Because I do too.

And today, we are going to improve our communication, and influence skills EVEN more because I’m going to give you a secret that I have never revealed publicly.

This secret is something that I use on an almost daily basis to invite girls out to social events, friends to hang out, and even to throw parties
and get LOTS of people to show up.

The secret is actually an acronym, that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

Don’t underestimate the POWER that this acronym holds either…

People in the know have used it to make BILLIONS in cold hard cash
because they’ve applied it to their business lives too.

However I must warn you, dude…

Once you see the power contained in the rest of this newsletter,
there is no turning back.

It’s almost like taking the red pill from the matrix.

Once you know about it, you’re basically F*CKED because if you don’t use it, you’ll always know in the back of your head that you can do better.

However if you do choose to use it, and you do so wisely, then the riches
and spoils of becoming one of the worlds most attractive and influential people will be in your power.

You’ll live life on YOUR terms.

[and idk about you, man, but that’s the ONLY way I want to live]

So you have 2 choices, right now…

“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”


[What’s it going to be?…]

If you’re still here… let’s dive into the rabbit hole.

This acronym, in a nutshell goes: AttentionInterestDesireAction

Or how YOU are going to remember it: AIDA

You see, to get anybody to do anything, you must FIRST get their Attention.

Then, once you have their full attention, you must keep them Interested.

In today’s world, everything is SO fast paced…

Meaning that unless you are interesting, or have some relevance,
it’s unlikely that anybody will even listen to you in the first place.

However, now that you have peaked some interest we must first
build up Desire before we get into the Action.

In other words, make the other person actually want to do what we want
before actually asking them to.

And finally, you tell ’em what’s up!..

Get them to conclude that they must take action.

So I’m about to give you a practical example of how you can use this acronym when inviting people out to any social event that you might be putting together, but first…

I have 2 rules…

Rule #1: Any text you ever send to people should not be extremely long.

In fact, you should aim to accomplish the point of your text in the shortest amount of words possible.

Rule #2: No more than a few seconds of thought into any text.

Too often, people are trying to be super witty, or clever over text,
and frankly the ROI is not there at all.

You have no clue what state of mind the other person will be in
when they read your message, and thus shouldn’t waste your time
trying to say something that may go overlooked anyways.

So let’s put AIDA to use…

Anytime I want to invite someone out to something
I’ll almost always refrain from straight up inviting them in the first text…
Actually I won’t even mention it.

The only goal I have in ANY first text is to spark some sort of emotional response…

This is something in NLP called a “Pattern Interrupt”.

All I want to do is interrupt whatever pattern they are currently in,
and get their ATTENTION by sparking some emotion.

Could be bad, could be good, could be curiosity, could be anything!
The only trick is to not make it super “gamey” or “reaction seeking”.

My favorite way to do this?

VERY SIMPLE. I’ll call them by a nickname that only I call them,
and nobody else does…

So for example, one of my buddies is the President of his class in his school…

If I were to text him, hoping to invite him to dinner with a group of friends,
the first thing I’d say is something like:

“Mr. President, I HATE running out of limes when taking shots of tequila.”

***Note: the nickname alone sparks an emotion, whatever you say after
that is almost irrelevant. However, if you can say something super random
like in the example above, it’ll spark an even bigger emotional response.***

Due to the nature of this first text, you will not only get a response,
but they’ll be responding from a place of positive emotions.

Because the text I sent sparked emotion, and was super random,

it most likely made them feel at least slightly better than they felt before hand.

The next step is easy. Keep their INTEREST.

No matter what they respond with, all you will have to do is give a light-hearted, normal/cool/chill guy response.

[BTW, if you know about The Most Charismatic Thing that you can do,
then this step will be a breeze.]

So for practicality, let’s say he gave me the most bland/boring response ever…

i.e. “Haha I’m more of a Whiskey person.”

All I would do is form a quick response using the info he gave me.

Another great way to think about keeping interest is “Forming a connection.

All you’re doing is getting some quick rapport, so I’d form a short response based on something he said.

I’d probably respond with something like:
“To me whiskey is more of a chill and contemplate life drink.
Tequila makes me go nuts! In a good way”

A few quick asides about that response:

A – I put no more than like 3 seconds of thought into it, and it was the first thing that came to my mind…

B – I didn’t ask him a question, hoping to get a response.
I say what’s on my mind with the FULL assumption that he will respond…

C – I haven’t even mentioned my plans yet..
that is coming in the THIRD text we send.

Let’s say he comes back with something even more bland than the last text like,

“Really? I feel like Whiskey makes me happy”

This is where I finally bring out the big guns!

Creating Desire, by alluding to my plans:

“That’s awesome man! Going to dinner tomorrow night with the gang.
You should come.”

Have you ever heard of FOMO: “Fear Of Missing Out”???

FOMO is the KEY reason this last text works so well!

There was no hard-selling done… It was just a simple invite, from a cool guy,
who is already doing this thing anyways…

“Fear of missing out” is what creates enough desire to actually make this person want to come.

And from here, the ACTION of course is just setting him up with the specifics like time, place, and who is actually going [You can figure that out on your own.]

So let’s recap real quick:

The First text you send is purely to grab their Attention.

I usually do this by calling them a nickname that only I am known to call them by.

However, anything that you know will spark some sort of emotion in them will work.

Using some sort of an open loop will tend to work as well.

The Second text you send is purely to spark their Interest in the conversation.

I always do this by riffing off of whatever they said back to me.

I won’t really be asking any questions about what they said, I’ll just make a short, and witty comment about whatever it is that they said.

The Third and final text in this sequence is where I almost 100% allude to some sort of future action that I would like them to take.

If it’s a party I’m inviting them too, this will be where I mention the party.
If it’s a date, this is where I mention that we’re going to grab a few drinks.

Note, this is not where I tell them the time or the actual place.
If they want to know this info, then they will have to ask for it themselves…

This is sparking them to invest EVEN more into the interaction.

Thus, any text after the third one is simply to let them know the details,
and that it would be awesome if they joined along.

You are not asking them to come.
You are not begging them to come.
You let them know that it IS happening, and it would be “cool if they came.

FOMO is what amps up the desire for them to come,
and sparking them to invest by asking for details
is the icing on the cake that gets them to take Action.

AIDA, Comprende?

Just to prove that this 3-text sequence strategy works,
here are a few examples of how I have used it to get GIRLS out on dates,
or even to get their number from tinder so that I can use it again
to get them on a date:


tinder 1
[Exhibit A: Girl from Tinder, she had a picture with a cat.]

tinder 2
[Exhibit B: Another girl from Tinder, I happen to like dogs.]

[Exhibit C: ​Met this girl at a bar on her B-day.]

text 4text 5
[Exhibit D+E: ​A girl I met while out with my social circle… What’s with this b-day theme?]

Look dude, this is really THAT simple.

I have just given you the keys to the kingdom, use them wisely…

That being said, I am only scratching the surface here
with my infinite storehouse of Social Dynamics knowledge…

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