3 Body Language Hacks





Great to have you back.


I’m feeling extra generous today, so what is about to take place on the page below is going to be absolutely ridiculous.


I’ve got a lot of shit to get done, so I’m going to make this QUICK.


When you get finished reading, your mind is going to blown from the cornucopia of VALUE packed into such little space..


and you’re going to feel overcome with this urge of reciprocity to shower me with gifts, and praise.


It’s ok, I understand.


But I would much rather have you go out and TAKE IMMEDIATE ACTION, than sit at your computer/phone/tablet contemplating how thankful you are to be on Team Social Highlife.




Think you can handle that?


Cool beans.


Without any further ado…


Do you know the most important kind of communication?


It certainly isn’t verbal.


It’s your NON-verbal communication that matters.


Studies have actually shown that 93% of ALL the information we take in from others is entirely from based on HOW they say something [not what they say].


So I’m going to give you 3 quick Body Language tips before I get the FUCK outta here and go dominate today:


1. Where the FUCK are your hands?!


When you go out to ANY social event, where there are a lot of people around you.. Where do you put your hands?


A lot of socially UN-calibrated individuals are constantly in this dilemma where they don’t know what to do.


They feel uncomfortable..


They cross their arms..


They cross their fingers..


Maybe they see a picture of James Dean and think, “maybe if I put my hands in my pockets I’ll look cool..”


Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 2.04.18 PM

[who looks the most charismatic in this picture?]

Fuck. That.

When people cross their hands in front of their genitalia this is called “fig leaf position” and the qualities that it [or any of it’s variations] convey include, but are not limited to:


Beta male.




Not charismatic.


Not confident.


Jerks off regularly.


However, look at will smith in that pic..


He is talking with his hands.


He has a wide animation of presentation.


His face is expressive.


To everybody in the room he not only appears to be the most Charismatic, but he actually IS the most charismatic.


People respond to him like he is the shit.


The life-of-the-party.


So from now on, make it a conscious practice to express your words with your hands.


Don’t cross your arms, or fingers, in front of your body.


And I don’t care how cool James Dean looked in all those pictures..


When you are in a social environment putting your hands in your pockets [even if you only put your thumb in/out of your pocket] still makes you look less confident compared to if you were OPEN, EXPRESSIVE, and PUTTING YOURSELF OUT THERE.


2. For the LOVE of God.. Stop looking at your phone in public.


With the new age of technology, people have started to escape uncomfortable tension by whipping out their MASSIVE… phone.


Have you ever done this?


When you’re in a crowded environment, and you don’t know what to do, you just pull out your phone like you just received a SUPER important text message.. [But you were really just checking the time even though you gave NO shits what time it was].


This is almost as bad a crossing your arms in front of your body when in public.


To others you appear more closed off..


Not to mention that when you finally do look up from your phone, you feel more tired and less confident.


It is scientifically proven that when you keep your chin held high, your chest out, and your arms open, then your body releases a cocktail of hormones that make you feel F*cking FANTASTIC.


[Hence why I always seem to be brimming with positive energy]


But when you look at your phone, your chin is down, your arms are close to your body, and you are blatantly not paying attention to anybody else around you.


So not Social Highlife.


The fix is simple. Turn your phone off. Wear a watch. Banter with people around you.


3. Tease & shoulder nudge.


You want to know how to instantly make anybody feel a deep sense of rapport with you?
When in conversation with someone, send a light-hearted tease over their way.


I DON’T mean blatantly insulting someone. We don’t put people down.


But think about who you are able to tease in a light and playful way… Maybe your best friend.. Maybe your siblings.. aka people you already have a deep sense of rapport with.


Doing this by-passes all logical barriers, and makes the other person feel as though you guys are at the same level of rapport that they’d be with someone else in their life who can tease them similarly.


Now when you combine this with something like a shoulder nudge… FIREWORKS.


Think about the people in your life that you let touch you, or enter your personal bubble..


Probably people you are already really comfortable with.


So when you combine the Light-hearted tease with a Shoulder nudge, you literally short-circuit their emotional wiring, and JUST LIKE THAT you guys have a deep sense of rapport built-up.


#TeamSocialHighlife For The Win.


Simple as that my dude.


Read again.


Take action.