Michael Jordan Secret to Being a F*cking Legend..


Hey man,


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be legendary?..


Do you even know what it means to be legendary?..


Is there an actual way to become legendary?…


Well yes there is my friend, and lucky for you.. I’m about to clue you in on how.


Now before we get started, I am certainly NOT talking about the Barney Stinson definition of Legen– wait for it…..


We are talking about the great men like Steve Jobs, Julius Caesar, Hugh Hefner, Michael Jordan, etc.


You may notice that I make a lot of references to guys like this, again, and again.. and you know why?




The fact that others continually talk about them, years after their prime, is the exact thing that makes them a Legend.


And ironically this is how they became what they are – others did the talking for them.


Think about it…


Like I said in my previous Blog Post entitled “Are You Cool?.. [The Truth That Nobody Tells You]” People do NOT readily change/forget something that they CONCLUDE on their own.


Same goes for creating your own legendariness [Yes I made that word up]


What if you were hired on to work at Apple Computers in the late 1980’s and Steve Jobs himself told you,


Now listen up, working here is going to be hard. I am very hard to work with. I expect perfection. I only work with A-players.


You may believe him..


You MIGHT think it was all cool and dandy..


and then you would go on with your day.


But what if you were talking to someone you knew and trusted, who had already been working for Apple, and they said,


Dude, the first day Steve Jobs got assigned into our team, he walked through the place and straight up FIRED almost half of everybody working here! He then told all of the people he fired that they have ‘failed’, and that they are B-players…


If your friend told you that story right before you started working for Apple, then Steve Jobs would not even have to say anything to you, you would already have this preconceived notion in your head of “Steve Jobs is a badass.”


The second you go and tell someone else the same story, and then they go and tell the same story to some people they know…




Just like that a legend has been created.


Another one of my favorite Legend Stories is how Micael Jordan would routinely take his opponents out for a good time right before playoff games, befriend them, and then demolish them in the game the following day.


One time he took Charles Barkley out for 48 holes of golf on the day right before Game 4 of a Suns vs. Bulls playoff series.


Jordan even went far enough to buy Barkley a $20,000 pair of earrings.


When asked why he bought Charles those earrings Jordan replied,


What is $20,000 to me?.. Now he thinks we’re friends, and he won’t touch me tomorrow. I can’t stand that fat f*ck.


Jordan dropped 55 in Game 4 and Barkley never touched him once.




Now I’m NOT saying to be a legend you need to sporadically be a dick to people. That is definitely not the lesson to glean here.


To become legendary you must:


Have the Courage to do what nobody else does.


Be willing to stick out from the faceless sea of average people living a life they don’t even want.


Respect yourself first.


Read “Social Mastery Daily” every day.


When you are able to do these things an interesting thing happens, people start to take notice of you.


They start to talk about you. You have this buzz surrounding you.


And now you officially have “The Halo Effect” working for you.


What is The Halo Effect you ask?..


The Halo Effect: (n) a cognitive bias in which an observer’s overall impression of a person, company, brand, or product influences the observer’s feelings and thoughts about that entity’s character or properties.


That definition looks like gibberish, but basically what this means in normal people speak is that we make assumptions about others based on how they look, or things we’ve heard about them.


This is why society in general tends to give “attractive” people the benefit-of-the-doubt all the time, and we automatically assume that good looking people lead great lives.


This is also why attracting women, and friends, to you is so much more effective when you have other people talking about how awesome you are.


BUT like I said, this doesn’t require you being a dickhead, and it CERTAINLY doesn’t require good-looks.


In a sec I’m going to give you 3 quick tips that you can use to start utilizing the Halo Effect in your favor..


However you must use these for good.




When you do these 3 things people will magnetically be drawn to you, and with great power comes great responsibility.


[and lot’s of pussy, friends, and not-so-safe debauchery]


So let’s get right into it:


1. Speak Freely.


Have you ever had those moments where you were with a group of people and there came a certain point in the conversation that you had something clever, or funny, to say but for some odd reason you hesitated and never ended up saying that thing??


Yea, I’ve had those moments too. They suck.


So there came a time where I decided that I was NEVER going to do this to myself again.


It took some time, but I consciously started to speak freely REGARDLESS of what other may think about my jokes or opinions.


When you hold something back that you wanted to say [especially if you only did it because you were worried about how others would react] then you create tension in your body.


Not necessarily a bad tension… just social tension.


And if you truly love yourself, why would you create unnecessary tension in your life?..


..Especially when you have the power to NOT have created that tension in the first place.


Here is the thing, if you have ever read the book The Power Of Now, then you realize how important it is to be completely present and in the current moment.


Whenever I get into “the zone” when I am out in a social environment, I am completely present – not all up in my head, and worried about what effect any of my actions or words may have.


I am completely acting and reacting. Not planning. This is the key distinction.


When you can be completely present to the current moment, the words just flow naturally, and there is absolutely no filter between your brain and your mouth.


This is a good place to be my man.




There is a caveat to this tip… You should never say something to blatantly put another person down.


We are NOT being malicious with our intent here. We are the source of good emotions. This is how you use this tip to instantly become Magnetic.


That being said, sometimes you will end up offending weak-minded people.


For example, I tend to cuss. A Lot…


Not everybody has the stomach to be around someone who cusses, but there is absolutely no reason for me to hold back my natural inclinations in order to appease others.


Do you know who changes themselves to make others happy?


Politicians.. and how many politicians can you name that are generally seen as super trustworthy and likable.


I’m going to quote one of my favorite business mentors, Brian Tracy, right here:


Do you know the origins of the word ‘Politics’?

It comes from the prefix ‘poly-‘ which means ‘many’..

And the word ‘tics’ which means ‘voracious blood suckers.’




So never change your personality to appease others. And NEVER censor yourself to “hopefully not offend anyone.”


Moving on.


2. Be Polarizing


This goes perfectly with speaking freely.


Polarizing is BY FAR the most universal trait that EVERY single great person in history had in common.


To be polarizing takes Courage. And many people would agree that courageousness is an admirable trait.


Have you ever heard someone refer to two people as “Polar Opposites”?…


Well that is exactly what this is here.


Magnets actually have 2 separate poles, which of course repel each other.


When you do things like speak freely, have standards, live in your own reality, and love/respect yourself first, you officially develop that strong kind of personality that is magnetic and polarizing.


I’m just going to put it this way, and you can decide for yourself how you are going to live…


Would you rather have live in world where some people hate you, and the rest of the people F*CKING love you?


Or would you rather be a “people-pleaser” and live in a world where everyone, at best, tolerates you?…


I challenge you to try and think of any great person who didn’t have to deal with any criticism or haters. If they exist, they are few and far between, and probably nowhere near as great as anybody who had to persevere through adversity.


Last but not least…


3. Join us on the inside of “The Magnetic Personality Formula” when it becomes available.


Simply put if you want the EXACT formula to Effortlessly Win Friends, Influence People, Attract Women, and Own The Room.. You’d do everything in your power to get in there.


No Brainer.



Putting the finishing touches on the Private Members Area as we speak, and it’s beautiful.


It’ll be available soon, but absolutely NOT until it is perfectly ready, so hold your horses. 🙂


That being said, I’m out of here for the day, hombre.


Take Action.


Read books.


Speak Freely.


Eat Healthy.


Get Better Every Day.


I’m going to do the same, and I’ll see you at the top in no time.




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Badass Jim.


Well, you heard him..


Stick around man, good stuff coming.