Anchors, Tools, Crutches, and YOU!



Hey man, gonna make this a quick newsletter.


Not because I don’t love spending time with you guys, but simply because this message is pretty straightforward.


And once you get it, you’ve GOT it.


Not to mention I have the rest of the day to fucking dominate. So let’s get to the point, shall we?


I want to discuss something that NLP experts refer to as “Anchoring.”


What this basically means is that anytime you perform an action, or go through any particular set of movements, then a very predictable result takes place.


An example:


When I was in college, me and my friends would all “pregame” by consuming copious amounts of alcohol and blasting music. Then we would go out, be in “state”, and tend to have a great time.


The alcohol + music combo was an ANCHOR for getting us into that Charismatic state.


Music is also a very common anchor for many people while they work out.


It pumps them up.


And anchors are cool. In fact, they are Awesome.


I always recommend knowing what anchors YOU have in your life so you can use them to your advantage.


Is it a certain hat that you wear when you go out in public, and it makes you feel great?


Is it drinking coffee in the morning before you go to work?


I know for me personally, I do this thing where I power pose while I walk..


I’ll be walking down the street and I’ll hold my hands in the air, and point to the sky like I just won a race or something.




It’s an ANCHOR that makes me feel fucking fantastic!


I use this strategically whenever I feel tired, or I’m not feeling like my normal/super charismatic self.


It is a TOOL in my toolbag, that I use strategically.


In fact there is a story about Frank Sinatra, and how he would like to drink and party, but whenever he would work on his album, or any particular song, he didn’t like to drink.


But he KNEW that his anchor wasn’t necessarily the alcohol that made him Charismatic, it was physically holding a cup while he was performing.
So when in performance, he would hold his cup that was full of some non-alcoholic beverage, and it would bring out his best attributes. And the bright side is, nobody in the audience knew the difference.


But there is one thing that I want to specifically talk about today that has actually been on my mind a lot lately.


And that is the concept of when your “anchor” becomes your “crutch”.


What do I mean by this?


Well many people have anchors, in fact we ALL have them.


But what happens when we take away this anchor?


What if you had this awesome joke, or teasing line, that you always told to a girl and it tended to make them attracted to you? Would you be able to achieve the same result without that line?


If you are used to drinking lots of alcohol when you go out, what would happen if you went out and didn’t have anything but water to drink? Would you still be able to have a good time?


If not then that anchor of yours just became a requirement, and you feel like you NEED it to be your best self.


Which by the way, is completely false.


The second you realize that a tool in your ginormous toolbag has turned into a crutch that you require.. You must expell yourself of this crutch like it’s the black plague.


If you are constantly relying on one certain anchor to achieve a result, then you quickly become a one-trick pony.


Not good.


But lucky for you, you are here..


With us at the Social Highlife..


You read Social Mastery Daily..


And you have invested in me as your Charisma Consultant.


So I’m about to give you some insight on how you can rid yourself of these crutches, and get you back on the right track in no time.


This is a simple 3-step process, and I’m just going to give you some fair warning.. This is not for the weak-willed.


Look I don’t know how much courage you have at this moment, but I DO know that you have the potential to be a certified BADASS, so you must promise me that you WILL take action on this.


Not for me, but for You.


Because this process will skyrocket your results.


This process is not going to be easy. But here is the thing, its not supposed to be easy.


If it were easy then EVERYBODY would be Charismatic..


If it were easy then EVERYBODY would be successful…


But it’s not easy, so accept it, and decide what side of the fence you are going to be on.


Without any further ado, you have been warned.


Step 1: Realize when your anchor has become a crutch.


You do this by asking yourself, “What would happen if I took away this one thing?


So in the alcohol example… What would happen if you didn’t drink when you went out?


If you get butterflies in your stomach.. If your palms get sweaty.. If you imagine taking away that one thing and you get nervous…
Then that thing is quickly becoming something you rely on.


Step 2: Admitting to yourself that this crutch is only putting a ceiling on how great YOU can be.


If every time you are in public and you become uncomfortable, and your immediate response is to pull out your phone and pretend that you just received an important text message…


Realize that pulling out your cell phone in that situation is only going to become a crutch that keeps your from actually pushing through the bullshit, and putting best self out there.


Whenever you get uncomfortable, you are choosing the safety of looking at your cell phone over TAKING MORE ACTION and facing the uncertainty that comes with sparking conversation with people around you.


The lack of action taking in that situation is only holding you back.


Step 3: Reframe that crutch into a tool by having the Courage to drop it all together.


This trains your courage muscle.


This expands your comfort zone.


The alcohol example is something that I can personally relate to because I relied on liquid courage almost entirely when I was in college to have a good time.


When I went out for the first time without drinking, I felt stifled.
I felt inadequate.


I didn’t have the Charisma that I was used to.


It sucked.


And at this moment I went through this 3-step process in my head.


But instead of going BACKWARD to my comfort zone, and consuming alcohol, I said:


FUCK my Comfort Zone.


And I took this obstacle on as a Challenge.


I took MORE action.


Action is ALWAYS the Answer <– Write that down.


I told myself “If Michael Jordan can win a playoff game in the NBA with a 103 degree fever, then I can certainly have a great time without the crutch of alcohol.”


So for a period of time, I dropped this crutch all together.


I re-trained my brain so that I didn’t NEED anything but my own Charm and natural Charisma to be my BEST self.


And eventually it happened…


I started to learn how to to SELF-AMMUSE.


I learned how to draw my own state from within, rather than from external sources.


And just like that something that USED to be a crutch just became another tool.


I no longer NEED alcohol to be Charismatic.


And just imagine the impact this had on my bank account, my health, and my SOCIAL SKILLS.




So let me ask you now.. What are your anchors?..


Are these anchors tools or crutches?


And do you have the COURAGE to drop your crutches all together?


If so, then the future is BRIGHT for you, my friend.


Follow this 3-step process as needed, and I’ll see you at the top in no time, mothafucka! 🙂




P.S. The Magnetic Personality Formula is coming…