The ANSWER We’ve All Been Waiting For..



Aren’t you looking dapper today?!


Good job man, glad to have you back.


I’m going to make this PSA quick because… well sometimes BREVITY is just the perfect remedy for the current situation.


For example texting people.. I’m normally so busy all day creating new content, working on old content, and learning the best content from my MASSIVE library, that texting people is literally at the bottom of my to-do-list.


Thus, on the off chance that I’m going to text people back, my messages will be short, brief, to the point, and with absolutely no intricate thought processes that went into creating them.


[All the intricacies of my mind get poured out into Social Mastery Daily, my blog, and most importantly actually working on my social skills IN PERSON].


That being said, let’s get RIGHT TO THE DAMN POINT shall we?


Have you ever wondered what the answer to life, the universe and everything is??


Ok well I don’t have that answer..


But have you ever wondered what is the PERFECT thing to say?


Well if you have, I have GREAT news for you today buddy…


After 25 and a half years of life, I have discovered the EXACT thing to say in any situation.


What to say to your boss when you want a raise.


What to say to that Sexy bartender at your favorite watering hole.


What to say to all those people at the party who are just WAITING for someone to come along and Charm the the pants off of them.


You name it, I know the perfect thing to say in that situation.. and trust me it is NOT what you think.


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Man I can’t wait until you learn that valuable lesson that I deliver RIGHT to that wonderfully crafted brain of yours. It will not only BLOW your mind, but it will then meld it back into a new one. A wiser one. A more attractive one.


I’m so pumped dude.


Watch my ABSOLUTELY free video, “How Badasses Always Know The Right Thing To Say..” and thank me later.


I’m out of here for the day.


Peace out.




P.S. SO many guys are already RAVING about the Magnetic Personality Formula, and it’s not even out yet!


This shit is crazy. More to come..