The Uncertainty Trick



HEY, long time no see. What’s up homie?


Today has been a pretty eventful day because, 1 people are trying to delay the release of The Magnetic Personality [coming to a macbook pro near you soon 🙂] and I simply WON’T settle for it, and 2 I finished reading a book earlier today.


I always LOVE finishing a book because it means I’m THAT much smarter, and now I get to read an entirely NEW book.


But little do people know.. I have a tradition of mine every time I finish a book, and am about to start a new one.


Here is my routine in a nutshell:


Step 1: Close book


Step 2: Walk to my MASSIVE bookshelf


Step 3: Pick up book I have yet to read [I actually invest in up to 5 new books a month at this point. It’s my way of “investing in my self-education,” which is a very famous Jim Rohn philosophy].


Step 4: Reflect on the book BEFORE I read it. I’ll read the title, and the description, and think to myself “What kind of value do I hope to get out of this book?” and “What sort of topics do I expect them to discuss, and how are those going to help me?


When I do this routine, it literally gets my mind flowing with all of these good ideas of how I hope this book is going to contribute to the wonderfully awesome story of my life.


So the book I actually decided that I want to read next is called “The Art of Uncertainty.”


Which I think is pretty obvious what I can expect this book to be about.


SO this got me thinking..


Where do I tend to utilize the “Art of Uncertainty” within my own social life, and my social skills, and my charisma, and my charm, and the development of my own Magnetic personality?


Which then made me remember this trick that I tend to use quite often when in conversation with people I’ve just met.


[Since the conception of this newsletter, this trick has since been coined “The Uncertainty Trick.”]


Now in a second I’m going to tell you this trick, BUT I have 2 very important disclaimers:


1… This trick can be used for evil.


This simple “routine” [if you will] is so natural, and so under the radar, yet SO simple to employ that the other person INSTANTLY feels a pull of attraction to you.


Hence, you should definitely use with caution.


2… I DO not condone the regular use of it.


Like I said I tend to use this often, but I wouldn’t say I use it EVERY time I meet someone.


If you know me, and what I teach here at the Social Highlife, then you know that I’m not a fan of rapport routines, gimmicks, lines, games, etc.


And this is simply because THEY WORK. If you are able to come across congruent with a memorized line or routine, then it will work, without a doubt, about 70% of the time.


[However, since I personally came up with this one, it will work about 95% of the time because I’m simply all about low risk, high reward, high ROI content.]


The reason I hate that they work so well is because people become too reliant on them.

Many coaches, consultants, and gurus out there are almost entirely reliant on these sorts of things.. which means that when they are in a situation where their canned material won’t work, they SUCK socially.


I 100% support the use of something like this if it is SIMPLY a tool in your toolbag. Not a crutch that you need to get you through the day.


I personally have a MASSIVE tool bag, with many tools, a MASSIVE bookshelf, and a MASSIVE…. ego.


So if you can promise me that you will take this trick for what it is. Use it sparingly. Use with caution, and that you’ll Immediately take action on it, then let’s continue…


[Last thing, you will probably only be doing this with women because it is a very good flirting technique as well. But it can work on all genders, just make sure you don’t say it with the same sort of challenging tonality to the CEO of your company that you would to the cute blonde at the bar.]


The Uncertainty Trick:


When you meet someone new.. at a bar, nightclub, grocery store, coffee shop, library, strip club.. It is very likely that early on in the interaction you guys will exchange names with each other.


After you exchange names, you will continue the conversation…


And if you know The Most Charming Thing that you can possibly do, then the conversation is guaranteed to be interesting.


About 5-10 minutes into the conversation, when you guys have hit a HIGH point, and you can tell that the other person is sufficiently interested in talking to you in this moment, say the following line with a little hint-of-a-smile on your face:


By the way, what’s my name?


Right away you will for sure see the persons’ eyes go up as they start to search their brain for the right answer to your question.


Once this happens, one of two things will occur…


One, they will remember your name and from here you can say something like:


I like you, we can be friends.” and say this in a joking way, with a smile on your face as you high five them [or if it’s a girl, you can bring her in for a hug.]


And from here you can go into a spiel about how “It’s so rare to meet someone in today’s world that actually remembers people’s names, this is why it’s also so charming to be the kind of person who actually does remember everybody’s name. blah. blah. blah.


Or the second option,


They simply don’t remember your name.


From this point you can BUST on them for “being rude,” and “how disappointed you are in them.


Almost always, right after you bust on them in a playful way, they will say something like “Ok, tell me your name, I won’t forget it this time.


And then I’ll reply, “Ok I’ll tell you my name, [insert their name here to show just how charming YOU are], but you better not forget this shit because I’m going to be so mad if you do.” <– #Challenge –> #MagneticAttraction


And there you go. The UNCERTAINTY trick. Use at will, and use with CAUTION.




What if they say something like, “Well what’s my name?


If you remember their name, just say it like it’s no big deal for you to remember the name. i.e. “Lisa.”


Charming AND Challenging.


Or if you don’t remember their name, you can just simply say “Hey, don’t try to flip the script on me, missy. What’s my name?


Combine all of these statement with the breaking rapport tonality and you have a recipe for disaster, my friend.


That being said, this was an extremely valuable message, and equally effective tool that I just gave you.


You may want to bookmark this newsletter, and read this shit at least 3 more times.


On that note,


I’m out.