Read This If You Want “Luck” To Be On Your Side



It’s hard to dispute the fact that “luck” has at least a minor role in becoming successful in just about anything.


BUT I can almost guarantee you that just about any successful person would disagree that they are successful because of luck.


I once heard a saying. Forgot who said it. But the basic gist of it was:


“If we took all the money in the world and divided it up evenly among every person in the world.. Then all that money would soon be back in the hands of the people who were rich before the money was divided up.”


And this is SO true.


The people who are truly successful. Financially.. Socially.. Athletically.. They WORK their A$$ off to get to where they are.


They take more ACTION than anybody else.


Getting to where they are was a GRIND.


No questions about it.


Now what about the argument of the man who lives in a trailer home, and happens to win the lottery by luck?


Remember the saying I just gave you.. He was poor to begin with FOR A REASON.


The only way this man is going to be able to maintain his newfound wealth is to become a person who is worthy of wealth. Or else he is doomed to once again become a poor man back in his trailer in the near future.


So maybe “luck” does exist, but I’m going to challenge you to re-frame your idea of luck with this famous quote from one of my favorite books “The Richest Man In Babylon”


[In fact I have a screenshot of this quote as the background on my iphone].




“Men of ACTION Are Favored By The Goddess Of Good Luck.”


If you want to become more lucky than anybody else, take more Action than anybody else.


To many people someone can appear lucky, but the truth is that they just failed 10 times before they succeeded on the 11th time..


And on that one time he succeeded, the person who hadn’t done shit saw his success and thought “Why did he get lucky and not me?” <– #VictimMentality


A little story:


There was once a nobody, in his early 20’s, named Jerry..


Jerry awoke from an epic dream one night, in the 1960’s, where he was hanging out with Elvis – the king himself..


Bathing in a sea of Babes, Booze, and Benjamins.


Ahh the 3 B’s..


But not as a “nobody” though, as Elvis’ personal manager.


That morning Jerry looked up the phone number for Elvis’ agent in the phone, and gave him a call..


“Hi my name is Jerry, and I’d like to take Elvis out on tour as his manager.”


He went into great detail about all the ideas he had, all the plans for the tour, where they’d go, etc.


With Certainty like that, What do you think Elvis’ agent said?..




Jerry called again the next day, SAME time, SAME phone.


With Persistence like that what do you think Elvis’ agent said?..


I’m paraphrasing here: “Dude, you’re f*cking crazy. It’s not going to happen.”




See where I’m going with this?..


Jerry called EVERY day for 365 days. Same time. Same message.


Every day he got the same answer, “No.”


On the 366th day, Jerry didn’t call.


He figured “Hey I’ve given it a year.. I’ll find something else.”


Now Elvis’ manager who had been receiving calls from this crazy guy named Jerry, had actually grown fond of this routine.


He started to enjoy it.


So when the call didn’t come on that 366th day, he thought to himself “That bastard Jerry didn’t call today!”


So he PICKED up the phone, called Jerry and said “Listen, if you are SERIOUS about taking Elvis out on tour, meet us in Las Vegas in 24 hours with 1 Million dollars..”




Not $100… Not $1000… 1 MILLION DOLLARS (insert Dr. Evil voice)


Jerry was just a 20-something nobody in the 1960’s…


Now let me ask you a question..


Do you think Jerry raised that money?


Jerry Weintraub… went on to be Elvis’ personal manager for many years after.


To many onlookers, it may seem that someone like Jerry got lucky because he was able to become Elvis Presley’s personal manager..


But what do you think??


Did he get lucky?


So this is the theme of today’s blog post. HOW to get “lucky.”


Here are 3 quick tips to become one lucky bastard…


1. Consciously Practice More Than Anyone else.


Now I say consciously practice because you must know WHAT you are practicing, or else you leave your results up to chance.


So for example, when I used to play basketball I would try to refrain from the mentality of “I’m just going to go shoot hoops for the next 3 hours.”


And this is simply because “shooting hoops” is very vague.


What I would do is CONSCIOUSLY say to myself, “Ok today I am going to work on dribbling the ball with my left hand.” <– This mentality is much more effective than saying “I’m just going to go shoot hoops.”


But if you’re not an athlete, or you’ve never played basketball, then here is a more relatable example for all of the guys reading this post…


Someone who is not experienced in socializing with new people may decide that he wants to improve his social skills.


[Which is cool. 95% of people won’t admit that they could be better socially.]


And they’ll go out to a bar, club, or networking event and think to themselves, “Ok, tonight I am going to practice my social skills.


Which is very vague, and if that’s your mentality, it will take you a very long time to get to where you want to be.


So first you must become perfectly CLEAR on what it is exactly that you want to achieve..


Then decide on what the natural progression of steps you will have to go through to get there.


SO if you want to improve socially, and become the type of person who can instantly build rapport with anybody, is naturally attractive, and Magnetic to most people…


Then the very first step you would probably want to take is to desensitize yourself to that natural fear of rejection when talking to someone you’ve never met before.


So maybe every time you go out for the next month, you would just practice “talking to people I don’t know.”


Then the following month you would practice, “Holding interesting conversations with people I don’t know.


and so on, and so forth…


But there is a way we can get EVEN better.


Consciously practicing is great and all, but the way I see it there are 3 types of Action taking people in this world.


The first kind are the guys who are “information junkies.”


They look up all the information. From all the resources. And feel like once they have accumulated all of the necessary information/theory possible, they will go out and apply what they have learned.




The second kind of guy is the guy who goes out, and actually starts getting his own experiences, but he doesn’t consciously practice on improving a specific weakness/sticking point of his.


and the third type of action taker is YOU.


The kind of guy who Consciously Practices the right way, and Acts Now, Calibrates Later.


You don’t ever fall into the trap of thinking you need to know more information before you can go out and actually do something yourself.


You Act NOW, Calibrater Later.


Check out a video I recently filmed on this exact topic


–> HERE <–


2. Experiment With New Solutions


So many guys find ONE way that gets them the result they want, and they stick to it.


Which is fine most of the time.


It’s actually very smart to keep repeating the winning formula, over and over again.


However it is MUCH better to become the guy who has MANY solutions to 1 problem. [at least in my book]


If my goal is to build a house and I only know how to use one tool in my tool bag, then I will be much less efficient than if I were to have trained myself how to use all of the tools.


So I go into my social life with the same sort of perspective.


If I see an opportunity open up to where I can either try something I’ve never done, or do something a different way than I’ve done it in the past, I will JUMP at it.


I think of it as me simply experimenting, and as a result, expanding my skill-set.


[Ironically this is how I had my first 3-way makeout with 2 SUPER sexy lesbians… I simply said to myself “hmm, what would happen if I tried this?” 🙂]


In addition, having many tools in your tool bag better prepares you for that certain situation where the way you’re used to doing things won’t work.


This is literally how Thomas Edison invented the lightbulb.. He didn’t try the same experiment 10,000 times. He tried 10,000 different experiments that didn’t work, until he finally arrived at the one experiment that did.


Here me talk about this HERE!


3. Journal


There is no better way to learn, than to learn from your own mistakes.


That being said, if you take as much Action as the rest of us at the Social Highlife then you will probably be getting A LOT of reference experiences, as well as failing regularly.


I personally try to learn from all of my unsuccessful attempts at anything.


So when something doesn’t go my way, I ALWAYS write my observations about it, and what I could have done better in my journal.


If you fail to physically write down what you learned by hand, then you run the risk of forgetting that lesson in the future.


I know for me, writing it down by hand seems to trick my brain into remembering something better.


That being said, there are a few things I feel like I want to write in my journal right now..


Keep F*cking going man, and I’ll see you at the top in no time.